An Expatriates Young Love (Chap 9 & 10)



We woke up a bit late the next morning and had to scramble to get the house in order for Kathy’s visit. Anita was acting a bit odd again but at least now I understood why. Still she was a real trooper and between us we got everything in order, even ourselves.

I started getting a lunch together while Anita went through the house to insure everything was ready. She even remade the bed when my skills did not meet with her approval. She was not about to let a guest think that she wasn’t a skilled housekeeper. She only let me work at the kitchen because she knew I loved to cook – that and the fact that I owned it.

I cut up some vegetables and fruits for a platter, cooked some rice for the red beans and put together some chicken salad from a freshly roasted hen I bought the day before. Next I made fresh limeade, put some beer and soda on ice along with a bottle of white rum in case mojitos were desired.

As I was finishing I heard Anita put some reggaeton music on, not my favorite but popular with younger crowd. It did have a good beat and pretty soon Anita and I were laughing and dancing throughout the living room.

We were so involved that neither one of were aware that Kathy had arrived and was watching the show. Thank goodness we kept to just dancing, nevertheless we both jumped when she started clapping between songs.

“Now that was some fine dancing and as a doctor I fully approve of the cardio workout too,” Kathy said.

We walked over to greet her, a little embarrassed but it was a good icebreaker.

“Hola Dr.

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   Mercedes, como esta?” Anita said.

“Bien, gracias Anita, but call me Kathy. The doctor stays at the clinic and I know you pretty well already,” she responded with a wink.

Anita smiled shyly and quickly turned away from me, but not before seeing a little color in her cheeks.

Time for me to stop imitating a dead trout, “Well Kathy, would you care for a drink? I’m having a glass of limeade after that workout. Then how about I give you the nickel tour of our humble abode.

Handing her a glass I couldn’t help but notice her figure was even better without a lab coat. She had a very nice set of tits and the spaghetti strap top made it evident that they could hold themselves up without a bra. But I was a leg man, and hers were divine. They were toned and tan. Not a mark on them and smooth as a baby’s behind.

“Welcome to my bedroom, at least since I got kicked out of my old one by a young girl with taste. ” I said indicating the living room we were already in.

“Her loss,” Kathy said with a smile.

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, so skipped onward.

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“Over there through that doorway is the deck overlooking the lake and the kitchen is out there as well. When we built it made sense to put the kitchen outside. It gets rid of heat and removes a fire danger. After all the fire department is just over two hours away,” I joked.

I walked her outside to see the view and then on to the bedroom.

“This was my room but it made sense for Anita to have it after she moved in. It allows her some privacy and direct access to the bathroom. I was married for just more than 30 years; I know not to get in the way of a woman and a bathroom.

“I do hope to add another room for her in the near future. All I need to do it get past my procrastination and the local’s manana. I figure between those two delays, I should have my room back about the time Anita turns 30,” I joked.

“No reason to hurry, you have a pretty good arrangement now,” Kathy said. “Why don’t we drop the pretense, I know you and Anita are lovers. ”

My face must have drained of color and I imagined myself sitting in a very unpleasant jail for a very long time.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

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   She could have done a lot worse and I didn’t find any indication that you were hurting her,” she continued.

With my immediate fear subsiding, I was still puzzled and had several questions but really didn’t know where to start. Right now I was wishing I had added some of the rum to my limeade.

Kathy saw my puzzlement.

“I suppose your wondering how I knew. My first clue was when she wasn’t embarrassed by the idea of you seeing her naked. Then during the exam she became aroused and had an orgasm,” Kathy said. Then added “She called you name.

“By the way, I wish I could come like her. I have never seen nor heard of anyone as multi-orgasmic as she is. I can have multiple orgasms but I may as well be frigid in comparison to Anita. She is the sexiest little nymph I’ve ever encountered; quite tasty too. ”

I was still trying to wrap my brain around being discovered and just now started processing what she just said. I couldn’t have heard right, could I?

“Ahh, what did you just say?” I asked.

Kathy smiled, “I’m pretty sure you heard me correctly.

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“But you’re a doctor. . “ I stammered still trying to think straight.

“Yes I am, but can you think of a better way for me to see and touch children?” Kathy said very matter of fact.

Then in one of those moments where your mouth moves faster than your brain I said, “You molested Anita, how could you?”

Even I realized the absurdity of what I had just said as we stood there looking at each other. We each broke up laughing at the same time.

Gathering control of myself I apologized to her. “I guess that sounded pretty stupid coming from me. ”

“It wasn’t one of your better moments, but I understand,” She said. “You just had a lot thrown your way very quickly. ”

I glanced at my limeade, somehow it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to drink just now.

“I’m going to strengthen this up a bit, I could use it. How about you? I asked.

“Definitely,” Kathy replied with a smile.


Considering how the day had begun, the rest went very smoothly.

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   The three of us had a great time. I could see that Anita really enjoyed having Kathy around. It gave her a big sister to talk with and confide in.

I enjoyed having her here too. She was witty and intelligent, giving me someone to have adult conversations with. The fact that she was eye candy didn’t escape me either nor did the mental image of her with Anita.

After watching the sun go down over the lake, Anita was losing her battle to stay awake and soon she was fast asleep. I carefully scooped her up and put her to bed before going back to talk with Kathy some more.

With Anita asleep in the other room, Kathy and I discussed how we had each reached this point in our lives.

My story was recent and straightforward. Kathy was surprised that prior to the last few weeks I had never had any previous pedophilic inclinations. It was the first time I had attached the term to myself. I knew it was true but I just couldn’t reconcile with myself that I was one of those lecherous old men that used to be condemned in the states.

Kathy’s story went further back. She explained that she first found herself attracted to children when she was babysitting in high school.

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“I was only 16 myself but I was sitting for children who were often under 10, but sometimes 11 or 12. I would have to make sure they bathed and got into their pajamas. I found myself really aroused after putting them to bed. Often I’d have to masturbate to relieve myself,” she said.

“Sometimes I’d sneak into the parents room and find some sex toys or videos. This one family had twin girls and a boy who was a little older. I found a box of videos in their closet and decided to see what they were. Some were just straight porn, I’d watch one or two every time I sat for them. Well one night I put a video on and it was the kids. At first I thought it was just a family vacation or something, but then the two girls started pulling their clothes off and the boy started kissing them. They did everything I dreamt of doing.

“I was so hot and fingering myself so vigorously that I didn’t hear the parents come home. They walked in on quite the scene,” she chuckled.

“There I was naked, a video of their children fucking on the TV and the wife’s sex toys lying around. I thought I was dead and on my way to hell.

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“Well they had other ideas, they called my parents to say I had fallen asleep and asked if they could just bring me home in the morning. Once that was out of the way I lost my virginity everyway possible in a nightlong three-way with the couple. The next week I sat for them again but they didn’t go out and that time they included the children in our sex.

That night I ate and was eaten by the twins, they taught me things I never even knew could be done. I had a boy, no older than Anita fuck me doggy style while I ate out his mother. Then I watched him blow his father and screw his mother and I enjoyed every single moment of it. If that wasn’t enough, one of the twins used a strap-on to fuck me in the ass.

“It was the start of a curse and a blessing,” Kathy said. “I might never have touched a child if not for them, but I feel more fulfilled because I did. ”

She was quiet for moment then looked up at me, “pretty sick, huh. ”

I wasn’t sure what to say; I sure couldn’t judge her considering what I was doing with the girl in the next room. I did the only thing I could think of – I reached out and pulled her to me in an embrace. I meant for it to be paternal but we ended up in a deep kiss.

We had both drank more than we should have and Kathy was facing a long drive back to town. Driving it with a definite buzz at night was not the recipe for a long life.

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   I suggested she stay and after some polite bantering she agreed.

I told her to sleep on the couch and I’d take the hammock on the deck. That was where she put her foot down.

“Either you sleep with the pretty young girl or I will,” she said.

“You know there is room for all of us in my bed,” I replied.