Educating our Exchange Student


When I was in high school we had an exchange student named Mia. She was one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met- she had wavy dark red hair with piercing brown eyes and glossy pink lips. She spoke with an accent, it was noticeable but not too thick. Her breasts were average size, but uncommonly perky, there wasn't a hint of sag to them, and her body curved down to an amazing pair of legs. She wore long tight pants over them most of the time, but when she didn't you could see that they were so smooth that they were almost reflective. However, Mia had a lot to learn about American customs. She would find out all about them at a very memorable party at my friend Danny's house. Danny's parents had just had a baby a few weeks earlier, but they were out of town. They were almost never there, they weren't responsible at all. However, Danny had taken care of his little sister as well, so he could be trusted. We were already at Danny's house and relaxing. There weren't very many of us. My best friend Joe was there, and so was his girlfriend, Samantha. Samantha was one of the sluttiest girls in our class. She had straight, shoulder length blond hair and big boobs. She was wearing a tiny jean skirt and was barely bothering to close her legs.

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   She had also brought her friend Martha, an exotic looking brunette. Like I said, not a very big party, and we were all very close friends, except for Mia- who we were all very willing to hang out with. Danny suddenly burst through the door, outraged, and carrying his new baby brother.
"I can't believe my deadbeat parents. "
"what did they do this time" I asked
"They dropped Pete off at the hospital to be circumcised and they didn't even bother to pick him up before they left. They had me do it"
Samantha and Martha giggled. Danny left to put Pete to bed.
Then Mia surprised all of us
"Why did the baby have to be circumcised? Was there something wrong with his penis"
"Um, yeah, it was gross" said Samantha
"Why?" asked Mia
"Because of, you know, the foreskin"
"What was wrong with it?" said Mia.
"It had to be cut off, that's what was wrong with it. Come on Mia, don't guys get circumcised where you live?"
"Not unless they're Jewish"
Samantha's jaw dropped.
"You mean you've never seen a circumcised dick"
"Are you a virgin then"
"Come on, I've slept with over a dozen guys, and none of them, thank God, has had a foreskin"
"It's different in Russia" Mia said. "No one is circumcised there. I must admit though, I'm kind of curious as to what one looks like. "
"You learn something new every day" Martha giggled.
"You have got to see a circumcised dick before you got home" Samantha said forcefully.

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   "Joe, you wanna show Mia your dick?"
"My dick's only for you babe" he said.
"Aw that's sweet" Samantha said.
"Hey David, you're up" said Martha.
"Wait, are you serious?" I asked
"Hell yes we are" said Samantha "get your pants off"
I thought there was no way I was gonna take my pants off. But then I saw Mia's face, and her beautiful body.
"Please, David?" Mia said to me, looking right at me. As she did, an idea sprung into my head.
"Fine" I said "But you have to give me something in return"
"What?" said Mia
"I'll show you my dick, but only if you suck it.
There was a general cry of "ooooooooooooooooh". The stakes had been raised. Mia looked me right in the eye. She was determined to see my circumcised American dick.
I couldn't believe it. I was so totally stoked. I was gonna get head from a hot Russian girl.

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   I unzipped my pants and pulled them down, and then I took off my boxers, revealing my already very hard cock. It was average size, about six inches long. Mia looked amazed.
"Alright" I said. "Time for your part of the bargain"
Without hesitation Mia took my cock in her mouth. I had gotten blowjobs before, but nothing like this. Mia gave everything she had, I was in ecstasy. But just before I was about to cum, Mia stopped.
"Why did you stop?" I asked, disappointed.
"Well" she said "I've gotta say, a circumcised cock is way better to suck on. But I need to find out if it's better for fuckingas well"
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A cheer came from my friends as Mia took off her top. She wasn't wearing a bra, her tits were just naturally that perky. Then she slid off her pants, revealing her amazing legs. She was standing there wearing only her panties.

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   She pulled them off, and revealed a large, dark bush.
Samantha ghasped in horror
"You don't. . . shave?"
"Yes I do" she said confused
"No, not your legs and your armpits" Martha was in full on hysterics by now. "Your pussy"
"Why would I shave my vagina?" Mia asked.
"For the same reason you'd circumcise a dick" said Samantha. Then, to my delight she pulled down her miniskirt, revealing her blue panties. The line was cut incredibly low, and you could see most of her pubic area, which was completely bald. She took down her panties, revealing a fully shaved pussy. She had rather large labia, and I could see they were already very wet.
"Wow" said Mia "you have a beautiful pussy. I never realized how beautiful a pussy could be, but now that I can actually see one without having to look through all the hair, it really is amazing. "
"You're telling me" Joe joked.
"You're sweet Joe" Samantha told Joe "but I wish my pussy lips were a bit smaller"
"They're perfectly normal" said Joe.

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"You're fine," said Martha. "I'm pretty similar to you. "
"Prove it" said Samantha.
I just realized that this evening was about to get even more special as Martha pulled down her jeans and took off her panties. Martha was totally bare except for a little strip of her dark pubic hair right above her clit. Her labia were smaller than Samantha's, but they still protruded.
"I have got to try this" said Mia. "But I'm not sure if I feel comfortable doing it myself"
"I'll help you" said Martha. "My hair grows back really fast, so I carry a razor with me in case I meet a really hot guy and I want to look my best". She reached into her purse and pulled out a razor.
"We're gonna do it here, and now?" Mia asked.
"Sure, why not" said Martha. "Samantha, go get a bowl of water from the kitchen"
Martha wet down Mia's bush and then covered it with shaving cream that she borrowed from Danny's bathroom. She shaved very carefully, making sure to remove every single hair. She shaved Mia down until she was completely bare except for a landing strip above her clit.

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"No offense to your style, but I'd like it all off" said Mia.
"No problem" said Martha, and with a couple quick swipes, Mia was as bald as the day she was born. Mia stood up and Martha stepped back to admire her handiwork. We were all amazed at what we saw. Mia's pussy was truly a thing of beauty. Her labia were incredibly small, you could barely see them at all. Her pussy was extremely compact, it looked very tight indeed, just a delicate yet sexy little slit.
"I'm jealous" Samantha said.
Mia looked at me seductively
"I still have to try it out" she said.
We went upstairs to Danny's parents empty bedroom. I was posed above her, ready to penetrate her, looking down at her perfect boobs, but she stopped me. She flipped us around and got on top, then put her pussy right up to my face. I licked her tiny pussy lips and her sensitive clit until she came. Then she moved down toward the bottom of the bed and took my circumcised dick in her mouth. She sucked it until it was harder than it had ever been before, paying extra attention to the exposed head.

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   Then, she looked at me, excited and as she moved toward me and kissed me I slid my dick into her tight pussy. We didn't come out of that room until the next morning, and it was the best night of my life.
Mia went back to Russia the next year and became legendary for her shaved pussy and her love of circumcised dicks. We taught her a lesson that night that changed her life forever, and I think she's better of knowing what it's like to fuck the American way. .