Teen Fantasies...


Chapter 1 - Mr Louis
Samantha blushed as she handed her work in to her french teacher. She'd had a crush on him for about 3 months now, and it was making her french lessons unbearable. Mr Louis was a good teacher for his age, which she had heard was 23, and with his long, curly blond hair which he smoothed into a ponytail for school, clearly toned body underneath his close fitting shirts and crinkly green eyes, Samantha could at least see why he had no trouble controlling the female members of her class. Some of the more popular girls would flirt with him very obviously, but he would carefully ignore their teasing, and focus on helping the quieter pupils like Samantha. She never flirted with him, for she was convinced she had no chance. However, with her long brown legs and round C-cup breasts, she couldn't really be sure what he thought when he glanced at her, a 15 year old girl in a much more mature body. She glanced up at him as he handed her work back, and as their eyes met briefly, he smiled cheekily, and glanced down her body before returning to his marking.
Samantha hurried back to her seat, blushing again. She felt sure that he had just checked her out, but didn't want to get her hopes up and delude herself that such a gorgeous guy could like her. She thought wistfully of all the fantasies she had created with him in. They had different startings, but all ended the same way, with them having passionate sex and dating secretly. Samantha had never had a boyfriend before, so she didn't know much about the opposite sex. She did however, have a very dirty mind, ever since she had discovered her older brother's stash of magazines when he was away at university. She looked at porn a few times a week, and had tried unsuccessfully to masturbate when she was alone. She was getting wet now, thinking of the videos she watched the previous night on the internet, putting herself and Mr Louis in the positions of the actors. The bell rang and she jumped up quickly, running from the classroom to prevent herself from looking at her teacher again.

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Chapter 2-Fantasies
Samantha lay in bed that night, thinking of Mr Louis again. She imagined how it would happen. She would be going out for the night with her friends, dressed in her sexiest underwear. She would run into him at a bar, and they would talk and laugh together. At the end of the night, he would offer her a ride home, and she would accept, not expecting more than a ride home. He would drive back to his own house, and tell her how he felt about her, and they would kiss. She would follow him into his house, and then. . .
Samantha's hand had been resting on her thigh under her duvet while she imagined, and as she got to the part where he led into his bedroom, her hand began to slide up. She slipped her hand under her brother's shirt that she wore for bed, and thought of Mr Louis. She thought of how they would undress each other, kissing each other's bodies, as she stroked her pussy. She thought of how he would lie her down on his bed, as she slipped two fingers inside. She thought of how he would lick her out, making her scream with pleasure, as she started to rub her pussy gently. She thought of how he would position his cock over her and slide inside, picking up the pace until they climaxed together.

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   Samantha bit down on her pillow to prevent herself from screaming as her first self-inflicted orgasm shook her, and she slowed down the pace at which she was fingering herself. She sighed, and rolled over to go to sleep.
Chapter 3-Fantasies Realised
It was some weeks later that Samantha's fantasies of Mr Louis began to increase. She was on a school trip to France, and of course he was there too. She spent every night for the first week of the trip dreaming of him, knowing he was sleeping in the next room. Then, on the last night of the trip she was wandering up to her room when she heard a noise behind her on the stairs. Se turned suddenly to see Mr Louis coming up quickly behind her, trying to look up her short pleated skirt. She blushed as they made eye contact, while he just smiled calmly. She hurried on up the stairs, and could hear him behind her. As she turned the corner into the corridor she was staying in, she heard Mr Louis say ' Samantha, can i have a word with you please?' She nodded, dumbstruck, and followed him into his room, her heart thudding. He closed the door behind her, and quickly turned the lock. He then turned to face her, and smiled.
'Don't worry, it's just so that we're not interrupted. I think this conversation needs to be in private. '
'What do you need to talk to me about, Sir?' Samantha whispered, glancing up at him.

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'Well, i know you saw me looking up your skirt before, and i wanted to explain to you why. I know you have feelings for me, and i wanted to tell you that i have feelings for you too. You turn me on so much, i can hardly teach when you are in the room. '
Samantha gasped as her moved closer to her, and brushed her hair out of her eyes. He put one hand on the small of her back and bent down to kiss her. At first, she couldn't respond because she was so shocked, but then she started to kiss him back. This seemed to encourage him, and he moved his hand up her back and round onto her breasts, and began squeezing them through her blouse. She shivered, and moved her hand down to his crotch, and began rubbing. He pulled away at that point and looked at her seductively.
'I always knew you were a dirty little girl under that innocent but sexy uniform. '
'Yes, sir,' she murmured, letting him take control of her.
He led her over to his bed, and threw her down onto it roughly. She pulled her tie off and undid her blouse, revealing her pert breasts in a black lace bra. He grinned and reached up her skirt, pulling down the black thong and then taking off her shoes. He left the pleated skirt on, moving it up to her waist as her bent down in front of her and put his head between her thighs.

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   His tongue moved all around her pussy, making her cry out in pleasure. He then shoved his fingers into her and began to fist her, making her squirm and moan. Before she came, he suddenly reached under her arms and pulled her onto the floor in front of him, so that they were facing. He kissed her again roughly, his hands now going into her bra and squeezing her erect nipples. Before she could respond, he stood up and pulled his jeans and shirt off. Samantha pulled his boxers down and gasped as his 10 inch penis emerged, fully erect. She looked up at him for instruction and he smiled. Mr Louis put his hand on the back of her head, twining his fingers into her hair, and pushed her face forward. She gingerly licked the shaft of his tool and began to stroke it. His strong hand guided her mouth onto him, and he pulled her hair, making her move up and down him. She began to understand what to do then, and moved of her own accord, sucking his balls and licking the tip. He moaned, and suddenly and powerfully came in her mouth. She swallowed obediently, and he chuckled.
'You're a model student, Samantha. ' Mr Louis said.

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   'I always knew it. '
Chapter 4-Climax
Mr Louis then picked Samantha up and put her on his bed, so that she was knelt on all fours. He pulled her pleated skirt up again, and slapped her round ass cheeks a few times, making her whimper. He reached down to her pussy and stroked it, making her wet. He got her juices on his hand and wiped them around her ass hole. He then plunged into her, making her scream. He pounded her ass doggy style, as she screamed and moaned. He felt her tensing again, and pulled out before her orgasm, leaving her frustrated and unsatisfied.
He then turned her over so that she was facing him again, and pushed her legs wide open. She cried out as her entered her, popping her cherry. She felt a bit of pain that was completely overshadowed by the pleasure she felt. Mr Louis started thrusting in and out of her slowly, holding her hips under her skirt. As he picked up pace, she moaned more and more, and began rocking her hips so that they were banging each other as hard as they could. Her body tensed and she screamed as they climaxed simultaneously. He fell on top of her and they both sighed.

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   They lay like that for several minutes, before he stood up and began getting dressed. Samantha did the same and walked over to his door to leave. Mr Louis looked up and said,
'Before you leave Samantha, i'd like to organize another meeting like this. It was very. . . successful-don't you agree?'
'Oh yes, i do agree, Sir. ' Samantha blushed and hurried away.