The Hookup


The gathering was going well, and to the parents of the PTA meeting, nothing seemed awry. But they hadn't noticed Alyssa's bedroom.     Alyssa was definitely a pretty girl. She was pretty short, not much over five feet, but had perky C breasts and a curvy body. Alyssa was not slim, but her body was plump in a sexy way. She seemed to not be affected by the acne that plagued the other girls in her class, and her plump face matched her bright blond hair.     At that current moment, she was showing Rob her room. Rob's dad was out of town, and with his mother at the meeting, she gave him the opportunity to go with her. She didn't expect him to say yes, but he didn't know about her son's huge attraction to Alyssa either.     Alyssa hadn't know that Rob was coming, but she had dressed to impress. She wore a mini skirt that barely made it to her thighs, and her panty line was vaguely visible over the top of her skirt. She was wearing a light blue blouse that clung to her figure tightly, and it didn't take much effort to see through it.     Rob walked through the room slowly, taking it in. "Not bad," he said with a small laugh. As he ran his hand along her desk, a few pencils dropped. "I'll get it," said Rob, embarassed.

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      "No, no," Alyssa replied. "I got it. " She bent over to pick up the pencils so that she faced Rob, giving him a perfect view of her tits, already at an unheard of stage for a girl at her age. She turned around, still bent over, to get the remaining pencils, giving Rob a look at her soft, heart-shaped ass. He could feel his cock stiffen in his pants. As Alyssa put the pencils on her desk, she noticed his tent, and giggled softly. They sat down on her bed, and Alyssa looked at his tent again and chuckled.     "Did you like what you saw?" she asked.     Rob's eyes widened. "Oh, y-yeah definitely," he stammered.     Alyssa had a horny twinkle in her eyes. "Well, go to the bathroom, so I can freshen up, and I'll call you back in a few minutes. "    The few minutes seemed like years to Rob, but finally Alyssa summoned him back to her room. She took his breath away. Her makeup was on, and she looked hotter than ever.

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   Her shirt was off. She walked up to Rob, hips swaying, and her bra struggling to contain her tits, and kissed him, her tongue sliding into his mouth, ferociously exploring every nook and cranny. They slid onto the bed, and Rob slid off Alyssa's bra. He gasped again at the size and firmness of Alyssa's tits, and while they kissed, he began to slowly knead and play with her nipples. She moaned in his mouth.     Rob pulled off his shirt, and undid the zipper on his jeans. He had given up wearing boxers, and his dick was immediately visible to Alyssa. She seductively pushed Rob onto his back on the bed, and kneeled between between his legs. She slowly kissed his neck, leaving a hickey, and moved her mouth down his body, around his thighs, and finally onto his dick. Her rosebud mouth slid onto his cock, taking all six inches of it up and down. Rob was in heaven. He slowly started rubbing the wet patch on Alyssa's skirt, and he felt her moan onto his cock. She jerked it off so fast, that Rob didn't know what was going on before he came hard down her throat. She swallowed every drop, and then came down on him, stroking his dick back to stiffness. Rob took the initiative, and pulled down her skirt and panties, and started rubbing her hot, wet cunt again.

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   Her hands ran circles around her nipples, and Rob slowly stuck a finger into her tight pussy. She moaned again. He slowly slid his fingers out, and then rammed them back in. He brought her to orgasm, and as her body bucked with pleasure, Rob knew he couldn't take it any longer.     He lifted his head up, put a hand on his cock, and thrust it into her swollen pussy. Alyssa's hands instinctively went to her tits, and her mind entered a state of sexual ecstasy as Rob pounded her hot cunt. "Oh my god," she gasped. "Don't stop!"
He grunted and kept shoving himself into her. After five more minutes, Alyssa came all over him. She slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy, and spreading her juices over it, shoved it between her tits. Rob could only watch in awe as she gave him an expert titty fuck. She shoved her tits up and down, and every time she brought his dick up, she'd quickly lick the head. "Rob? Time to go home!" came a shout from down the stairs. Alyssa was reluctant to let her dick go, but she helped him dress, kissed him goodbye, and watched him leave.

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