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This is the story of my first one night stand. It was the summer after I graduated from high school. Several of my friends and I would party at our friend Scott’s house a few nights a week. Scott lived in a duplex next to a single mom and her daughter, Tina. Tina went to school with us, but I don’t remember seeing her. One night, we were at Scott’s house and had been drinking and barbequing outside. Tina was at her house with one of her friends. Her mom was out of town for the night. Tina and her friend had been drinking also and eventually came over to where we were hanging out. She was flirting a lot with all of us. After a while, we were all sitting on a fence railing talking and telling stories. The conversation turned to sex and different girls we had been with or would like to. One of my friends told a story about a flat chested girl. Tina stood up and proudly said that guys like girls with big tits. As she said this, she brushed her chest against mine. Tina is about 5’-2” with 36 DD tits and wearing a very tight low cut white shirt.

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   She has a curvy body (almost porn star like). She is a latina with dyed blonde hair andbrown eyes. She looked up at me and smiled, then said, “isn’t that right”. I agreed. This was very forward of her because tonight was the first time we had ever talked.

After a few minutes, I was inside the house talking with Tina’s friend in her mom’s room. She told me that Tina has the biggest crush on me, and has for a very long time. A few moments later, Tina ended up at the door of the room and interrupted. Tina’s friend left and Tina sat down on the bed next to me.

We talked for a bit, and Tina moved closer to me. I kept looking down at her chest. Finally, I leaned in a kissed her. Our kiss was extremely sexual. We were both filled with a lot of lust, so our kiss was with a lot of tongue play and moaning. I slid my hand up to her tits and held them over her shirt.

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   We made out for a couple of minutes and then went back to her room.

When we got to the room, we saw Tina’s friend and a couple of guys hanging out in there talking. We sat down on her bed for a little while talking, and the conversation turned into a game of truth or dare. For me this was very exciting because it always seems to become a game of sexual play. The game went around with a few truths and some typical dare ideas. When it became Tina’s friend’s turn, she dared Tina to put on some lingerie in front of the other guys. Tina went to her dresser and grabbed a lose low cut camisole. She went to the other room and changed. As Tina walked in, I could see the outline of her nipples. She gave a quick turn around for the group and sat back down on the bed next to me. The next dare was Tina’s turn. She went right back at her friend and dared her to turn off the light for 2 minutes and see if something would happen between her and one of the guys. By this time Tina was leaning back against my chest. The light went off and Tina started kissing me. Right away I slid my hands under her outfit and began playing with her nipples.

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   She started rocking her hips against my stiff cock. So I slid my hand further down to her pussy. It was so wet. I slid a finger inside her and started finger fucking her as we kissed. Tina was moaning pretty good, and then the lights came back on. Tina made a few more excuses to get the light off, until she didn’t care any more. Even with the light on she would place my hand on her breast or rub it near her pussy.

The others decided to leave. Before they left, one for my friends throw a condom at me jokingly.

Not thinking it through, I threw the condom back at him. We sat in her room alone. Tina began to tell me how she has liked me for about 3 years. She said that she had even fingered herself thinking about me. We started kissing again very lustfully. Tina slid her hand over my shorts and cupped my hard cock.

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   Again, I started to finger her pussy. Tina was moaning pretty loud. She broke our kiss and took off my shirt and started kissing my chest. I removed her only clothing and saw her naked for the first time. Next she took off my shorts and boxers. Tina started pulling on my cock as I started to suck on her tits and play with her nipples. She has incredible tits with great nipples. She motioned for me to come closer to her, so she could taste my cock. Then she had me slid me cock between her big tits and tittie fuck her. We laid back down together and I started to finger fuck her more and more. She was so loud with her moans, and her pussy was dripping wet. Tina finally moaned, “please just fuck me!”

I then remembered about the condom. I decided to go for it anyway. As I slid into her pussy, I had never felt a pussy so warm and wet. She was moaning so loud and came within a few seconds of me entering her.

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   We fucked for a while and it was one of those perfectly sexy nights between the lingerie, the hot summer night, the sweat, her moans, and the lust between us. I was ready to cum, so I pulled out and came all over her stomach and pussy. Tina said, “Put yourself back in. I want to feel your cum inside me. Don’t worry, I am on the pill. ” I was still cumming, so I slid back in and finished inside her pussy. She rocked her hips, and as she did, it drained my cock even more. We laid there for an hour longer or so making out. Then I gathered my stuff and left.

It was awkward seeing her around the duplex after that, but looking back on that night it was as hot as it could get, so it left incredible memories. Tina is probably the most replayed fantasy in my mind.

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