Sunita aunty aur me


Hi friends. . . I am sunil,and doing my mca. I am going to share my personel story with you.
This story begins when i returned home for holidays. It was my winter vacations.
To our next door sunita aunty resides with her family she has two childrens and a husband. She is to hot and sexy in her 40s she har perfect boobs and sexy figure.
I use to manstrubate thinking about her. I love her each and every body part she is too good.
Now coming to story.
One day i was getting boared in my house so i decided to go to my sexy neighbour sunita. She was all alone as her childs were studing in delhi and her husband was in his office.
When i entered her house she was bruming her house. She was wearing gown.

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  And her boobs not full but partialy were visible by seeing her boobs my cock was about to burst.
She wellcomed me and allowe me to wait for her in hall.
After some time she came and settled next to me. And we started talking about our life. In between she ask me about my girlfriend to which i denied. Then she ask me that 'do you have crush about anyone?' i was thinking about her ,and hence by mistake i said 'you' she was shoked by my answer. She come closer and touched my hard dick and replyed that 'i also have crush on you' i was also shoked.
She then take my dick i her hands and started playing with it. And soon we started to kiss each other. She was terning hot and moning.
I kept my hands on her boobs and started to squese them. I asked her 'kya aap mere sath sex karoge? '
she dint answered me and take my lund in her mouth. She was amazing she touched my lund by her toung. I loved it. And slowly semoued her gown and her too boobs without bra were visible .

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  While sucking my dick she was moning aaahhhh oooohhh i loued that sound. I and i cum in her mouth. She drink my sperms and . Ask me to leave as her husband can come to home any time. .