Wickedly Watched


After about 15 minutes Wendy arrived and joined me on the balcony. Still in her swim wear, she smiled and started on her glass of wine as we made small talk. I wanted the moment to be remembered, and I wanted to moment to be cherished. Still in my wet trunks, I excused myself to change. I put on a pair of comfortable, baggy shorts that I usually sleep in, and returned to the condo balcony where Wendy had her back to me as she enjoyed her wine and the beach view below. Walking up behind her, I started to rub her shoulders. Not a word was spoken, and she was obviously enjoying the kneading that my hands applied to her shoulders as she drank the rest of her wine. I slipped my fingers under the straps of her bikini top, slowly letting them fall as I continued. She relaxed more, leaning back while stretching her firm legs, and I could feel stirrings in my shorts as I brushed against the back of her chair. Tracing a line from her shoulder and along her neck with my left hand, she moaned slightly while turning her head toward my fingers as they worked their magic. Two fingers brushed the lobe of her ear, while my other hand slowly was working it’s way along Wendy’s bikini top, where I could see from above her that her nipples were hardening through the thin bikini material. My six and half inches of cock was hardening, especially at the thought of all these people on the beach who could see what we were doing, if only they looked. I felt wetness on my fingers, and looked down to see Wendy eagerly licking them. Soon the licking turned to sucking as I offered my middle finger to her ready lips. Sucking it deeply, she turned her eyes toward mine, and as she did I slipped my free hand under the top of her bikini while brushing her hard nipple. We continued our play on the balcony, and as we did we watched the beach.

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   I saw the couple lying on their stomachs facing us, and even though they wore sunglasses, it was obvious they were enjoying our little show. I had a feeling Wendy saw them too, but she made no effort to slow her sucking of my fingers. In fact she started licking them in between sucks, further exciting both of us. My hand on her nipple retreated, but only for a second, as Wendy continued sucking my finger. Watching the couple below, I slowly slipped a few fingers under the top of her bikini and started working it down. Her tan lines were showing, and the couple sat up making no effort to hide the fact that they were watching us. Wendy was watching them too by this time, and I figured it was now or never as I pulled the material down, slowly but surely exposing her hard nipples. Wendy moaned as I removed my finger from her expert sucking. With it wet from her mouth, I quickly went to work on her breasts by rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. By now her top was completely down, exposing her perky breasts for all to see. Looking at her outstretched legs, my eyes traveled up her thighs until I saw a wet spot on her bikini bottoms. I wanted to taste her, and knowing how much she likes her sweet pussy sucked, it would not be long until I could savor her juices. She was really enjoying the finger manipulation of her breasts, but when she looked at me the way she did, I knew we had more pleasure ahead to share. With out a word we moved from the balcony to the condo bedroom, where the windows were wide open with the same beautiful view of the beach and bodies below us. She lay back on the bed, and I admired her body.

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   Her golden hair framed the smile on her face as I eased her back on the bed, her legs bent at the knees, hanging over the edge. Smiling back at her, I eased the bikini bottoms down her hips, exposing the wetness of her sweet blonde pussy. Spreading her legs slightly, I kneeled in front of her and started kissing the insides of her thighs, savoring the taste of her smooth skin. My hands roamed back up to Wendy’s nipples which were still firm from the manipulation they received on the balcony. As I kissed upward on her thigh, I saw her beautiful wet pussy lips just inches from my face. Wendy took my head and guided it toward her wetness while her finger lazily slid through the blonde hairs and parted the pink lips for my tongue. My own hands wrapped around her butt cheeks as I lowered my tongue. I was shaking with anticipation, and when the tip of my tongue tasted her lips I sighed a happy sigh. She was so wet, I could feel the juices oozing onto my tongue as I tried to insert it under her parted lips. My thumbs helped pull her open as I stuck my tongue in deeper, as both of Wendy’s hands were now on the back of my head pulling me in closer. Sucking slowly and deliberately, I took each of her succulent lips one at a time into my mouth, sucking them slowly while my tongue slide effortlessly into her dampness. She tasted so good as she raised her feet to the bed to give my tongue better access to her pussy. Wendy spread her knees wider, and I now had my tongue buried deeply between her folds as I felt the hard nub of her clit against my upper lip. Taking her clit between my lips, she moaned as I saw her tweaking her hard nipples, a hand on each one as she twisted and turned them. I took her hard clit between my lips, sucking it slowly with a tongue lick from the bottom of her lips to the tip of her clit in between sucks.


   After a few minutes of this she was getting closer to cumming, and she moved her hands inside her thighs as I tongue fucked her sweet pussy. Looking into Wendy’s eyes while my tongue was between her pussy lips, she pulled open herself and started rubbing her clit with her left hand. “Cum for me baby,” I asked, to which she rubbed harder. “Cum in my mouth Wendy,” I said as my tongue rested between her lips. “Let me taste your sweet pussy cum. ” Harder she rubbed as I held my tongue slightly between her lips. As I slipped my thumbs into her pussy stretching it, I felt the convulsions of the first wave of her orgasm coming over her. Not wanting to miss a drop, I stuck my tongue deeply into her wet pussy as my mouth sucked her engorged clit hard. Her sweet cream flooded my mouth as it totally covered her steaming sex. Moaning as she did only heightened the sensation, and as she orgasm, Wendy said, “Suck my pussy Bill. Suck the juices we made. MMMM yes, taste all of my cum. ” When her orgasm subsided I had her sweet sticky juices running down my chin. How wonderful she tasted. Now she sat up and motioned me to lay back on the bed.

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   “I want to watch you now,” she said. “Watch me?” I ask innocently. “I want to watch you cum,” Wendy blurted out. I slid my hand into my shorts. Wendy sat nude at my side, soon reaching out and touching my hardening nipple, her gaze never leaving my crotch. Stroking my cock with my hand in my shorts, I noticed in the huge mirror opposite the bed that there was movement on the balcony next to ours. It was the couple from the beach who had watched us when we were on the balcony! He stood behind her, and as Wendy lowered her head to lick one of my hardened nipples, I could see him in the mirror reaching around her to hold her breasts. My cock hardened as Wendy took it into her hands. She looked at me wickedly, and we positioned ourselves in a 69 with her on top. Looking once again at her sweet dripping pussy, I moaned loudly as she lowered her head and wrapped her lips around the swollen head of my cock. She was looking straight into the mirror as she received my tongue between the folds of her blonde pussy, and she was watching the couple on the balcony as she slid her tongue up and down my cock. Faster she sucked, and I felt the stirrings of an orgasm nearing. Suddenly she stopped and placed my hands on my hard on. I knew what this meant. She wanted to watch my cum spurting, as it was one of her favorites.

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   “Cum for me baby,” Said Wendy as she sat at my side. “Cum for all of us. ” She had seen the couple also, and we looked into the mirror to see the guy’s hand between the girl’s legs, pulling her bikini bottom to the side and fingering her wet pussy. “Stroke that cock Bill,” she said, once again rubbing her clit. I was more than happy to oblige, and as I stroked I alternated glances from the mirror to Wendy’s fingering of her wetness. She put two fingers in deeply while her thumb rubbed her clit hard, losing all inhibitions as the couple next door enjoyed themselves and the view we were giving them. “Oh my god,” Wendy said as she neared another orgasm. Taking her fingers into her mouth, she sucked the wetness as I neared my own orgasm. Looking into the mirror, all eyes were on us, and as Wendy reinserted her fingers into her pussy, she lowered her mouth to a few inches above my hard on. “Cum for me Bill,” said my little hottie. “Cum in your baby’s mouth. I want to taste you cum now! Keep stroking that cock so they can see it too. Make it spurt your cum into my mouth!” And when she said that, I could not hold back any longer. Gobs of sticky white cum shot from my hard on with the first huge spurt landing on my lover’s tongue. More spasms and I was cumming hard, with the oozing cream landing on Wendy’s tongue, lips, and cheeks.

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   “MMMMMM” moaned my lover as she sucked me clean. I looked up at the mirror, and our neighbors were gone. I held Wendy close, and ask her if she enjoyed herself and our afternoon delight. “MMMMMM,” she moaned. “As much as our neighbors did. ” THE END.