Patricia Heaton’s Sex Life Part I


Patricia went to the costume shop and got her outfit. After she got her outfit she brought it to her dressing room. The noises she heard earlier were still continuing. “Ray must be horny today” Patricia thought to herself. Patricia left her room. The door to Ray’s dressing room opened up and Beck Goodall left the room straightening her hair. “Hi Patricia” Beck said with a smile. “Hi Becky” Patricia replied and walked to the makeup room. As she was getting her makeup done all she could think about was what possibly could have gone on between Ray and Becky. When her makeup was done she went to her room and got dressed and went to the set. The cast spent about three hours working on the show and then the cast left the set to get ready to go home. Patricia went to her room and slipped off the costume and put her robe back on. Patricia then went by the costume shop just before going to the shower room. When she got to the shower room she took off her thong and put it in a basket that everyone else’s undergarments went before they took a shower. When Patricia went into the shower room only Ray was there. “Hey Ray” Patricia said “Hey Patricia” Ray replied She stood in the stall next to him and began to take a shower.

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  The shower room resembled a Gym shower. No dividers separating shower stalls. Ray peeked over at Patricia. Patricia stared back and looked down at Ray’s penis. It was average size and fully erect. “Looks like your happy for something. ” Patricia said sarcastically. “How was Becky?” Patricia asked “She was good. ” Ray stated“How many girls from the crew have you slept with?” Patricia asked now feeling horny herself“5 or 6” Ray answered“Anyone from the crew?” Patricia asked“Hmm. Let me think…No, no one so far” Ray answeredThe two continued to take a shower. When Ray finished he turned off the shower and left the room. Seconds later he poped his head back in. “Hey Patricia, you want to go back to my dressing room so we can rehearse tomorrow?” Ray asked“Sure Ray, I’ll be there in a second. ” Patricia saidPatricia hurried up and finished the shower. She was feeling very horny at this point and couldn’t wait to go home and sleep with her husband.

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   Patricia knocked on the door and Ray answered. “Come on in. ” Ray greeted. Patricia sat down on the couch and waited for Ray to sit. Patricia was suddenly hit with a wave of nervousness and Ray sat down next to her. She began to get the feeling that Ray had the same idea as her. “So where’s the script?” Patricia asked“Well…I don’t have it. ” Ray answered“Well then I should go. ” Patricia said getting up. “No wait Patricia. ” Ray said grabbing her arm. Patricia sat back down and exhaled. “Patricia I want to sleep with you” Ray said shocking Patricia“You what?!” Patricia shouted“I want to fuck you. Come on it can be a quickie if you want” Ray said tried to persuade Patricia“I sorry Ray but I don’t do quickies Ray. ” Patricia said giggling in disbelief“Ok then we can just fuck” Ray said still trying to get Patricia to sleep with him.

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   Patricia sat back down on the couch and said “Ok Ray, I’ll fuck you”. Immediately Ray lent in and kissed her on the check. “Ok, but Ray if we are going to fuck we are going to do this right. ” Patricia said and then leaned in and kissed Ray deeply on the lips. She reached down and undid her robe. Ray put his hand under the robe and right on her bare ass. Patricia then realized she left the shower room in such a rush that she forgot to get her thong, it turned out Ray did the same when he took off his robe. When Patricia broke the kiss, Ray sat up and she got on her knees and licked the head of his penis like a lollipop. Then she began to deep thought him. “Oh Patricia” Ray moaned. After about ten minutes, Patricia got up and stood in front of Ray. “So you want to fuck now or what?” Way askedPatricia nodded her head. Ray stood up and sat Patricia on the couch. He pushed her on her back and climbed between her legs. He stroked his penis some so it would get harder.

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  “Oh Patricia your so hot. ” Ray said complementing her. Ray put the head of his penis at the entrance to Patricia’s vagina and pushed foreword. “Oh Ray!” Patricia shouted in pleasure as Ray penis entered her vagina. Patricia felt so relieved as she had a new penis in her vagina fucking her instead of her husband. Ray pumped fast at first and tried to bring himself close to cumming so the both of them could be on their way. “Ray, remember we are rehearsing our script” Patricia reminded him“Oh, yeah I forgot. ” Ray said as he slowed down. Patricia began to breathe with the strokes of Rays penis. Ray then pulled out and laid on the floor. Patricia got up and got ready to mount Ray. She took his penis and put it up her vagina and began to ride it like a horse. After about ten minutes Ray couldn’t hold it any more. “Oh, Patricia, I going to cum. ” Ray announcedPatricia dismounted him and got on her hands and knees.

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  “Ray cum in my ass. ” Patricia announced to RayRay was more than willing. It was Patricia’s first time having anal sex. Ray got on his knees and pumped his penis in his hand. He crawled over to Patricia and put his penis at the ring of her ass and pushed in. “OH MY GOD RAY!” Patricia screamed in pain as he pushed inPatricia squinted her eyes trying to conceal to pain. Ray began to pump fast, so fast that Patricia could barely feel her ass anymore. Just then it stopped and Patricia could feel Rays cum flowing out of her ass. Patricia just laid there on the floor and tried to regain strength. After two about an hour and a half of being in Rays room she left and went home to her husband. FOR AN ADDITION TO THE STORY PLEASE ADD COMMENTS AND IDEAS.