Wonderful Memories


My ex-wife had finally agreed to make myfantasy come true: she having sex with another man while I watch. I just needed to find some guy, and the only expedient way was to look up some horny bastard in a swingers magazine. Lyle had his phone number listed, so after I made some initialarrangements with him, he needed to talk to Jen to verify that she was real and willing. She gave him a quick description of herself: 5’1’’, 110lbs, cute petite brunette with beautiful skin, nice perky tits, hairy pussy, and a nice big round butt; She also told him that it wasn’t her idea, and that she was doing this for me. We agreed on a date.

We met Lyle at the house on a Saturday night, we went through the formal salutations and lounged about in the living room for a while. The conversation was trivial and there was no sex talk.
I then proposed to go upstairs to the bedroom.
Once in the bedroom we got comfortable. Jen first took off her T-Shirt and bra exposing her nice breasts, then wiggled out of her tight jeans, to finally take her panties off. I was getting so aroused to see my wife getting naked in front of a total stranger, and even more so to think that she was going to have sex with him. Lily was a six foot tall husky bearded man with an uncut seven inch fat dick, I glanced at it, and had a gleam of anticipation as to what Jen was going to do to it. Once totally naked Lyle jumped in bed. Jen was very “at home,” she wasn’t nervous at all which added to the excitement; she seemed to want to fuck that guy. She joined Lyle in bed as if he was her man, and she had done that before. I definitely loved her nonchalance about it.

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   Jen asked me if I was going to watch or participate, I replied yes to the former. I lied naked next to them slightly apart assuming a close voyeur‘s position. Lyle quickly got on top of Jen, and adjusted his cock to fit in between her thighs They began to French kiss. He played with her tits a bit, sucked on her nipples, then spread her legs and proceeded to eat her pussy. My wife has never been responsive to oral stimulation, but Lyle’s apparent expertise seemed to prove otherwise, and because Jen only wanted to achieve orgasm with me, she pushed him back. Lyle’s confused look quickly disappeared when Jen got herself on her knees over him and begun to suck his cock. I noticed she’d straddled one of his legs and had her pussy pressed up against it, probably to keep the stimulation her clit received from Lyle‘s tongue action. My ex was a wonderful cock sucker, and not only did she blowed and licked to perfection, she also swallowed it all, that is when cum did not end up splattered all over her face.
It was fantastic and very erotic to see Jen suck a stranger’s cock. She wasn’t shy about it either, she gave his shaft the same treatment mine used to get from her; she made love to his cock and balls. My dick was showing signs of pre-cum already.
I couldn’t resist the urge to see Jen get that fat cock inside her, I hinted to her that it was time for some fucking by pushing her ass forward. She moved over on top of Lyle, grabbed his dick and stuffed it inside her, like she’d done to mine a thousand times before. I was ecstatic to watch my cute lovely wife finally getting fucked by another man, I was absolutely aroused and my dick was dripping from excitement. I could hearthe sound of their tongues and mouths smacking together as I was totally absorbed staring at Lyle’s fat cock going in and out of Jen’s furry cunt.

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After a while Lyle switched position, and got Jen on her back, with her legs over his shoulders, then began to pump her cunt as fast and hard as he could. Jen grabbed his ass firmly and was pulling him inside at every stroke. It wasn’t too long before Lyle shot his load, not without letting out moans and grunts. Because no condom was used I regaled at the fact that my cute little jenny just had her sweet smelly cunt filled with hot creamy cum from some perfect stranger.
Afterwards we stayed in bed and talked for a while. But I wanted more, and I hadn’t come myself so I asked Jen to suck us both which she did as a dedicated cock sucking enthusiastalways does. She started out on her knees facing us giving our peckers equal amount of attention, sucking one dick while stroking the other, then switching. She then got on her back with both of us on each side. She watched us jack off until we both shot our creamy loads on her tits. Lyle’s load was a bit weak considering he’d unloaded earlier, but mine was spectacular and it covered Jen’s entire breasts. Even though Lyle’s was a drop of cum, I would’ve loved to see it go down in Jen’s mouth, she wouldn’t mindedat all,as she loved to eat cum.
That night after Lyle left, I try to have sex with Jen, but to no avail, her body was too sensitive she said. I kissed her good night, her mouth smelled of Lyle’s dick, I loved it!
Even though later on that month Jen told me she’d never care for the experience, I do believe however that at the time she enjoyed it: she did almost came while Lyle was going down on her, she rubbed her pussy against his leg to keep the arousal going while she was sucking him, and she never took a shower or brushed her teeth after the encounter, nor did she shower the next day. I do believe she wanted the smell of Lyle’s sex to linger. The following morning she even talked about our experience in a non negative way.

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   In a way the idea that she may have enjoyed having sex with a stranger is even more of a turn on than having watched her do it.
We’re divorced and much older now. I still masturbate and use this encounter as my visual stimulation. Had I stayed with her, I would’ve probably initiate other similar meetings, maybe have Lyle come back and this time shoot his load in Jen’s mouth which I’m pretty sure she would have enjoyed. .