A Weekend with my Sister. Part 1


This was the first time that had ever happened. Now, afew months later, on a Friday afternoon, at about 1:32 PM, I sat next to my beautiful sister, looking up at my parents, Rose and Michael, as they stood infront of us. My father spoke first. "Ok, kids. We'll be back Monday morning, and you two be good now. " He adjusted his bag over his shoulder. They were going on vacation all the way upstate. We lived in Sunny San Jose, California. "Jakob, You watch your sister, now. And no parties!". My sister simply rolled her eyes, as if to say "Ugh, Why must I be ' watched '. " It was my mothers turn to speak now. "You two be good. . " She leaned down, kissing each of us on the cheek as they head out of the door. As soon as the door closed, my sister popped up.

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  "Okay, Look, Here's the deal. I am not sitting around this house all weekend doing nothing, being watched by you. "I sighed softly, standing up. "Sis, I was told to watch you, and that is what I am going to do. Weither you like it or not. " I said in a stern tone of voice. "UGH! God! I'm 14, Jakob. Jesus. " She stormed out of the living room, running up the stairs, I soon heard a glass shattering slam of her bedroom door. ". . Well that was rude!" I said in a cocky voice as I fell back on the couch, clicking on the TV. Mid-day, around 6 PM, my sister finally came out of her room, and jogged downstairs, wearing a pair of jeans and a black tube top. She fell down into my lap, as she always did when she was bored. She was indeed my baby sister, and I loved her dearly.

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   We always used to cuddle on Saturday mornings on the couch, watching TV together, but as she got older, things changed. She turned her head, to look at me. "Jakob. . Why don't we cuddle around anymore?" she asked. ". . Well. . You seemed to have just stopped talking to me and everything. Every Saturday morning now you stay up in your room until 1 PM, and by then I'm out doing things with my friends. . " I said towards her. She seemed to had paused, and laid her head into my chest as we cuddled up, watching the movie "Swimfan", then we watched "Blue Crush". By the time this was over, it was about 9:25.

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   I finally got up, patting her on the leg, I moved to the kitchen, grabbing the phone with my right hand, I'd dial the number for the Pizza place, ordering out. I walked back in the room, and fell down next to her, yawning very slightly. "What ya wanna do tonight?" I slowly asked as i propped my feet upon the hard oak coffee table. Karli gave a shrug, giving a small cute yawn as she laid her head upon my right shoulder. "I dunno. . We could stay in and watch some more movies or we could go out somewhere. "I smirked. "Lets stay in and do somethin'. I dont feel like going out". She simply nodded. In about 30 minutes, the Pizza arrived. By the time we were done eating, it was about 11 PM. We sat back, laughing as we traded old stories about when we were younger. Finally, something flicked on the TV.

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   We were watching Cinemax, and as slowly the screen appeared, an erotic type of music played. It was called something like "Erotic Obsession". My sister turned to the TV with a devious grin, then looked to me. "Ahem. . Should. . I change it?" She said with a slight hint of hoping that I would say no. I sat back and thought for a minute before just shrugging. "You're 14 now. . I guess its okay if we just watch it and not tell mom or dad. " I smiled, and she giggled, before turning to the TV. The first steamy sex scene came up, and never did I know my sister to be so antsy as she began to squirm in her seat. I looked to her and yawned quickly.

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   "I'm gonna go get changed. Okay?" I said. She just nodded, and kept her eyes glued on the TV. I left the room, and went upstairs, pulling on a pair of gym shorts and a black t-shirt. I walked back downstairs, but stopped behind the corner, peeking over, I heard a slight moan. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My sister actually had her hand down her jeans, and was conveniently just playing with her clit, groaning lightly as the two on TV fucked like rabbits. I couldn't help but be turned on as my cock stirred in my boxers, slowly groaning, I took a huge chance, and stepped into the livingroom, looking at her. "Wow Karli. . You are a bad girl. . " I said in a slight tone where she wouldnt e so surprised. She almost jumped to a stand as she nervously zipped up her jeans, fiddling with the button. "J.

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  . J. . Jakob what the fuck are you doing watching me?!?!?!?" she said in a shocked maner. "You know. . I wouldnt be watching you if you werent masturbating on the couch". I said in yet another cocky tone of voice as she let out a whine, slowly sitting down, her head in her hands. I sat down next to her, looking at my beautiful sister. ". . Jakob, I apologize. . I--" I let her say no more as I placed my right index finger against her soft pink lips. "Sis.

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  . You don't have to apologize. . Its what normal human beings do. I do it. You do it. Mom and Dad--. . ew. . Okay. Lets not go too far into detail". We both chuckled. She sudenly got horny again as the two on TV began to fuck wildly. I looked to her, seeing her get antsy, and struggling not to masturbate.

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   I simply smirked, and shook my head. "Sis. . Go ahead. . " I said softly. She looked to me, almost unsure of what to do. She slowly sighed, not being able to help herself, she pulled off her jeans quickly, and slammed her middle finger into her juicy pussy. I couldnt help but get hard again as she slammed her finger in and out of her pussy, groaning loudly, she looked to me, noticing the rather large bulge in my shorts. "Nngh. . Ohh. . Mm. .

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  You look like you're enjoying the show. " She said as she kicked her jeans and lilac pair of cotton girly panties off of her feet. She suddenly pulled her top off, and grabbed ahold of my shorts, as I looked at her shocked. She pulled them off, as my rather thick 10 inch penis came out. She gave a shocked look, which turned into a devilish grin. "Sis. . Arent you a virgin?!" I said, skeptical. "Brother. . I want you to take my virginity. . Please" she looked at me with such a sweet face, before straddling my lap, staring down at me with those stunning grey orbs. I slowly nodded, before leaning up, my lips softly pressing against hers, my tongue intruding into her waiting mouth. "Fuck me big brother.

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  . fuck my pussy!" she said, so eager as she posistioned her body over my thick rod, slowly rubbing her soft pussy lips against the head of my swollen cock, before lowering herself onto my body, the head of my cock slowly pushing into her uber-tight pussy. I leaned up immeadeatly with a slight gasp, My lips once again connected with hers, grunting as I pushed further into her. Her tongue slowly massaged mine, both of our eyes shut tightly. She leaned down, whispering in my ear in such a sultry voice, I almost came right there. "I love you, Jakob. . ". I looked to her, before saying those three words back to her. I slowly took a deep breath, looking to her. . "Here we go sis. . Are you ready?" she gave a nod, closing her eyes. I suddenly pushed in, feeling the head of my thick cock against her hymen.


   I slowly pushed up, her cherrie being broke, and I immeadeatly froze as her eyes shut, a small tear trickling down her face. My right index finger brushed it away as I slowly whispered. " I wont move an inch until you're ready baby. . "About a minute or two passed bfore she was finally able to take it. I began to thrust slowly into her, groaning lightly as her body began to thrust down against mine. My hands slowly running up her taut stomache, my slightly rugged hands gripping her beautiful 34 C chest. I simply kissed the top of he right breast, taking her light cotton-candy color'd nipple into my mouth, she groaned as I began to thrust slightly faster into her. "MM. . YES BABY. . FUCK ME!". She began to get more aggressive as I began to thrust faster and faster into her, my hands now sliding downwards, wrapping easily around her skinny little waist. I gave another rough thrust up, my ballsac easily slapping against her slit.

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   I began to thrust faster, suddenly pulling all the way out of her, and roughly thrusting back in, my eyes slammed shut as I knew she was close. "Oh fuck, Jakob. . I'm. . I'm so close. . ". She muttered these words as I began to thrust faster and harder. Karli gave another push down, my cock poking against the back of her cervix as a earth shattering orgasm shook upon her, her eyes rolling back in her head. I gripped her waist as her tight-as-it-is pussy clenched around my cock, milking it for all it was worth, pumping my white pearly cum into her pussy. Slowly, she leaned down, kissing my lips softly, leaning back, she took a deep breath, before leaning into my chest. "Mm. . That was amazing, Jakob.

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  . And to think. . We have 2 and a half days left to spend together. . "I grinned in thought of that comment, as I rested my head on her shoulder. "Yes. . Yes we do. "She slowly fell aslep in my arms, as Day 1 ended. . ((End 1st Part. Feedback is EXTREMELY suggested and appriciated! Thanks!)).