Alone With Mom


Topic: Alone With MomMy dad walked out the door with my two sisters as they were going to New York to see plays.   I was 16 and i was in need of some serious sex.   I had a really awesome attractive girlfriend, but she wouldn't put out and my cock was dying.   Nobody ever knew, but growing up i always wanted to fuck my mother but never thought she would let me.  
The first day together, i decided to begin my mission to seduce her.   I slept in the day and had woken up with an intense hard on as usual.   I heard my mom coming up the stairs and started to cover up.   But then i decided not to and pretended to be asleep.   She walked in and told me it was time to get up, and then i knew she saw my 8 incher because she stopped half way through ". . . up. . . "  
I didnt move and then she came over and sat on my bed. To my joy and surprise, she nudged me but i stayed asleep.

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    She was checking to see if i would wake up.   Knowing i wouldnt she reached over and grabbed my dick.   she began to stroke it and then she started to suck it.  
I had an idea.   i got up and said "oh my god. Mom! what r u doin?!?!?"
she was scared and said she was sorry and ran out the door.
Later that day i went downstairs and talked to her.
"Mom, what was happenning upstairs?"
"Honey im sorry.   I dont know what came over me.   Please dont tell your father.   How can i make it up to u?"
This was my chance so i took it.   "Well, i never said i didn't like it. "
She paused not knowing what to say.   "But sweetie. .

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"Well ill tell u what mom, i wont tell, and u wont tell, but only if u do whatever i want to do and not tell dad.   For starters. . . i was gunna go take a bath.   I think u should take one with me. "
"Oh sweetie i dont know.   ur too old for me to bath with u.   plus its wrong.   i shouldn't have done anything in the first place. "
"Mom please.   just come with me please. "
"Oh alright. "
We went upstairs and got in the bath.   She was amazing.

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    She had huge tits and a hairy pussy and oh my god did my did get hard.   I asked her to wash me and she did.   She started off very reluctantly, but towards the end, she wanted it aswell.   She began to soap my whole body, reaching around from behind.   When she came to my cock, i told her to do whatever she wanted so she gave me a handjob.
I couldnt believe this ws happening.   My mom was naked in the bath with me and rubbing my cock.   It was the most amazing experience of my life.
Later she went shopping and i asked her if maybe we could skip going out with her friends that night and instead just be together.   She said she would like that very much.
When she got back it was 7.   I was watching tv and she went upstairs with her bags.   I went up to her room and kissed her.   At first it was awkward, but then she got into it and i put my tongue in her mouth.   she did the same and we made out for a good 5 or 6 minutes.


    I told her i wanted to give her a massage. She layed on the bed with nothing but a towel on and i rubed her back.   i then moved to her ass and then i asked her to roll over.   I then began to rub her tits and then rub her clit.   I asked her if i could finger her and she said she guessed it would be alright.  
I did and she moaned and breathed heavily and it turned me on.   She got up and said she had bought me a surprise at the mall.   She went into her closet and came out wearing the most sexy bra and panties.   I couldn't believe my eyes.   She told me she couldnt wait any longer.
"Fuck me james.   Fuck my so hard. "
Thats all i needed and i ran over and picked her up and threw her on the bed.   I slid off her panties and her bra and took off my shorts.   We layed there together naked and i said, "r u ready mom?"

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    fuck me like you never fucked someone before. "
i shoved my cock in her and she screamed.   it was such a turn on.   we fucked for hours.   her wet pussy juices saked the bed and my cum contributed.   We did every position imaginable and we were still not tired.  
It was 12 and my mom said she wanted one more before bed.
"Sweetie.   After having you, i dont think i can ever have ur father again.   it just doesnt compare to how amazing u r.   i need u to do me a favor.   its the only way he will leave me and i can be with u.   i need u to cum in. get me pregnant.   i want u to give me a child and i will be forever greatful.

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I told her i would do anything for her.   I fucked her again and i felt my load coming.   I told her to get ready and i blew my load in her.   she moaned and yelled.   i was soo happy.  
A few days later she told me that it had worked.   She was pregnant.   She kissed me and said, "this is your reward. "
She sucked my cock and we fucked the whole day.
It was the best spring break of my life.