Saturday At The Beach


Beth's parents invited us to their beach house for the weekend. We went down Friday night, got in late and in the morning rose about 8 and headed for a day of Sun, sand and frolicking in the surf. Beth's parents went antiquing for the day so Beth and I found a nice spot on the empty beach and set up. We sat on the beach for a few minutes and about 50 yards away another couple - a black man and white woman set up too. At that hour on that very hot morning we were the only two groups on the beach.

Beth and I were body surfing and after a few the man waded into the surf and started body surfing too, while his lady friend sat on their towels watching us and reading a book. He drifted near us and we struck up a conversation sort of. We were swimming and catching good waves to ride in on. Once, out in chesty deep water we all rose and fell on an incoming wave. When the wave passed Beth and Thomas were standing inches from each other. I felt a pang of jealously and a thrill. It was becoming clear he was "chatting up" my bird, as the Brits say.

Once after he rode a wave we missed and I said "Wow, you sure have made a friend. " Beth stuck her tongue out playfully and replied "Yeah, these tits tend to make me lots of friends. ” She was wearing bikini bottoms andtop but the top was concealed beneath one of my college t-shirts. Beth was a little chubby and embarrassed to let anything less than perfect hang out.

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   She was perfect to me.

5'8," 190 lbs of woman. 44EEE boobs and an ass to go along. She was a stout, matronly woman, and while she could be called fat, I called her "generous. " She had awesome tits, a clear and discernible waist, nice wide hips and an apple ass. Add in her thick but proportional thighs and tapered calves, and in my opinion she was the total package. On top of that was a gorgeous face - freckled, blue eyes and mousy brown, long, thick and slightly curly hair. Did I mention she was as filthy minded as she was hot, heavy titted and sexy as all Hell?

"I think good old Thomas wants to cop a feel of them fat titties Baby. " She frowned at me and said "Whatcha mean want's to? He did. " she added. I got excited. "He did?" "Yeah, when the wave pushed us together he copped a feel of both of them. He looked at me as if it was an accident, but I think he was hoping to all along. " I smiled at her "who can blame him for that?" "What did you do Baby?" I asked. "Me, I just smiled and said, "Yeah, I always bring my own flotation devices with me to the beach.

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  " I shot her a nefarious grin. "You little slut you!' She crossed the 2 feet to me, reached out and whispered, "Yeah, and you love it!" It was true. My cock was hard just thinking about it.

Thomas made his way back to the chest deep water and we caught a few more waves. After another 10 or 15 minutes he asked if we wanted to come and meet his girlfriend. We gladly went up the beach with him. "Hey darlin'" he said to his girl as we approached. She looked up from her book and smiled. "I see you've made friends!' she smiled. "This is Beth and Tony," he said. She rose to greet us and I was dumbstruck. She was three things - built like a brick shithouse, friendly and about 45 years old. Thomas looked to be about 30 and Beth and I were both in our very early 20's.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Alexandra - Alex for short," she said extending her hand.

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   She had a warm and welcoming smile. We sat around shootin' the shit for about 30 minutes with them when Alex invited us back to the beach house they rented for the week. She said they had a hot tub and invited us over. We jumped at the chance, ran back and collected our stuff, and went with Thomas and Alex the three blocks back from the beach. The house was small considering the houses at the beach that folks rent are usually huge. There on the privacy fenced back deck was a large and bubbling hot tub.

"Something to drink," Alex offered. "We have beer, Scotch, Bourbon and Vodka as well as soda or juice if ya prefer. " "A little early for booze," I said, but Alex put her meaning clear from the get go. "Hey, it's the weekend and were having a party, right?" Beth smiled and said "A screwdriver if possible?" Alex nodded and looked at me. "How about you Tony?" "Sure," I replied, "Got any 7 UP?" She nodded she did and I asked for a Bourbon and 7 UP.

Thomas disappeared into their bedroom for a minute and came back out "You guys smoke weed?" We nodded eagerly and he rolled two joints. "Come on guys," Alex said, "to the hot tub!"

All the while Alex had never removed her shorty beach robe that she wore - even when she was on the beach, but as we stepped out onto the private deck she dropped it on a chaise. Beneath that robe was an almost identical body to Beth's - large full tits, a nice waist, fat ass and thick thighs. And her feet were tiny.

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   And her face was stunning. Her hair was short, cut in a bob, and dyed a dark blond. She was fucking hot for sure.

We got into the hot tub and Thomas passed the dubies around. Between the liquor and the reefer, we were all having a grand old time for sure. We each traded a bit about ourselves. We found out that Thomas and Alex had been dating for a little while, that Alex was divorced with no children and that she was an authoress. Thomas was a computer engineer. They lived together, oddly about 5 miles from where Beth and I lived about 100 miles inland from the beach.

As the booze and the pot took hold it seemed we all sort of drifted next to each other in the hot tub. Of course Beth and I knew the deal. We had discussed this type things many times and were always waiting for the right situation to present. This looked to be the one. My cock was on permanent semi chubb in my Birdwells. It was easy to see Beth's nipples standing at attention beneath her bathing suit top and my red t-shirt covering her, but not for long.

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Alex looked at Beth and asked "So, ever skinny dip in a hot tub with another couple?" Beth lit up and said "No, but it sure sounds fun!" Alex stood up and peeled off her bottoms first to reveal a bald snatch. Then she sexily took off her top and was naked and glorious. A few wrinkles but Christ she was close to 50 years old, but she was hot as Hell. "Your turn," she said to Beth. Beth stood and Alex helped her. It was so hot. Thomas looked at me and winked over the grin plastered to his face.

Alex grabbed Beth's soaked and clinging to her t-shirt and helped pull it over Beth's head. Thomas audibly gasped as her massive tits were no longer hidden. "Jesus Beth, you are awesome. Why you would ever hide that body in a t-shirt I'll never know," Thomas said. "Christ Man," I said," you ain't seen nothing yet!" Alex looked at Beth and said "Honey, you are one incredible woman. Nothing to be shy about that body. You're really sexy. " When Alex said that I almost choked - happily mind you! Alex helped free Beth's puppies and again Thomas grunted his approval.

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   Then Alex made the move. She hefted one of Beth's tits in her hand and said "God Beth - those are spectacular!"

Beth smiled. I thought she might be a little taken aback, but the pot and booze loosened her right on up. Then Alex slid Beth's bottoms down to reveal a neatly trimmed bush - my handiwork, mind you. Her bush had a thin, 1 inch line of hair in the middle, but a bald labia. "Sharp snatch" Thomas grinned. I though Beth would blush, but ever the surprising little wanton slut I loved, she shot back "And it tastes better than it looks!" At that Alex asked "Has it ever been tasted by a woman?" Beth shook her head as if saddened by he fact and added, "Dreadfully, not yet!" "I can fix that," Alex purred and Beth smiled.

Alex gently sat Beth on one of the seat in the tub and placed Beth's arms on the wooden back frame of the hot tub. She then knelt until she was neck deep in the water, slid her hands under Beth's ample ass and lifted her until her cunt was just above the top of the water. She buried her face in Beth's quim and Beth started squirming. This went on for a good five minutes as Thomas and I watched. Then Beth said, "Hey guys, no fair only the women are naked. What are you - chauvinists?" Alex ceased her muff munching and turned around. She slid over to me and while I was still sitting on the bench in the tub she slid my Birdwells off.

Then she turned to Beth.

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   "Honey, why don't you help Thomas with those pesky trunks?" Beth didn't need too much encouragement. She pushed herself over to Thomas. He stood up and she tugged at the waistband. Beth seemed pleased at what such efforts revealed. Out popped, or more accurately "slithered" a fat and long flaccid black cock. "My oh my," Beth exclaimed, "what a cock!" Yeah," added Alex, "and he can use it too!"

Beth, needing zero encouragement bent down and licked the head and sucked it into her mouth. Thomas gently placed his hands on her head and she proceeded to pole vault the member. I was in heaven. Alex sat beside me rubbing my 7 inches to full mast as Beth worked the black monster dick to a frenzy. It rose to it's full length and girth of almost what looked to be 9 inches and pretty full and thick too. Then Alex started licking my ear and I got sort distracted. She maneuvered herself over me and slid onto my cock. We kissed. She whispered in my ear, "That's nice Tony. Your a beautiful man with a great cock.

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   It's hitting me in just the right place!" She rode me for a couple minutes and built to orgasm. She bit my neck and shoulders and grunted through the first of what would be dozens of orgasms that morning.

I looked back over at Beth and Thomas. Her body still under the water, Thomas perched on top of her driving her home. I held Alex to me and watched as Thomas buried his cock into Beth's hot cunt. Thomas then lifted her out of the water and sat her on the edge of the hot tub. His cock swung free and glistened with water and her pussy juices. She lifted her legs and locked her hands around his neck. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. Their flicked their tongues all over, exploring each other. She once, knowing it drove me wild, looked at me while Thomas licked her lips and teeth. She let her mouth hang agape as Thomas' large lips covered her mouth and probed her.

She kept her gaze upon me the whole time. She then licked his face, neck and lips. As it started getting really good to her she released his neck, but Thomas had her in his arms, her ass perched on the edge of the tub.

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   She grabbed her nipples and pinched them and started to gush. Thomas got off too. He pulled out and shot cum all over her belly and tits. She bent down and licked cum from his cock head and then licked it from her tits and nipples. Thomas bent down and licked his own cum off of her shoulders and tits and she eagerly sought his mouth to clean him. I busted a nut in Alex at that sight. She squirmed and we kissed deeply.

Alex, still perched on my hard cock, was the first to break the trance. "Let's get out of here and retire to the king size bed, shall we?" We all stood, wobbly knees and all and helped each other out of the tub. Thomas' glorious cock hung at 2/3rds mast and swung as he walked. Beth held his hand tightly. The water beaded up on his black and perfect body.

Once inside the ladies dried themselves and us off. Beth came to me and kissed me gently. "God, I love you, ya know," she whispered.

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   "I know Baby," I smiled. We kissed deeply as she dried me. Despite all that had already occurred, it was about to get a whole lot hotter here.

“I love double penetration,” Alex volunteered. “Anyone willing to help a poor old woman out with her needs?” Thomas sat on the couch and Alex squatted over him. She lowered herself onto him and then looked at me. “Wanna join him in my pussy Tony? It’s wet, thanks to your cum in there. I walked to them and kneeled over the edge of the sofa. Alex took a hand and guided my cock into her. Now both Thomas and I were in her cunt to the hilt. She purred with delight. It was an incredible feeling rubbing against Thomas’ fat and hot black cock.

Beth crossed over andclimbed onto the back of the couch. We were in the corner, so she held onto the two walls for balance and lowered herself down onto Alex’s mouth. I joined Alex in licking her cunt and asshole.


   She gushed into our mouths and over our faces in about 30 seconds. Alex broke the silence with “I love it when a woman pisses in my face!” and then she ate Beth even more fervently than before.

After a few minutes of this, we separated and headed for the bedroom. Beth followed Alex. She had Thomas’ cock in her hand as she led him like her pet on a leash. I hurried along eager, for Beth kneeled on the corner of the bed and sat, one leg folded under her. Thomas leaned in and started kissing her so passionately. She leaned back, took her leg from beneath her and Thomas mounted her. She had her hands on his chest looking at him as he penetrated her. She cooed her approval and he slowly began to pump her, gently and deliberately. She was in Heaven for sure and so was I. It was beyond erotic to see his medium dark skin against hers as he kissed her.

In a minute or two she really went with the flow. Her tits swayed with each thrust, her nipples distended, swollen and puckered. Thomas held himself up on his left arm and kneaded her left tit with his right.

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   I stood three feet away rubbing my cock. Alex walked up behind me and traced her finger down my back. “Hot to see, isn’t it?” she asked. I just nodded, my mouth hanging open and dry. I was jealous and happy all at once. He was filling her like I never dreamed of. Alex brought me back to the moment with “At home our ceiling is actually mirrored. It is so hot watching his muscular ass in the mirror as he fucks me with that cock of his. ”“I’ll bet” was all I could say. It was hot as Hell watching it happen. His muscles flexed under his glistening skin.

Beth slid up the bed a little farther and Thomas was able to gain better traction. Beth wrapped her beautiful legs around his back, just above his ass. She grabbed each cheek in her hands and guided him on. He pumped her like his life depended on it.

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   He then began long, slower strokes where he pulled all the way out almost, once or twice falling completely out. Each time he just let his fat black cock find her cunt again on its own, and it did. I leaned a little forward and watched transfixed as he would pull out, the head would slap her labia and he would move ever so much and her cunt would open and suck him back in.

By now Beth was taking shallow breaths and holding them - a sure sign fun was coming. Each time she’d suck the air in between her teeth making a hissing sound. Her jaws clenched, she released her orgasm. As Thomas was on the out stroke I saw her piss hit his black belly. She squealed and he took that as the sign to drive her to oblivion. Apparently her ticket pre-punched, her boarding pass secure, Thomas guided her on that destination - oblivion. Her face almost turned purple as she grunted through the explosion. Alex whispered, “I’ll be damned. I think he’s really fucking her to death. ” “Yeah,” I replied, “Hot as Hell, huh?” Alex punched me in the arm and enticed me. “This isn’t merely a spectator sport ya know. ”

“Hey Alex, sit on her face.

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   She’s never eaten pussy and I wanna see that so bad!” “Love to,” was all she said as she crawled onto the bed and began sucking Beth’s nipples. “Wanna suck my pussy Honey?” she asked Beth. Beth just smiled and said “Absolutely!” She leaned over and kissed Beth. Beth opened her mouth and kissed this almost 50 year old woman as her younger black hunk drove his cock into her. I almost fainted I was so turned on.

I climbed up beside Alex and kissed her back of her neck. She began to slide her cunt over Beth’s flicking tongue. “Suck it Honey,” Alex gently guided. Beth used her gorgeous full lips to suck Alex’s clit into her mouth. She nibbled and sucked it as Alex began to moan, encouraging Beth, “Oh God, yeah Honey, just like that. ” Alex’s nipples were rock hard and when I took my eyes off Beth’s lips sucking Alex’s hole I saw as Thomas lean forward and nibble Alex’s nipples and then kiss her. Alex started cumming and it was hot. ” Beth licked, nibbled and sucked ever more and Alex emitted little chirps from deep within her throat. I was stroking my cock for all it was worth when Thomas stood up and said “Your turn Tony. ” I slid over to Beth’s south side and started to mount her.

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   She has so fucking wet. She was still licking Alex’s hole and when I entered her she took her hands and pulled me in. She began to cum almost immediately.

Alex lifted from Beth’s face and I kissed the cum covering Bethy’s face. Beth was lost in pleasure and we kissed passionately, her cumming almost non-stop. I slowed my pumping and watched as Thomas laid against the headboard and then Alex turned away and guided Thomas fat black to into her asshole. Alex burned a nasty smile thru me as she took all of Thomas into her ass. Her cunt was gaping open, swollen and slime covered, and it was gorgeous.

I backed off Beth and she rolled onto her belly. She slid up to Thomas and Alex and began licking Thomas’ balls and shaft and Alex’s cunt as Thomas fucked her brown eye. I took my slick cock and slid it into Beth’s ass. She loved anal. Beth’s mouth was a furry of tongue and lips as she licked pussy, asshole, balls and big black dick. In minutes it built and we all exploded. I filled Bethy’s fat ass as Thomas pulled his cock from Alex’s asshole and came all over her ass, cunt and Beth's face.

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The day ended with us trading numbers. As Beth and I walked back to her folks house I said “So, ya like?” She grinned and said “Gimme that phone number. You’ll lose it!” And she kissed me, took my hand and said, “I love you. Let’s go get something to eat! I’m famished!” Damn I love that girl.
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