Turning Mom out as a Prositute


Been fucking mom for a while,as stated in my other stories and letting my friends have fun with her too.
One night a friend of mine stopped by and we started talking he was telling me he was on his way to a bar where
some prositutes hang out and wanted a get a BJ and lay ed,I had just fucking mom,she was still in bed,asked what he going to spend,he said he figured it would cost him at least $100.00 for a BJ and to get fucked,My mind went to work told him I could save him 30 bucks I,ll let him have mom for $70.00 and she,ll suck and fuck him
told him she,s in bed I just finished fucking her, he paused for a second and said ok gave me the money and I let him have mom for a 30 minutes,when he finished he stated that it was damn good and a great price told only he,ll get that price anyone else would pay more,so now moms,s my little money fuck machine,have her Proing
3-5 days a week .Have sort of a menu a suck and fuck $100.00 Just a BJ $45.00 just a fuck $65.00 anal sex $35.00 ply and suck on her breasts $15.00,so now besides being my slut whore sex fuck toy she,s my sex money machine,started also one of my aunts,love using and abusing them,mom is sucking on me know as I write this story.