Trying Out The Boss

Role Play

Im boss, I have my own office, Secretary, etc.
I run a successful Lingerie business, I attend big AGM meetings and the like, making million dollar deals, arranging million dollar contracts, and im very good at what I do.
Anyway, im screening items for the new catalogue, the new summer range for sale, as the Head honcho, I get to try on all the items for the last word if the like, and we have a brand new range titled ‘Kinky Pinkie’, a rather risqué line, crotch less, nipple peep-hole sort of stuff, Half cut bras that show your nipples with matching lil mini skirts, all in different shades of pink with frills, trim n the added kick being the kinky twist.
All sets come with matching stockings or other accsserories, I was just trying on and admiring a set complete with stockings suspenders lil frilly mini skirt when, in walks a new recruit, inexperienced and willing to learn, as id been in this industry for so long this didn’t faze me at all, but the colour of the young lads cheeks told a different story,
To my surprise, he offered an opinion, if I would not mind him saying, he says, “I think the lil mini skirt would be better if it had lil tiny pleat in” he said. Then went on to say, “Gives a better view of the pussy you see”. God his brazen statement made me shockingly horny, instantly wet and wanting a good fuck.
“Is that your only thought on this set then?” I asked him, as I admired myself in the full length mirror in a corner of the office, He came and stood behind me, looking at the mirror image of me, so close I could feel him breath on my neck, it was driving me wild with passion to fuck, “if possible “he says “put ties on the bra instead of hook & eyes, makes it way easier to get it of that way”. In addition, he demonstrated this by removing the half cut baby pink bra I was modelling,
This was all new to me, it was usually me that initiated the sex, but not this time, It was as though the tables had turned and I was the new recruit, I liked this, I liked him, his brave ‘have a go’ attitude was refreshing, and fucking sexy,
I allowed the bra to fall from my large but firm breasts, showing my nipples to belittle hard bullets they were, my feet slightly apart, and asked” and what do you think your doing?”, He then continued to again, shock me by replying “im gna fuck the boss lady over her desk as the new underwear works,” “what a fucking turn on that range of pinkies is” he said. .
I tingled with excitement, never had I allowed control to be taken, let alone by a guy 20yrs younger than myself, he reached from behind me and gently cradled my breasts in his hands which were slightly cold, this made my already hard nipples jut out even more, stepping closer to me I felt his hardness in the small of my back, I was so wet, my pussy desperately wanted fucking now, he rubbed his cock into my back as if teasing me with it, Slowly but very seductively he let his hands fall down her body until he reached the hem of the lil mini skirt, it sat just above the stocking tops,” Stockings are so fucking sexy” I heard him almost whisper in my ear, His hands fell to her stocking clad legs pushing his hard-on further into my back, my pussy was by this time dripping with juices and needed fuckin was so wet it was now running down the inside of mythighs. He was now working his way down to the tops of my stockings and up towards the inside of my thighs and felt the wetness as he did, in an instant he span me round to face him, I couldn’t help myself, starting from his neck I began to nibble and kiss and feel my way down his body, Only when I reached the top of his trousers did I hesitate, my knees wide exposing the crotch less lil shorts I was wearing, I looked up at him, met his eye and unzipped his trousers, Freeing his shockingly massive cock it just beckoned to be sucked, I gently pulled back his fore-skin, showing off the red swollen bell-endand began to flick it with lil butterfly licks, all the way down his shaft I did this, Then I gently scraped my teeth over the head and slowly swallowed his entire length, scraping my teeth down as I went, I then proceeded to fuck his cock with my scarlet lined mouth, taking him down my throat, making him moan with pleasure, he began to move with me,fucking my mouth and gasping, getting faster and faster, He looked down at me and asked “ do you like it rough. ”?
“ First time for everything” I answered, He pulled me to my feet, span me around to face my desk, forced me to bend over making me push the contents of my desk to the floor, kicks my feet apart and lifted the lil mini up and over my ass,Crotchless came into its own, the next thing I knew I felt a warm and gentle flicking of his tongue over my wet clit,He sucks a finger wetting it, and pushed it into my juice sodden pussy, finger fucking me while flicking his tongue over my wet swollen clit, He removed the finger and pushed it hard into my ass,sending shock waves of pleasure through me, making me come instantly, All the while flicking my pussy with his tongue, sucking my juices, I moan with the pleasure I have never felt, shouting for him to fuck me and fuck me hard n fast like he said, I wanted it rough, I wanted it fast n urgent, He stood up and dropped his trousers, reached around me and grabbed my tits, god my nipples were so hard they were painful, he squeezes gently, it felt like little electric shocks going through me, and then….
I felt it, his rock hard massive cock,push into my pussy,I was so wet he was met with little if any resistance, he pushed as far as he could, then slowly withdrew, pushed like fuck again, and again, withdrew, getting faster and deeper and faster, squeezing harder n harder on my nipples, I was almost screaming at this point, so close to orgasm number 2 it was heaven, I could hear his balls slap against my clit,this ‘sex’ sound drove me crazy, each time they slapped me they hit my throbbing swollen clit,pounding harder with each thust,he was so big I thought he would tear me apart, but each painful thrust was painful pleasure.
He grabbed hold of my hips, pulling me on to him pounding me against my desk, so lucky that staff had gone home for the day as I wasn’t being quiet about this office fuck,so lost in the fucking great feeling I was getting I forgot myself and began to scream his name again and again, louder and louder,
He suddenly stopped and withdrew, but before I could turn to ask why his tongue was exploring the same hole his cock had just fucked,sucking the fuck juice we created and fingering my ass at the same time, I came so close to coming but he stopped again, went and sat in my high-backed leather office swivel chair and smiled at me, I followed him round to the chair, and began as if to sit astride him but instead, I crouched, took his rod in my hand and proceeded to wank him, every time I pulled back his foreskin I took his red bell-end into my mouth and swirled my tongue over the eye and around the rim, getting faster each stroke, fondling his balls in the other hand, for one so young he had vast experience and vast bolloks to match, at his original interview you wouldn’t of guessed he hid a fuck machine, I bring him almost to climax then stop, just as he had done with me, and then sat astride him lowering my dripping pussy on to his hard ram-rod cock,swallowing him inch by inch so slow it almost drove him crazy, Just before halfway down I looked him in the eye and slammed onto him, taking every little inch of him, leaning back for full penetration I started to rock bk n forth, still leaning back forcing him deeper, if that was possible, into me, he forced his thumb into my mouth until wet and then began to rub my clit,oh wow, I rode that fucker hard, took all of him and was loving every filthy naughty minute of it.
I then leant into him, giving him the choice of nipple to suck, he took the offer and nuzzled in-between my ample tits pushing them onto his face, cupping both tits and alternately flicked the bullet nipple on both, and as he flicked 1 he gently but firmly squeezed the other, I was bouncing now wanting so bad to pourmy cumm juice all over that young cock,that fuck stud that was so damn good, with each drop I made onto him he came up to meet my hips thrusting his cock right into the centre of me.
He grabbed my ass and stood so as to lay me on my desk, never did his cock leave my pussy,he then grabbed both my ankles, opened my legs as wide as they would go and watched himself pound my wet throbbing pussy,and asked me to spit on my fingers and play with my clit,I accommodated him,gladly,holding my pussy lips open with two fingers, showing my tight little love bud for all its worth, and just tickled it to start, his pounding got faster,firmer,reaching to squeeze my nipples while rubbing myself did it for him, I was being fucked like a whore,pounded,slammed into my desk,, we were both panting and openly moaning with fuck pleasure by this time, I got faster and I did he did, he was rough fucking me now, angrily fucking me and I loved it, still with legs wide heels inches from the corners of my desk, still with the underwear that started this on, was screaming for him to give it to me, all of it, I felt sure id end up bruised he fucked me that hard, but didn’t care, then it came, the biggest orgasm either of us had ever had, he just kept pumping and pumping, I contracted my pussy muscles and screamed, god what a climax, after which we both collapsed on the desk for just enough time to gather breath, whilst still sweating and pulsating we parted, dressed and left my office, in a mess but what the fuck, I left with a big bloody smile on my face.

kopeles athina - kopeles athina 

   My underwear line was a raging succsess,id proved and approved it before the public so I knew. .