a TRUE story of dogging at dartford viewpoint

True Story

I see some other stories of dogging on here so i will share mine

it was about 2005 or 2006 a few months before they shut down dartford viewpoint for good.

it was a cold day and I had come along about 11. 30 at night
there was only 2 cars there because the night was so cold, but i knew that there was still a chance to see some action. usually there was always a load of cars there waiting for action. sometimes 10 cars all with single guys
one car drove off and so it was just me and one other as the couple drove in. I saw the 2 heads in the front and waited until the had settled down and turned their interior lights on.
me and the other car driver went over and started to watch as a girl lay on the back seat and a guy was fucking her with a rabbit vibrator.
the girl was in her late 20's or early 30's. she was blonde and had a great figure. she was totally nude. the guys saw us but carried on moving the dildo in and out of the girl. we watched for 5 minutes and my fellow voyeur shot his load and walked away.
the driver must have seen this because he opened the window and said
'you haven't cum yet have you'
'ok, good. do you want to cum and play in the car'
I got in the backseat and was grateful to be out of the cold.
the girl lifter her legs and when i was in she put one on my shoulder and one on the front seat.
the guy offered me the vibrator and showed me how it worked as it had variable speeds and movements
i put the vibrator into her cunt and slowly moved it backwards and forwards.

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   she was loving it and was really creamy.
i kept moving the vibe so that sometimes it was deep in her fanny and sometimes tickling her clit
after 10 minutes of play, the guy handed me a condom and asked me if I wanted to fuck her
I said 'yes' took itand slipped it on
in the cramped back seat it was quite difficult but i was enjoying the sexy feel of her pulsing cunt on my shaft.
in just a couple of minutes I came and filled the johnny with loads of spunk.

after wards it turned out that the couple had been to Soho where they bought the rabbit, and had deliberately cum to viewpoint to christen it.
i went back on the same day for a few weeks following but never saw them there again.

dartford viewpoint was the best dogging site ever, i am real sorry the shut it down.