My first time pt. 1

True Story

Just to let everyone know this is my first entry and it might sound. . . . idk weird, poorly wrote, i hope not but like I said. . . first time lol

I had just turned 18 and was exploring the world with new eyes. I was going to parties for the first time in my life and having fun for once.
One night my friend took me to this party. When we arrived there were people yelling and things crashing. We walked up to the door and knocked.

"Go the fuck away you fucking N*****!" I was shocked
"Where the hell are we Ashley?" I asked kinda scared
"Don't worry he's cool. Hey jackass open the door!!!"
"Who the fuck is it?"

The door opened and there stood the sexiest man I had ever seen. He had short messy bleached hair and the most beautiful hazel bloodshot eyes. He was fucked up.

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   I could tell by his slurred speech and red eyes. He let us in the house. I looked around and there were holes in almost every wall, a drum set torn apart and tables flipped over. I was scared at first but after a minute it was just funny.

Ashley took him into another room to calm him down while I fixed the table. She called me in there and he was laying on the bed, she, standing on the wall.

"Hey Casper this is Candi can she stay here tonight?"
"Yeah as long as she sleeps in my bed!"

I giggled nervously and blew it off, after all he was trashed. After chilling out for few minutes he seemed to be sober. He decided he wanted some weed and called up his guy then we were on our way. He drove. Ashley was in the middle and I was on the passenger side. I put my arm up on the back of the seat and accidently touched his soft hair. I pulled it away quickly scared he would be mad, but instead he nudged his head onto my hand and I gentally rubed his head.

We pulled up to a house and I got out to let ashley out and immediatly jumped in the middle seat to sit beside him. Ashley got in and we rode back to his house.

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Here's where it gets good :)

We went inside and smoked a bowle then turned the lights off to watch a movie. Then Ashley got up.

"I'm going to bed are you gonna come with me?" she asked
"No I think I will watch this movie it looks good. " I replied with a wink, she caught on
"Oh ok see you in the morning!" She smiled

So I sat down a cushion from Casper and kept inching twords him a little at a time. Finally I was rite beside him.
He then put his arm around me and I leaned into him. He smelt so good and felt so warm, I was immediatly wet. I was nervous as well, the closest I had ever gotton to a guy was a kiss in high school. I just never felt comfortable enough with a guy to go all the way.

His hand moved slowley from my back to my shoulder a few moments later he made his way to my 38 DD brest. Itjust sat there at first then he gentaly started to carress it. He then stopped and we finished the movie.

"Well i'm going to bed. " he said with a yawn
"Um ok Ashley locked the door, Do you have an extra pillow?"
"No but I have a huge bed if you wanna share. "


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