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She just laughed her tinkly laugh and said that she served the best drinks in town and this was her place. I gulped quietly and slid out of the car to follow her up the steps and into the cool interior of the building. I was looking around me the whole time trying to figure out what to say or do next when she headed for the elevator. She stepped inside and gestured for me to come on. I followed her again and when the door closed she turned and placed her hand on my cheek. I caught my breath as her warm fingers caressed me and caused me to shudder in delight. I was instantly hard again and was sure I would pass out from the blood rushing from my head to my other head. Her fingers trailed from my cheek to my lips and lingered there a moment before dropping down and feeling my hard cock. As the elevator reached her floor she sighed and turned towards the door. It opened into a foyer where she walked in with the air of a queen returning to her country. I followed meekly and turned in awe at the sight that greeted me. Her place was HUGE! It was the penthouse and I had never been in such a place before. She strolled through to the living/sitting room and tossed her scarf over the chairside table and pitched her purse into the chair. I was following her every move and was really startled when she whipped around and asked me in a stern voice if I thought I was man enough to satisfy her. My voice was again lost in my throat and I could only nod and sweat. She then turned and said, "We’ll see about that.

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  " I wondered at her tone when she said it but was not going to pass up this opportunity. When I had sat down she offered that cold drink to me and I asked her what she had in mind. She said, "Just a cold drink for now but more later. " I was getting a little hot under the collar at her changes in mood every other minute but resolved to make sure that she was well taken care of before I left her bed. She had gone into another room to get the drinks and now appeared with one in each hand. I took the offered glass and drank deeply. I had unwittingly drunk half a glass of straight bourbon and my eyes nearly popped out of my head trying not to gag and spew whiskey on her floor. I manfully managed to swallow and I’m sure the steam came from my ears as the liquid fire raced down to my stomach where it sat and burned like hot coals. I gasped out that I was okay when she politely inquired if something was wrong. "Smoooth" I wheezed. She giggled and walked up and placed her arms around my neck. I looked into her eyes as she placed her warm lips on mine and then darted her small pointed tongue in to play with mine. As she broke the kiss she gazed into my eyes and asked, "Do you trust me?" I wasn’t sure where this was going but boy was I ready! "Sure, why?" I asked. "Well, I want to try something with you but only if you are sure you are okay with it. I want to keep it as a surprise for now though," she explained.

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   I hesitated for a moment and she again asked, "Do you trust me?" I told her that it was hard to trust a woman whose name you didn’t even know. She gave a full-throated laugh and said for that now "K" would do. "Don’t you want to know mine," I asked. "No, it is not necessary," she replied. "Well, it is Herbert," I said somewhat stiffly. "Okay Herbert, if you are ready then we will have some fun. First take off your clothes so I can see you naked. "I again hesitated and she snapped, "Herbert, if you don’t want to do this then you may leave right now!"I removed those clothes so fast that the buttons made a ripping sound as they left my shirt. Soon I was standing butt naked in front of a stranger that I had only met 45 minutes before. She walked around me looking at my hardon and murmuring to herself. As she gazed at my cock I felt it give a twitch and a small drop of pre-cum formed on the end. She scooped it up with her index finger tasted it with the tip of her tongue. Watching her, I was sure that I would shoot my load if she touched me again but I was determined to keep it "up" as long as possible. She walked behind me and patted my butt and scratched it with her long fingernails. I shuddered under her soft ministrations.

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   She told me to follow her and we went towards another door leading off the main room. When she opened it, I saw that it was her bedroom and that the area was another large one. She walked to the bed and reached into the table there and brought out a black piece of silk. I wondered at this, but was totally smitten by now. She asked me to turn around and when I did she flipped the cloth over my eyes covering them completely! I felt her hot breath on my neck as she tied the knot behind my head. "Trust me," she breathed. I relaxed a little and she took my hands and guided me to the side of the bed and sat me down. I started to ask her when she would be getting undressed but she placed her hand over my mouth and told me not to say anything, "not yet anyway," she purred. She took my hand and placed it over her right tit, held it there for a moment, and I began to relax again as I felt her nipple harden in my palm. I sat there nude as I listened to her move about the room, opening and closing drawers and making small sounds deep n her throat. I was about to say something else when I detected her near me. I don’t know what made me do it but I started to reach for the blindfold and she grabbed my hands and pulled them back down and then around behind me. I struggled for a moment and I realized she was much stronger than I could have believed. She held my hands easily in her grip and I felt a cord being slipped over my wrists and then pulled tight. She then placed a thick cloth over my mouth and tied it behind my head! I really began to struggle now and she said, "The more you struggle the less you are going to enjoy what I have planned for you. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   So be still and you won't get hurt. " I had no choice but to give in, but I hated the thought of being beaten by a woman. I seethed inside and planned all kinds of punishment for her when I got loose and got my hands on her. She reached down between my legs and fondled my cock, which had gone soft in my struggles. She rolled it between her fingers and rubbed it softly with the tips of her fingers and it didn’t take long before it had regained its hard length. She palmed the head and I felt her hot breath as she leaned over and gave it a moist kiss. My breath caught in my throat and I gasped as her mouth enveloped the head and began to go further and further down its length. Just as I was sure she couldn’t go any further, I felt it hit the back of her throat and she moaned a muffled sound as she began the slow trip back up. I was straining at my bonds now trying to reach her with my hands but the cords were too tight and too strong for me. She laughed softly at my struggles and renewed her licking and sucking with a will. I knew that I was about to shoot my cum any second if she kept that up, but she reached down and gripped my cock at the base and I had to groan as she stopped me from spurting. I felt her lips moving again and I shuddered with the torment of it as I lay back on the bed. Up and down the full length of my hard cock she went, nibbling and licking and drooling saliva on it to give it a slick coating for her greedy mouth. I was in agony and panting hard, wanting to release my spunk in her hot depths. I lifted my legs to try and grab her around the waist and force her to release me.

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   She saw through my attempt and only pushed them further back up towards my head, baring my ass and giving her the opening she wanted. "SLAP! Her hand came down hard on my right ass cheek. SLAP! Another on the left! I hunched myself up trying to get away from the sting. SLAP! Again on the right! I cried out into my gag. Unnnngh! Unnnnnngh! No more I wanted to beg. I lost count of the stinging blows and began to moan. She knew just when to quit, and gave my rosy ass a small squeeze as she let my legs come down. I lay there and panted hard for a moment and then started to get up to a sitting position. She allowed me to sit up and then fondled my cock again. I don’t know why but it had not gone down at all while she was spanking my ass. In fact, if any thing, it had gotten stiffer and harder. I shuddered at her touch and knew that she was not done. I sat there waiting for her to continue with her sadistic pleasure, but after her fondling, she didn’t touch me. I thought that maybe she had changed her mind and wasn’t pleased with the way I had acted. Strangely, this bothered me, because I knew that while I had hated the sting of the spanking, somewhere inside I found a spark that burned at the humiliation.

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   I wanted her to continue with her spanking even while I was dreading it. I turned my head to the right and the left trying to hear where she was or any sound that would tell me that I wasn’t alone in the room. I heard nothing but the faint rustle of the drapes at the window. I was just beginning to relax from my ordeal when I felt her hand on me from behind! How had she gotten around me and I not heard it? She pulled me backward on the bed and held me as I kicked and struggled. Her laughter was infuriating. She teasingly tweaked my cock with her thumb and finger and I jumped at the touch. She then easily rolled me onto my stomach and I tensed up at the expected blows to come. It was not to be though; she just caressed my burning rear and planted a kiss on each reddened cheek. I was now thoroughly confused. Here a woman had me at her mercy and had in fact already whipped my ass and now she was kissing it? I turned my head to the side and she said, "Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. "She patted my ass with her hand and rubbed it in circles slowly moving from cheek to cheek. I felt her warm breath as she leaned in and gave me a small lick on my upturned butt. I jumped in surprise when I felt a trickle of liquid in the crack and tried to turn my head and roll over at the same time. She pressed down in the center of my back and held me as she slowly rubbed the oil into my butt and down the crevice of my ass. She ran her hand down to my balls from the back and told me to spread my legs for her.

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   I felt like shit but I slowly moved them apart. "That’s better baby," she murmured. "You’re gonna like what I do next. " She cooed. I felt her hand come back up and the edge slid in the crack until I felt her finger come in contact with my asshole. She had coated her hands as well as my ass with the oil and her finger slid in to the first knuckle easily and with little discomfort, even though I clinched up at the invasion. "Relax baby," she purred. I did as she told me and felt the slight discomfort go away. She moved in and out with the invading digit and soon I was pushing back at her hand trying to get more! I had never had that done to me and wasn’t sure at first how I would like it but now I was really getting into it. I pushed back harder and began to breathe heavy in my gag and through my nose. I was getting close to cumming again and she felt my body tensing for release. She immediately stopped and held me still. I lay there with her hand resting on my hip as she sighed and told me that I wasn’t quite ready yet for the next pleasure she was about to give me. I squirmed on the bed and she said, "Are you ready baby, are you really sure that you want the next thing?" I nodded my head vigorously, anything to bring release, and she laughed out loud at my enthusiasm. She then brought something hard against the side of my head and rubbed it over my cheek until it reached my gag and I realized it was a fake cock! Fat and long from the feel of it and she was moving it around and around my mouth and then back down over my chin and down my back.

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   I wanted to scream Nooooo! I had never had anything up there but the gag was doing its job perfectly. A long moan was all that came out. This was taken by her as acceptance and I guess it really was because my hard cock twitched at the thought of her shoving that hard dick up my ass. I was raising and lowering my hips trying to get her to put it in without any conscious effort on my part and I heard her giggle then say, "easy baby it will come soon for you. " She had the fake cock nestled in the crack of my ass and rubbed it back and forth, running its length up and down getting the oil spread on it thoroughly and giving me an idea of what was to come. She again asked me if I was ready for it and I nodded my head vigorously. I felt the tip of the head sliding down my crack and then stopping at my small opening. She started to shove it in slowly and all I could do was moan and relax my ass muscles trying to take it as it popped past my sphincter and surged up into my bowels. I felt her leaning on me and I moved a little trying to adjust her weight. As I did this, she raised up and pulled my gag loose freeing my mouth. I gasped for breathe and then told her to let my arms loose. She said, "Not yet lover, I haven’t made you cum yet and I want to taste it when I do. " With that, she rolled me over onto my back with the dildo still stuck in my ass and grabbed my dick. I was on the brink of cumming when she grabbed me and as soon as she touched my cock with her tongue I began to shoot a massive load of spunk into the air. She dove down on my hard dick covering the spurting head with her hot mouth and gulping down my jism as fast as she could swallow.

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   I begged her to let me taste her pussy and then fuck her for all the pleasure she had given me. I was sure she was going to grant me my wish when I felt her reach under me and touch my bonds. I was surprised then when she flipped me back over on my stomach and grabbed the dildo. She pulled it out and then shoved it back in as far as it would go. I squirmed and gasped out for her to, "Fuck me harder with that fake dick. " She began to saw in and out again and then she stopped! I felt her pull it out again and groaned, "Nnnngh!" She whispered that now it was her turn and pulled me up on all fours with my ass in the air. I had my shoulders resting on the bed and she pushed a pillow under my head for comfort saying, "Relax and breathe baby cause here it comes. " I wondered about this and was really startled to feel her hands on my hips and then my ass cheeks spreading them apart. I relaxed my ass muscles again thinking she was going to use the dildo on me again. I almost came then when I felt a hard slab of flesh resting on my asshole and then shoving inside. "My Gawd, you’re a man!" I cried out. "Yesssss", he hissed as he began to move his cock in and out driving my shoulders into the mattress. "I’ve wanted your ass since I saw you watching me in the supermarket, and now I’m gonna cum in your hole and then you will know what it is like for the women you have fucked. " With that he gave me a hard stinging slap across my buttocks and buried his cock deep in my asshole. I couldn’t stand it any longer and began to shoot all over the sheets beneath me.

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   He felt me spasm and that set him off. I felt his cum surging into my buttery depths and knew that this was one of the most exciting sexual pleasures I had ever experienced. I also knew that when he untied my hands a few moments later, that I would be having this experience again if I had anything to say about it. .

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In the adult industry, the term "shemale" is commonly used to characterise transgender women who have undergone male-to-female transition but have elected to retain their male genitalia. It is essential to note, however, that many members of the transgender community find this term offensive and demeaning. The preferred terms are "trans women," "transgender women," or "transsexual women."

The transgender community is respected and protected by law in Cyprus. Since 2004, Cyprus has been a member of the European Union, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity with stringent regulations. This has allowed transgender women to exist openly and without restriction.
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