The am now Bi - The way it happened.


This story involves Incest and a bi sexual relationship.

I just happened to find my friends brother having full on sex with her in her bedroom when I went up to her place to visit. We were both 14.

I could see how much she was enjoying it and nearly cried – obviously it was not the first time by the way they were engaging in their sex. The two of them together were having so much fun.

My first and one and only time was a dead loss – I agreed to do it with him realizing it was going to be my first and I liked him a lot – enough to have my virgin fuck with him. He came so fast I hardly realised he had done it. That was few months earlier and I had masturbated madly since trying to make up for the disaster.

I stood transfixed as I witnessed him give her one hell of a fuck. She was laying there legs up over his shoulders and obviously loving it and he was making sure he got his moneys worth as well.

She saw me standing at the door and said come on in - then said give us a minute or two and I will be with you - he never missed a beat as his ass pounded up and down pumping his cock into her. I could not believe my eyes and I was so envious.

Hi Sally he said, he was not embarrassed at all. He was 18.

After about a minute or so of frantic fucking he came and she followed a few seconds after him. They both made growling sounds as he pumped his red hot semen into her.

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   It sounded awesome.

After he had emptied his balls into Sue he got off her and stood up with his half hard andcum covered cock still dripping cum sticking out. She sat up and looked at me. She was completely naked and it didn't bother her that I was there. We had masturbated a few times together so we didn't have any hang-ups about being each other nude.

I said shit how long have you two been doing this. You never told me you were doing it with him.

A few months.

She had never said a word before this about him doing it with her. For some reason she never seemed to want to go with other boys. I had wondered why, but never asked – now I don't have to.

I looked at Mike who was using his hand to milk what was left of his cum out of his cock- she is your own sister - isnt that wrong, isnt that incest.

He said incest yes - wrong no - we both want it and we enjoy it together - would you like to try it with me too.

Sue said why dont you - you have never had a good fucking - he will make up for that dead shit that you did it with.

I was as horny as hell after watching the two of them and they were both there naked and quite happy to talk to me like that.

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   Obviously they were not ashamed of what they had done.

I am not sure – when?

How about now - by the time you have undressed I will be right to go again. He was working his hand on his cock already.

Sue said go on - he is fantastic.

I was a bit hesitant but everything inside me was saying Yes Yes Yes, but my head was saying – Are you sure – remember the last time. I was so wet from watching them and seeing them both cum in front of me I thought –fuck why not. He was standing there – he looked great naked, and with his cock in his hand ready for me – Ok I said. I will.

God - this is crazy. . . . and I undressed. I thought I have done it once so why not – he is obviously better at it then my first debacle.

He didnt waste any time and he was as hard as a pole again by the time I was standing there naked except for my socks.

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   Up here he said and patted the bed. I got onto her bed and lay there and immediately he got up and got between my legs – he wasn’t wasting any time. He pushed my legs up over his shoulders and just aimed and pushed his cock straight up into me, the feeling was absolutely mind blowing as I felt him go in as far as he could. It felt fantastic as he filled me with his fresh meat. I almost came on the spot – I let out this big sigh of satisfaction and relief, God it felt good. I now knew what it was like to have a real man inside me. His cock felt absolutely fantastic. I could feel his cock rubbing up and down inside me as he fucked me quite hard. The ring around my vagina was tight and sensitive I had his cock locked into me. I had unconsciously tightened my muscles and had my vulva clamped around his beautiful penis. I saw Sue looking at me and smiling, she blew me a kiss, and I knew immediately I had done the right thing in agreeing to Mike doing it to me.

Then Sue leant over gave me a quick kiss on the lips and took some tissues from beside the bed and began wiping her cunt as she had started to leak. Then she looked at us and said isnt he the best.

He had been fucking me long enough now for me to realize she was right. He fucked me just as he had fucked Sue - hard and fast.

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   I had never seen anybody fucked before and after seeing Sue get it done to her I was getting it done the same way, and I now knew what it was really like to be really fucked. Sue was watching me and smiling – great isn’t he.

She was talking to me and I didn't answer - I was concentrating on what he was doing to me and what I was feeling. I was having the most amazing time in my life and the feeling inside me was overpowering. I looked down and watched his cock slipping up and down in my cunt with my fine hair just long enough to be look like a cunt. I thought I am being fucked – this is amazing. I looked up at his body above me and he smiled and said – he girl you are not bad – we will have to do this some more.

I felt so proud of myself, Mike was happy with me. Sue came over and she pinched one of my nipples and I nearly took off and shot my bum up off the bed and he nearly nailed his cock right through me. I groaned with the sensation. His body slammed into me and the noise of his crutch slamming into mine sounded like a clap of thunder. He maintained that slapping noise for a bit too. I was really being fucked like I had always imagined being fucked would be like.

Fucking fantastic she said, shit you look good. She continued to pinch and pull my nipples on my almost non existent tits, and he fucked me like a man possessed.

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   It gave me an unreal sensation right through my tummy to my clit and I knew it was going to happen – I was about to cum. I was out of control – the two of them were completely overwhelming me.

Are you cumming. ,

I just nodded to him. I couldn’t speak,I was already beginning to shiver and shake with the onset of my orgasm. I was beginning to grunt with each thrust he made in me. My clit was having the best time of its life.

He said great get ready so am I and then he slowed his pumping right down and pulled a face like I do when I cum and groaned. He grunted time and time again as he was obviously pumping his semen into me now, and gradually I got the feeing of me being extremely wet inside. He had filled me with his warm wonderful semen. I was a real woman now.

Sue was watching and said fuck you came it together – fantastic.

He pulled himself out of me and I dropped my legs and lay there – completely out of breath – I had had the most amazing experience of my life.

Sue stood bedside the bed and I could see her cum beginning to run down her legs – she had been watching us and forgot to wipe herself.

It then hit me – shit he came in me- I could get pregnant from this – fuck I don't care it was the best thing I have ever done.

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He stood there and said how was that.

I said – marry me – it was that fucking fantastic I could do that with you all my life.

He laughed and said – my first proposal.

And my first REAL fuck. The first time was a write off.

I turned to Sue and said – shit – what happens now – I want more of that, how do we get around him fucking both of us.

He said I can handle it – you are both great fucks. Maybe we can organize a threesome again some time.

I asked him is there anybody else you have fucked.

There are a couple but if you two can keep it up with me – I will be more than happy.
We talked about me getting pregnant and Sue asked me a few questions about when my period was and when it was due.

You don't have to worry – you are well out of your fertileseason.

I thought I must ask her how she worked that out later.

Sue and I talked together for hours after he left and agreed we would both do it with him any time he wanted. I had sex with him after school a few times and every Saturday night Sue and I got together with him and we had sex sex sex.

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Sue worked out when I needed him to use a condom and he never complained – he had plenty and I didn't think it made a difference other than when I went home I didn't have to worry about leaking on the sheets – I sleep nude. She was on the pill, and I would be working on ways to get it.

One afternoon he wasn’t there and Sue hinted that maybe we could do it ourselves – like together.

We talked about masturbating together for a while and she was keen to do it and eventually I said well lets see what happens.

We undressed and we began to masturbate ourselves and after a few minutes she came over to me and said let me do it for you.

I didn't hesitate and let her begin to finger me.

After about a minute I loved the feeling of somebody else doing it to me and I got all soppy and I went to kiss her.

She looked at me, smiled, and we kissed. God it was the most amazing feeling kissing another girl while she fingered me.

Within a few seconds we were all over each other. We were kissing like mad passionate sex maniacs, and our hand searching for each others tits and vaginas and kissing fingering and rubbing each other at the same time. The sounds we were making were like animals.

Then she broke the embrace – looked down at me, smiled and then she moved down, opened my legs further and before I realized it she had her mouth on my vagina.

I looked down and all I could see was her head moving about as her tongue and mouth gave me the most amazing work out. I kept lifting my bum up to force her face harder down onto my cunt and clit.

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I gather she was working on me for about six or eight minutes and then it happened – I had my first oral orgasm and if I never had one better than this - this was going to be the orgasm to end all orgasms – it was so mind blowingly wonderful and strong – I could not believe I was enduring so much tension through my whole body – every muscle and nerve in my body was tight taught and aching with the sensation. The orgasm seemed to go on forever and finally my clit began to hurt and I pulled away from her mouth.

My body was screaming with the satisfaction and release as I thrashed about while the sensation overwhelmed me and it finished and I collapsed. I rolled over onto my tummy and put my hand on my vagina to try and ease the most unusual sensation.

I lay there gasping for breath. I could hardly move.

Sue stood beside me now and said – I want one of those – you were amazing.
Do you realize you had a multiple.

I said a what.

I rolled back onto my back, still touching my pubic spot – it was till sort of aching.

She said you came twice on the one orgasm – like two orgasms plugged together, I could feel the sensation in you as you began to ease off then you came again – you were amazing.

I said fuck me – I have just had the most amazing sex ever and its with another woman. Fuck am I queer or what. Are we lesbians.

No-way- if Mike came in now you would fuck him and not hesitate.

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   If you go with both men and women you are called bi-sexual – Bi. I have realized I am – as you know now.

I have done it a few times with another couple of women – the first one was a trainer at basketball and one day after training I was masturbating in the shower and she caught me. I thought she was going to ball me out and before I knew it she was going down on me and gave me the best sex of my life –till then, now I have Mike. She was a few years older than me but we didn't mind. After that she trained me to give it to her as well. It was hard going down on her the first time but after that I loved giving as well as getting, like as you just got.
For a couple of months we did it together after training. Then she left suddenly.
The next training session the girls were talking about her and one of the girls pointed out another girl who she said got caught with Miss X, and that's why she left or was sacked.

After I had showered and dressed I found an opportunity to get the girl alone and talk to her and said how sorry I was, I just heard about you and Miss X . Then she said it was lucky it wasn’t you, I know she liked you, like she liked me, she told me, you were like me with her. Shit did you like it as much as me.

Probably more.

We laughed and said why don't we do it.


She smiled and said you are on.

We found one of the massage rooms was vacant and we locked the door and stripped off. We both stood there looking at each other.

Who is going to be Miss X I asked.

It didn't need an answer and before I knew it we were at it and it was good. We kissed and then it was every woman for herself and we virtually raped each other.

We did it after training for a few times. The she told me she was pregnant. Some guy had banged her up and she left - so that was the end of her too. You are now my new girl buddy if you want to be.

My god – in a month I have gone from a masturbating bitch on heat to a raving sex maniac.
Ok I have recovered– I gather you wouldn’t mind showing me how you like it or did you just show me. .

I thought you would never ask – Ok now………………

Before I knew it I had my head between her legs and was doing things I would never have imagined me ever doing to another girl. After a bit of experimentation I was loving it, and she said she was too.


   It seems better with other girls as you seem to know what you like and do it to them hoping they do too – and Sue does.

From then on we had threesomes every Saturday night at their place. Sue and I did our lesbian tricks on each other while he fucked us or we sucked him. He soon got used to us and even wanted to try it himself and I was his first experiment and now the three of us are experts in three way sex.

I can now swallow cum like a pro. It did take me a couple of goes to get used to the taste of it though.

Sue does it too and she like me, now enjoys it when he cums in our mouths.

If we are in the wrong time of the month for conception or having our periods. We suck or wank him. He likes to cum all over us and we wank him off. Sue or I do it over each other for him. I love watching it spurt out of his cock and feel his warm cum dripping onto my tits or tummy. I still prefer it in my mouth though. We have talked about Greek – or Anal, but neither of us wants to go that far – we have heard it hurts like hell.

We have even let him fuck us in the middle of a period a couple of times and when I came it was amazing – much stronger than normal – but it was messy and we both get into the shower together afterwards.

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I don't know what will happen if he ever gets a steady girl – we will have to find another Mike who can handle two girls.