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Cyber Sex

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hey

You: hi

You: asl ?

Stranger: 15 f usa

Stranger: U?

You: 16 m france

You: are you sexy ?

Stranger: Yeah

Stranger: U?

You: tall, athletic body with 6 packs and blue eyes

Stranger: umm yeah ur sexy

Stranger: I'm shot, thin, athletic, blue eyes, blonde hair, and tan

Stranger: Short*

You: hmm you're sexy too

Stranger: Thanks

You: so have you a bf ?

Stranger: No

You: so you masturbate ?

Stranger: Yeah

You: how much on a week ?

Stranger: 2 or 3

Stranger: Sometimes 4

You: already tried sex chat ?

Stranger: Yeah

You: did you enjoy ?

Stranger: yeah

You: are you horny now ?

Stranger: A lil bit.. u?

You: same

Stranger: Kool

Stranger: So wat u doing?

You: let have some sex chat :)

Stranger: Okay u start

You: breast size ?

Stranger: Bra size D

You: shaved or hairy ?

Stranger: Shaved

You: mmmh

You: what are you wearing

Stranger: Tank top and daisey duke short shorts

You: i enter in you're room and i kiss you hard

Stranger: Mmm I kiss u right back

You: while my hand tease you boobs

Stranger: Mmm

Stranger: I like that

You: then i kiss you on the neck

You: and i suck it

Stranger: O

Stranger: Uhhhh

You: then i take off you're top

You: and i countinue to get down

Stranger: Mmm

You: until my mouth reach you're boobs

Stranger: Uhhh I breath deeply

Stranger: Cuz I love it

You: i suck one

You: my hand massage the other

You: while the other tease you're pussy

You: i suck you're boobs hard

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: some time i nipple you're hard tits

Stranger: I moan softly

You: then i do the same thing with the other boobs

Stranger: Mmm

You: sucking and liking it hard like a baby who want milk

You: then i get down i kiss you're stomach

Stranger: Uhhh I keep moaning softly and brething deeply

You: i like you're navel

You: i kiss you all over you're body

Stranger: Mmmm

You: (are you masturbating ?)

Stranger: Yeah

You: tell me when you're close to come

You: then i get down

Stranger: Ok

You: i take off you're pantie with my tooth

You: then i start to tease you're pussy with my toung

Stranger: Mmmmm

You: making circle around you're pussy

Stranger: Uhhh I moan a lil louder

You: then i take off my pants and we got in 69

You: (excite me too)

You: i countinue to lick you

You: feeling you're boobs on my 6 packs

Stranger: I start to feel ur cock with my soft hands

You: then i focus on you're pussy

Stranger: Move then gently up and down it

Stranger: I focuse on ur cock

You: making my toung in and out

You: licking you're lovely juice

Stranger: I moan more and start to licck the tip of ur cock

You: oh yeah feel you're warm toung

You: start to rub you're clitoris

Stranger: Then I start sucking on it

You: while my toung is fucking you

Stranger: Uhh I moan a lil louder yet

You: feel you're mouth around my dick

Stranger: Movin it up and down

You: then put one finger in you're tinny pussy

Stranger: moan louder

You: entering it slowly

You: then get it out and lick it

Stranger: I continue to suck ur cock and moan

You: and put it in again

You: and start to fingering you

Stranger: I suck ur cock and rub ur balls

Stranger: Mmmm uhhh

You: making in get in and out

You: while my toung focus on you're clitoris

You: liching and nippling it

Stranger: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Stranger: I moan louder but try to continue to suck ur cock

You: use one of my hand to massage you're boobs

You: while i put another finger on you're tight pussy

Stranger: Mmmmmmmmm

Stranger: Huhuhuhuhuhuhu

You: it's so wet

You: i fingering you really hard

You: and fast

Stranger: I start to suck u really fast an hard

Stranger: While moaning super loud and breathing deeply

You: (anything against anal ?)

Stranger: Nope go for it

You: then lub one finger and put it in you're ass

You: it's so tight even more than you 're pussy

Stranger: I scream a lil cuz I'm not used to it

Stranger: But I don't want u to stop

You: it's a really good and new sensation for you

You: then when he is completly in i get it out

Stranger: Yepp I love the feel

Stranger: Uhhhhhh

You: and then in again

You: (already tried ?)

Stranger: Yeah

You: fingering you faster

Stranger: Mmmmmmm

You: and harder

Stranger: Uhhhhhhh

You: all you're hole are fielled

You: coutinue to rub you're pussy harder and faster

Stranger: I try to suck ur cock but its so hard cuz I'm moaning so loud and breathing so deep

Stranger: Mm huh uhh huhuhuh

Stranger: I can't suck ur cock so I rub it

You: coutinue to lick ti

Stranger: Up and down super fast and hard

You: this juice

Stranger: ur cock it getting so hard

Stranger: So u grasp it and move my hand

Stranger: Up and down faster then u ever hav had it before

Stranger: And harder then ever

You: doing it so hard on you're pussy

You: sucking you're clitoris

Stranger: Uhhh i

Stranger: Keep rubing and licking the tip of ur cock

You: hearing you moaning

You: add one finger in each hole

Stranger: Uhhh

Stranger: Keep moaning loudly

Stranger: But not gunna stop rubbing ur cock

You: close to come ?

Stranger: Yeah

You: feeling you pussy contracting some time around my hand

You: tell me when you come

You: fingering you even faster

You: and harder

You: and deeper

Stranger: okay I'm super close

Stranger: I start to suck ur cock

Stranger: Again

You: tell you too that i'm close ask you where you whant me come

You: lick you hard

You: and finger you faster and faster at each pass

Stranger: U can com in my mouth

Stranger: uhhh I'm comin

You: feeling you pussy and asshole contract make me finger you harder

You: i can resist more to you're toung and i come in yo'ure mouth

Stranger: Uhhh mmmm

Stranger: I start sucking harder

Stranger: Cuz I love it

You: jerking odd in you're mouth

You: *off

Stranger: I love ittt

You: feeling you're mouth suck each drop

You: swalloing my juice

Stranger: I don't stop I continue to get harder and faster

You: (did you come ?)

Stranger: Yeah

Stranger: U?

You: i come too

You: want you countinue ?

Stranger: Yeah

You: get up and put my dick between you're breast

You: and start to fuck them to get hard again

Stranger: Mmm I moan

You: some time you lick the head

You: it's feel good for you it's like a massage of you're boobs

Stranger: I lick the head a lot of times

You: and you play with balls

Stranger: I rubb ur balls hard

You: then when i'm hard again

You: i get up

You: and i put you're leg on my shoulder

You: presenting my dick to you're pussy

Stranger: Uhhh I moan a lil louder

You: pressing it to make it enter

Stranger: Mmmm huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

You: then i enter slowly all the 8 inch of my hard dick

You: you're teen pussy is really tight

Stranger: mmmm I moan super loud

Stranger: Tell u I want it hard

You: then when i enter completly i start to fuck you

You: so i start to fuck you hard

You: feeling my balls hit you're ass

Stranger: uhhhh I start screaming

Stranger: But in pleasure

You: seeing you're boobs move excite me

You: and i fuck you even harder and faster

Stranger: Uh huhuhuhuhuh

Stranger: I grab ur hand and start sucking ur fingers

You: while my other hand is rubbing you're clitoris

Stranger: Mmmm

Stranger: Ur fingers taste so good baby

You: she some time pinch you're clitoris that drive you creazy

Stranger: Mm huhuh

Stranger: I arch my back a tad but continue to suck ur fingers and run them down my body

You: arching you're back make me get even deeper

Stranger: Uhhh I arch more so u can get deeper

You: while my finger slowly getting down to caress you're ass

Stranger: Huhuhuh harder baby

You: (close or far from the orgasm ?)

You: coutinue to fuck you hard

Stranger: Getting closer

Stranger: Uhh I love this

You: put on finger in you're ass and start to finger ypu

You: while i'm kissing you're neck

Stranger: uhhhh mmm

You: sucking you're boobs$

You: nippling you're tits

Stranger: Mmmm I start to groan and moan and scream a lil bit

You: when i feel that you are used too one finger i add another

Stranger: Uhhhh I sit up a lil bit to french kiss u muahhh

You: kiss you back hard

Stranger: uhhh

You: switch you to doggy style

You: and start to fuck you again

You: this position make get harder and faster and deeper

Stranger: Mm I love u

You: grabing you're waist to speed up my fuck

Stranger: UHHH

Stranger: I put my hands on ur hands to hold u there

You: then change the hole

You: grab my dick and present it to you're asshole

Stranger: Uhh I let out a lil scream as u insert it but let u do wat u want with me

You: i start by the head

Stranger: Mmmm

You: then inch by inch i insert the rest

You: until it in you're ass

You: then i start to fuck you

You: it's so tight you can feel each square inch of my dick

Stranger: I let u see my boobs flop every where

You: grab them with my hand

You: and start to malax them

You: getting harder and faster in you're ass you scream of pleasure

Stranger: I screamm and moannn and groan alot

You: i take a vibrator from my bag and i start to insert it in you're pussy

Stranger: Uhhh I moan a lil louder and start goin crazy cuz I love vibrators

You: i make it get in and countinue to fuck you hard

You: (close from the orgasm ?)

Stranger: Yeah super super close

You: swith again of hole and put the vibrator in the ass

You: and fuck you really really hard

You: like never before u was fucked

Stranger: Mmmmmmm I moan louder then u hav ever heard a girl moan

You: feeling my balls hit you're pussy at really high speed

Stranger: uhhh moreevmoree

You: using my hand to make the vibrator in and out too

Stranger: Uhh

You: getting really fast

Stranger: Mmm

You: using the other hand to massage you're boobs and french kissing you

Stranger: I'm kiss u back as much as I can but havin trouble cuz I'm moaning

You: start to feel little contraction around my cock

You: ask you if i can come in

Stranger: Go a head baby

You: wainting you to come

You: speeding up

Stranger: Uhh I'm just about to come

You: speed and speed up

You: massaging harder

You: rubing you're clitoris

Stranger: I'm starting to come

You: feeling you're pussy contract around my dick

Stranger: And breath deeeeep

Stranger: Uhhh mmm

You: that make come inside you

Stranger: I moannn super loud cuz I love the feel

You: you can feel the warm liquid inside you

Stranger: Uhh

Stranger: I love it soo much I love ur come in mee

You: get up and give you my dick to clean

Stranger: I start so lick ur dick

Stranger: Then I start sucking it

Stranger: I love ur cock so much I suck it hard

Stranger: And fast

You: told you that i have to go

You: but i enjoyed this fuck

Stranger: Me to

Stranger: Thanks

You: it was really good if you want i can let you my msn or skype

Stranger: I don't hav either but ok

You: u can use my email adress [email protected]

Stranger: Ok thxs

You: good bye

Stranger: Byee

Your conversational partner has disconnected.