Nanette's Adventures (cont.)

Erotic Poetry

Getting Wet    It had been two days of boredom since Nanettehad been caught by her brother, and she was still eitherto embarassed or scared to touch herself in her ownhome, but it was Friday at last, and it was time to putaside everything that happened and have a fun weekend. School had just got let out for the day, so the possibiliteswere limitless. Almost. Nanette had decided a few hoursbefore school was released though that she would goswiming. There was almost nothing more relaxing thangoing for a swim at the city pool after a long week.     As soon as Nanny got home she told her motherand father that she was going to go to the pool for afew hours. She went up in to her room, still saying nothingto Danny on the way, where she grabbed her pink suit anda towel. She was then on her way out. She hopped backin her car, put on a CD from Avenged Sevenfold, andcruised down to the pool. She arrived not to long afterand ran in to the pool's locker room for girls. She quicklystripped off her clothes and stepped under one of theshowers that you were required to take before getting inthe pool to make sure you were clean. She washedherself up quickly to get out of the cold water. She thenslipped in to her bathing suit and left the locker room. After that she walked over to the steps that lead in tothe swimming pool and dipped her toes in to check thewater. It was just right. Not to warm and not to cool, greatfor the day.

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   She started to walk in when the sound of acar horn startled her. She turned around and noticeda familiar red H2 Hummer. She knew instantly thatit was Cassy and James pulling up to the city pool. Shebacked away from the swiming pool and walked over tothe gate that separated the pool from the parking lot. She gave a wave to Cassy as they walked over to thegate.     "Hey Nanny!" Cassy said, looking happy to seeher friend on such a fine day.     "Hey Cass! Where's your car at?" asked Nanny.     "Ah, my dad drove me since he had to go totown anyways. My car is still getting worked on at theshop. "    "Oh. What's wrong with it?" Nanny asked, notremembering there ever being a problem with it before.     "Nothing. I'm just getting the interior re-done. "answered Cassy. 'Figures' thought Nanny.

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   She andCassy were the best of friends but from time to timeshe did get jealous of Cassy. Her father was pretywealthy.     "Oh that's cool" said Nanny, trying to hidethe fact that she was jealous. "Hi Mr. Tulls. " she saidgiving a smile to James.     "Hey Nanny. " he said back, giving a look thatgave the impression he had not told Cassy about theirconversation. "You have your phone, right hun?" hesaid to Cassy as she nodded back. "Alright, call mewhen you're ready to come home. You girls have funnow. "    Nanette and Cassy swam around for around ahour or two, talking about all kinds of things. School,life, guys, and anything else that came up. From timeto time though Nanny couldn't help but find herselfadmiring how prety Cassy was. Nanny always thoughit figured that a wealthy girl would also happen to beso beautiful.

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   Nanny was always a little envious of howgreat looking Cassy was. Most of all though she wishedshe had breasts like Cassy. It seemed like a stupid thingto wish for, and Nanny knew it, but Cassy had stunningbreasts. She guessed they were high C-cups or lowD-cups. Nanny had not developed anything past size24 B-cups yet, and it actually made her sad at times. She knew breasts weren't the most important thingsin the world, but when it came to getting a boyfriend,they would help.     'Swiming today was probably the funnest thingall week. ' Nanette thought to herself, but now she thoughtshe had better be getting home, it was nearing time forher to eat, and her skin was starting to wrinkle frombeing in the water to long. She swam back to the edgeof the pool and started to climb out. "I'll talk to you laterCassy, I better be getting home now. " she said as shestarted to walk twoards the showers again. She waslooking down at her feet giggling a bit at how they lookedlike she was ninety years old when she also noticedthat her nipples had become slightly erected from thewater and thoughs of Casandra. She started to takeoff her top as she pushed in to the locker room whilestill laughing to herself about her feet. When she lookedup finally there was nothing that she could do to stopherself from what she said next. "Oh, shit.

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  " she saidaloud. She had walked in to the wrong shower room. She was looking straight forward at a wall of showersfilled by men who all looked to be between fourteenand thirty. She couldn't even recall watching pornowith that many guys in it. She instantly turned aroundtrying to keep her top from falling off as she startedto walk back to the door. Before she could even reachout to open it though another man came through thedoor in to the locker room. He wasn't really payingattention to what was going on she assumed as hehad already started to take off his swimming trunks. She let out a gasp as she saw his penis. It was agood size even though she didn't stop to inspect it. She started to turn around again before she felt stupidat remembering she was in the mens locker room. She thought the situation could not get any worse,but it did. When she turned back around this time shesaw a friend from school. Brian was walking towardsthe lockers on the other side of the room when heglanced at Nanny.     "Nanny, what are you doing in here?" he askedas he began to laugh a bit, opening the locker and gettinghis clothes out.     "Uh, wrong.

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  . . room. . . showers. " she managedto spit out. Her tounge was completley twisted in hermouth and she had no idea what to do. She tried to keepher eyes down at the gorund, but couldn't help but keeplooking up a bit to peek at Brian's cock. She knew itwas a bad idea, but for some reason she felt the needto know how big it was. She turned back around to getout of there and saw the man that had entered before wasstill standing there. He still had his trunks dropped slightly,enough for his penis to be left out, only now it was at afull erection, and his jaw was dropped as he stared atNanny. She had no clue what to do. She decided shehad to get out of there as soon as she could, so sheput her back to the wall to slide out around the man'sside. Unfortunatley he was so fixed on staring at her heturned to face her as she started to slide by him.

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   Shewas almost past him when she felt the head of hiserection slide lightly across her stomache. She feltlike she was going to be sick. Sure, she was just likeany normal bisexually curious girl, and she didn't mindwatching porno or seeing a nice cock, but the fact thatsome guy she didn't know was getting turned on justby looking at her made her feel weird.     She was out of the mens showers now and inthe right ones, but it felt like her head was spining. Aftera minute or two of standing next to the wall to keep herbalance though things were back to normal. She gotherself undressed and hopped under the shower again. She washed herself off fairly well this time to get thechemicals from the pool out of her hair. Ocasionallymaking an extra pass over the top of her pussy, notreally sure if it was because of her thoughts of Cassyor just seeing all of those men in the other showers,but she was as horny as ever now.     She was finished showering and back in herclothes and driving home. Music at full volume as usual. She was only about a block away from her homewhen she decided that she couldn't stand to go backto her room to masturbate. She still feared that at anytime her brother or other family members would walk into the room just as she squirted her cum. She wasstill coming up closer to her street, but instead sheturned off in to the alley behind her home. She pulleddown the alley a little ways and shut off her car. Shewanted complete silence for what was about to bedone.

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   She wiggled down the pants she was wearingslowly till she had access to her throbbing clit. Thesight of her little pink mound only turned her on moreas she wasted no time at all in getting herself off. She inserted her middle and index fingers in to herpussy as she began to feel around rubbing the innerwalls of her wet little pussy. She took her thumb andindex finger on her left hand and gently pinched herclit in between them and started to roll her fingers. The stimulation instantly made her start pushingher hips up and down in motion with her two fingerssliding in and out of her pussy. She was gettingmore and more near a precious orgasm and shecould feel it. She began to moan heavily as shequickly pulled her fingers out of her vagina andsquirted out a small juicy orgasm.     "Mmmm, fuck. " she let out, panting for breathas she let go of her clit and began to lick the juicefrom her fingers. Her cum tasted sweet as always,maybe even a little sweeter than it usually did sinceshe had not ejaculated herself in a few days. .