Love at First Sight


As heher stunning eyes, like 2 wonderfully polished emeralds, with a smile that could make even the coldest of hearts melt. All kinds of thoughts ran thru his mind, thoughts of how beautiful she was, how even though she was drenched from head to toe she still maintained her beauty, how when she smiled it was like no one else was even in the room. They sat and talked for a couple of hours before they realized that time had flown by, chatting about common interests, the weather, work, and each other. When they got ready to leave they exchanged numbers and decided to meet again for coffee the next day. As the next 2 weeks went by Lance and Neana grew to find that they shared alot of common interests, they both enjoyed a wide variety of music, both liked the same movies, and both loved to cook. As Neana curled up tighter against Lance he smiled and remembered the events of this evening, his mind revelling in the thoughts of how things couldnt get any better. He leaned down and softly placed a gentle kiss on Neana's forehead as she slept, making her smile and purr. The evening had begun innocently enough. Dinner prepared by Lance, a wonderful menu of Garlic chicken, served over a bed of rice and steamed vegetables, a nice bottle of red wine, served nice and chilled. Wanting it to be as romantic as possible Lance had gone all out, candlelight and soft romantic music, the works. After dinner they had retired to the living room for coffee and a movie. They sat on the sofa, Him with his arm around her shoulder, her with her head nestled against his chest. It was a very romantic evening for both, something both had been looking forward to for quite awhile. The movie ended and they sat and talked for a little while before Neana asked Lance if it would be alright for her to stay the night as it was getting quite late , and it would be rather difficult to catch a taxi. His heart just about lept out of his chest as he told her he would love it if she stayed. They both stood to go to bed, but sitting on the couch had made Neana's foot fall asleep, so as she stood she almost fell.

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   Lance caught her in his muscular arms and held her close, gazing into the eyes of the goddess staring up at him with a smile that could make a man melt. He leaned down and kissed her lips, softly at first, feeling her respond by kissing him back firmly, their lips parted as their tongues met. He heard a soft moan escape her lips as she pressed herself tighter against him. He took her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom and kissed her lips again before laying her gently on the bed. Laying down by her side they kissed and touched each other, both feeling the passion of the other. Neana stood and slipped out of the dress she was wearing, letting it slip into a pile at her feet as Lance stood and removed the shirt he was wearing, feeling her running her hands up his chest. He pulled her close to him again, feeling the way her body fit against his, like 2 pieces of a puzzle. He let his hands roam up and down her back, enjoying the way her soft, silky skin felt under his touch. She reached down and undid the buttons of his pants and let them slip to the floor. Both of them spent a few moments taking in the sight of the other's body. Sitting down on the edge of the bed , Lance pulled Neana to him, gently kissing the soft skin of her stomach, sending shivers thru her entire body. He reached out and slid her black lace thong off of her slender hips and down her long, gorgeous legs. Neana undid her black lace bra and let it hit the floor as Lance ran his hands up the back of her legs, tracing every curve between her calves and her firm, sexy ass. He kissed her stomach again, working his way down to her shaven mound, tracing the outline of it with his tongue as Neana moaned her consent. She layed down on the bed as Lance ran his hands down her body, slipping a finger into her hot, moist sex, amazed by the heat eminating from her.

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   He took one of her feet into his hands and gently kissed each tiny little toe in turn before moving up her thigh. Neana purred as his tongue made its first, long awaited contact with her clit. As his tongue worked on her swollen nub, his finger slid in and out between her hot, wet lips, making her moan and purr even more. He took her clit into his hungry mouth and gave it a firm but gentle suck as she reached down and pressed his face furthur into her pussy. "Mmmmm. . this isnt fair you know" she said to him. "And what would you suggest?" he asked her, removing his mouth from her sweet tasting sex. "I want to taste you as well" she replied, motioning him to bring his hard, throbbing cock to her. He moved to lay beside her on the bed as she kissed her way down his chest, licking and sucking his nipples as she moved in on her target. She took his erect cock in her hands and softly began to stroke up and down the shaft. Now it was Lance's turn to moan as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. Holding his cock in her hand, Neana began licking up and down the length of it, paying special attention to the head of it. Taking the head of it into her mouth and slowly working her way down the shaft of it, lips tight around it, tongue darting back and forth around the head. Lance sat up and pulled Neana's body around towards him so he could continue licking and fingering her wonderful pussy.

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   They both moaned from the pleasure the other was giving. Hands exploring each others body. Lance could hear Neana's moans getting louder as her body started trembling, building into the first of many orgasm's she would have thru the night. She took his cock frm her mouth before exclaiming " Oh God Yes. . . Make my pussy cum Lance. . . taste my sweet juices!!"Licking and sucking her clit while sliding his fingers in and out of her, faster and faster, she let out a loud yelp as her body exploded in ecstasy, drowning his face and mouth with her juices. After she had calmed down for a moment, she climbed on top of him and slid the head of his cock back and forth between the wet lips of her glistening pussy. Looking into his eyes, she slid her hot, wet sex down on him, impaling herself all at once and letting out a loud moan of lustfilled pleasure. Reaching his arms around her, Lance pulled her down to him, kissing her deeply and passionately, feeling their tongues parting each others lips as she began to bounce up and down on top of him. She sat back up and continued riding him, feeling his cock sliding in and out of her, filling her aching pussy with every thrust. Lance reached up and carressed her gorgeous breasts, gently thumbing her nipples, making them harder than they already were.

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  Without missing a single stroke Lance turned her over so that he was now on top of her, gazing down into the face of an angel, wanting to make this woman his for eternity. He began to slide his throbbing manhood in and out of her at a faster pace as she raised her hips to meet his every thrust, 2 bodies moving as one in a rhythm of sensuous hunger. "Oh God yes Lance" she cried out "Fuck me harder, Make me cum again". Grinning he knew it wouldnt be long before his own orgasm caught up with them. He wanted to time it just right so they both would cum at the same time. Hearing the guttural moan's and purr's coming from her throat brought him closer to the release they both wanted, needed so badly. She closed her eyes as her orgasm started to wash over her. "Mmmmm God Neana" Lance murmured "I want you to cum with me". He felt her pussy starting to contract around his erect cock, and knew she was on the verge of sweet release. She felt his cock starting to twitch and knew he wasnt far behind her. "Oh God Lance im cumming!" she cried out "PLease God cum with me!"Lance started thrusting faster and faster into her pussy, feeling the warmth envelope him as she started to cum. He moaned loudly "God Neana im cumming too"Then his cock exploded inside her, thick, hot ropes of cum shooting deep inside her. When she felt this she too started thrashing about as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped thru her body. As the waves subsided, Lance started kissing his way down her body. Her lips, neck, breast's, giving each hard nipple a gentle suck before moving donw her luscious body.

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   His tongue came in contact with her lips and he licked some of the sweet tasting mixture from between them. Moving to lay beside her, They exchanged a deepsoulful french kiss that seemed to last forever. "Eternity in an hour" he thought. They lay there for awhile talking before Lance excused himself for a moment. Going back to the living room he grabbed the small black box that he had picked up earlier that day. As he made his way back into the bedroom, Neana was sitting on the edge of the bed smiling as he walked in. He walked over to her and got down on his knee's in front of her, holding the small box out on front of him. "Neana, I know we have only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks, but it feel's as is we have known each other for a lifetime". She gazed at him with the smile that had won his heart as he spoke again. "I've known that I loved you since we first met" he stammered as he opened the lid of the box" What i want to know now is, Neana?. . . Will you marry me?"Her eyes welled up with tears of happiness as he slipped the ring onto her finger. "Yes I'll marry you Lance" she said as she pulled him to her, holding him close as they shared another passionate kiss before laying down on the bed and falling alseep in each other's loving arms. Well I certainly hope everyone likes this as it is my first story.

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  Thank You for reading it, and feel free to let me know what you thinkKeith.