Cassidy becomes a woman...Part I


Cassidy is a young girl of 14 and very curious about the changes happening with her body. She’s noticed her  breasts growing since  she’s started having  her periods 2 years previous. She also notices she gets a funny feeling everytime she sees her Uncle David or her cousin Joey nude. She’d watch them shower and sneak in on them when they were changing into their swimsuits while at the pool.   She had learned about reproduction in Health class; and wondered what it would be like to have a boy’s penis penetrating her vagina. She’d learned masturbation from a friend at a sleep out one night when her friend snuck her mother’s dildo.   The two had fucked each other with it all night. One night when visiting her best friend Kathy; Kathy’s brother, Jeff came out to the tent with them. Cassidy was surprised to see Kathy and Jeff sleep in the same sleeping bag together; later that night she watched as Jeff fucked his sister until he came in her.   Cassidy wanted him to fuck her but he didn’t have condoms and she wasn’t on the pill so he wouldn’t. He knew his sister was. Kathy told Cassidy that it was incredible to have her brother fuck her and that she was planning on getting off the pill to allow her brother to impregnate her. Cassidy thought about all of this and wanted to know what it would be like to have a penis pulse inside of her filling her womb with sperm.

About a month after this episode in late August she went camping with her Uncle David and her Cousin Joey. She had always had a crush on her cousin. Joey was a handsome 16 yr old boy.

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   He was a good kid with a little bit of that bad boy edge that girls like. He had  brown hair and hazel eyes. He was  quite muscular; the skaterboy type. She knew that Joey had a nice cock for a 16 yr old boy. Bigger than Jeff’s 5 inch cock that she saw when he fucked his sister her friend Kathy.   Joey has a 7. 5 inch cock, his dad also has a large cock. Cassidy was worked up all day from being around her uncle and cousin. She had gone swimming with Joey earlier in the day and they played her legs around his waste. She felt his cock get hard against her and knew with his  breathing that he was turned on. They finished before Joey came in his shorts because they had been called to dinner. The day went quickly. Cassidy had managed to sneak peaks at her uncle and cousin several times during the day. She didn’t know why she was so aroused. She felt the need to have sex and wanted to lose her virginity to her cousin.

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   She was thrilled to find out that Joey and her would share a tent while the rest of the family shared the larger tent. She was also thrilled that the tent was going to be far enough away from the adult’s tent so that the adults would never know if anything would go on.
Cassidy and Joey left the adults at the fire. The adults had been drinking heavily and she knew they’d sleep well that night. They were the younest there and the adults figured it wouldn’t be appropriate for these two  to watch as they had sex.   
Cassidy and Joey made it to their tent and they both talked and began to wrestle around. Joey had been in just some shorts. Cassidy let her bikini bottom fall off and while Joey was under her on his back she sat down on his lap. She felt his cock start to get hard. She moved her hips up and down so that her now wet vagina was moving up and down the length of his shaft which was still confined by his shorts. She stopped got up a bit and pulled down his shorts. Joey never said a word. She placed the head of his erect penis at the opening of her vagina and began to lower herself.   She remembered that her friend Kathy had told her how much it hurt when she first lost her virginity but that the pain   quickly subsided. Cassidy decided to get it done quickly and  impaled herself on  Joey’s penis.

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   She began to ride Joey’s cock; Joey matched her motion with his hips.  
Cassidy had never thought about the fact that she wasn’t on the pill and that Joey her cousin didn’t have  a condom on. Joey wanted this to continue but wanted to be on top of Cassidy. He rolled her over spreading her legs and fucking her for all he was worth. This went on for about 15 minutes. Cassidy had had two orgasms and was having her third wrapping her legs around Joey’s hips; Joey thrust one last time and said,
“Oh, fuck I’m cumming in your pussy. ”
And his cock pulsed and she felt as volley after volley of her cousin’s virile sperm filled her womb. This was too much for her and sent her into yet another orgasm.   They continued to fuck each other for about an hour Joey cumming in Cassidy’s fertile womb at least 5 times. As he filled her the last time they heard a noise. Cassidy opened her eyes and saw her uncle in their tent. He had come to check on them and watched them fuck for about 5 minutes. She noticed that her uncle had his cock in his hand and it was dripping precum.  
Joey pulled out of Cassidy and turned to look what she was looking at; seeing his father he started to apologize; but, they realized that Her uncle his father was so drunk and so horny that nothing they said mattered. As soon as Jeff moved from between her legs Her Uncle David got between her legs and began to fuck her hard.

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   This wasn’t love making or youthful exploration. This was unadulterated lustful sex. Her uncle came in her almost immediately and began to fuck her again and again. This went on for another hour. The last time he pumped his seed into her he said something that made her realize the consequences of her action; as he sprayed her fertile womb for the fourth time he said,
“Oh, yeah take my seed into your fertile womb. ”
“You’ll be pregnant by the end of this weekend if I have anything to say about it. ”
Cassidy hadn’t thought about that. And realized at that moment that she had ovulated that day and that her cousin Joey had cum into her fertile womb several times and now her uncle had too.   When he was done Her Uncle David kissed her and said,
“You’re a great fuck. ”
“We’ll have to do this again tomorrow night. ”
  He pulled out of her and left. Cassidy left the tent to use the outhouse and clean up. She made it back to the tent and Joey cuddled up to her and they fell asleep.   The next night Joey and his father did fuck her again filling her several times. This went on every night the week they were at camp.

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    Cassidy thought nothing about what happened when she got home. She thought that she was too young to get pregnant and that once she had her period she’d have her mother put her on the pill. September came and Cassidy was getting ready for school one morning when she felt sick to her stomach. She had some concern because she realized that she had missed her period and was a week late. She never missed a period. Her mother saw how sick she was and decided to keep her home to bring her to the clinic. Cassidy knew then that her mom would find out what had happened. Then to her surprise her mother said something that shocked her,
“You’re probably pregnant after all the fucking you and your uncle and cousin did at camp this summer. ”
Cassidy looked at her mom with shock and fear in her eyes and asked,
“How did you know about that?”  her mom answered,
“Cassidy it would have taken a deaf person not to hear you three. ”
“Once Uncle Dave caught you Joey had already cum in you and probably impregnated you. ”
“I know that you and Kathy have been experimenting and that you were curious. ”
“Now you’ll know what it’s like to be a  woman. ”   They went to the clinic and Cassidy was definitely pregnant with her  cousin Joey’s kid.   She realized then that this would be a difficult school year.
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