Parents teach their daughter part 4


     "Yes, yes, fuck me, let me have every drop, pour your load into me, yes, yes, cumming, oh my god, cumming!"

     My shriek of orgasm filled the room, as I felt the spasms start rippling wildly up and down my heated tunnel, my body started to shake, my legs tightened up around Darrin's waist as his thrusting cock exploded. Grunting with pleasure, I felt the burst of his wet spray coating my insides, as he unleashed a torrent of thick spunk, my rippling flesh eagerly milking his shaft, demanding every drop from his cock.

     It was early afternoon, just after Samantha and Roger's lesson. They had gone to the park, to walk around the lake and feed the ducks. As soon as I heard the door close, I had been all over Darrin, sucking his cock back up to full glory, and had been fucked into the mattress as my husband's hunky body had driven his surging cock into me, again and again, seeing in my mind's eye the imagined sight of Darrin riding his sexy daughter, his thick cock plunging into Samantha's creamy sweet center again and again, and I had come hard. Sprawled out on the bed, in the afterglow of our heated passion, I snuggled up to Darrin.

     "I noticed Sam whisper to you earlier, what was she saying?"

     I smiled as I replied, "She said that she wants another private lesson, just you and me and her. She wants to do something that she was concerned about Roger seeing, as he may have trouble accepting it. I think she wants to learn how it feels to have you making love to her. And really, is it that wrong? She's a part of you, and a part of me, we created her, in an act of love, there were no shotguns at our wedding. Since she is a part of both of us, she should be able to enjoy acts of passionate love with us, I think it's not only natural, it seems right to me. "

     Darrin smiled as he replied, "Well, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't think about my daughter riding my cock. "

     "I know, isn't she just so damn sexy? I want to watch you, see your cock sliding in and out of our daughter's sweet pussy, I want you to explode a massive load inside her, then I want to go down on her, suck out all your cum after you fuck her, then we'll do whatever else comes to mind, I know I want to lick her sweet cream. Remember the other night, when we were fucking after Samantha got home? You didn't see it since your head was turned away, but I saw the bedroom door open, and I saw Samantha standing in the doorway, watching us, completely nude, one hand stroking at her stiff nipples, the other hand between her legs, masturbating furiously while she watched us, a look of sexual joy playing across her face. I looked into her eyes, and licked my lips as I then directed my gaze right at her pussy. Then I felt the waves of orgasm racing at me, the all enveloping rush, I looked over at Sam, saw the bliss of climax on her face, watched her body shaking in orgasm, and I could feel my insides clamp down hard, I felt like I was going to shake apart, then your cock jetted into me, oh my god, it was like a wonderland of sexual pleasure, all three of us cumming together.

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     His cock had grown back to full height, and I was eager to put that stiffness to good use.

    "A lesson that I think all three of us are looking forward to, I'm sure", Darrin said, grinning.

    "And, to make it so that you have a big load, we need to not have sex until you can release a big, pent up load into Samantha's sweet creamy center. Give me more to lick out of her sweet pussy, so, until Samantha's lesson, we'll not have sex again, after one more time!"    

     I placed myself on my hands and knees, eager for the stuffing I would soon feel. Darrin eagerly drove his renewed hard on back in, splitting my walls apart as I squealed with pleasure, hearing his grunt of pleasure as he rammed in, right to the balls. Grabbing my hips, he jack-hammered his thickness into me, no lovemaking this time, just pure, primal, animalistic fucking, just the needs of two horny animals to fuck wildly. The room was full of our grunts, moans and cries of mingled ecstasy.   My husband finally made that sound I knew so well, and I let myself go, as his cock unleashed a torrent, my cunt blew apart in a burst of pleasure as his throbbing cock pumped his thick cream deep inside the tightness of my clenching cunt, our howls of climax filling the bedroom.  

     Late that evening, Samantha asked me, with a lust filled smile, "When can I have my private lesson?"

     "I have Wednesday off, and you and your Dad get home about the same time, so as soon as you are both home, you will get that lesson!"

     Wednesday at noon, I was horny as all get out, and I eagerly waited for them to come home. Sam was home at 3 PM, and Darrin was only 5 minutes later. We all looked at teach other, and quickly retired to the bedroom. Darrin and I hastily pulled off our clothes.

     "Watch me", Samantha cooed, and she did a slow, wildly sexy striptease, that Gypsy Rose Lee would have been proud of. It may my pulse thump with desire, and Darrin's pole rose up, also pleased with the sight, our daughter grinned at the obvious approval as she stood before us, stark and richly naked. She gave us a slow turn, her generous breasts jiggling ever so slightly as she turned, the way his waist nipped in, then flared out with her hips, her ass cheeks were perfect, my god, I almost couldn't believe that we had created such a beautiful daughter, she faced us once again, her neatly trimmed nest of blonde pubic curls seeming to beckon to us.

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   It had been 3 days since Darrin and I last had sex, and I was almost out of my mind horny, seeing Darrin's steel hard pole, I could imagine how hot he was.

     "Now, for my next lesson, I want to learn what it feels like when Daddy fucks Momma. I enjoyed sucking Daddy's big thick cock, now I want Daddy's big thick cock to fuck her daughter, that would be me!" Samantha giggled.

     As our sexy daughter stretched out on the bed, Darrin and I eagerly got busy, stroking Sam's soft skin, licking, kissing her hot flesh, licking and nipping gently at her hard, stiff, reddened nipples, Samantha moaned at the pleasure as we awakened her body. Our tongues drew lazy, swirling circles down from her breasts, over her tummy, and down to her creamy center, we could smell the lust fueled scent, and we spread her legs gently. I was shaking, ever since I'd seen Samantha's head of blonde hair between my legs, giving me her very first cunt licking, I'd been dreaming of licking Samantha's tight, pink velvet, and Darrin urged me on.

     "Do it sweetheart, lick your daughter's tight pussy, smell the scent, she's all hot and juicy for you, taste all her hot teen juices. "

     I started to lick at her tight pussy rim, running my tongue up and down slowly, teasingly over her tight, pink opening. Samantha gazed down at me with lust glazed eyes, her hands came down, holding my head close to her, and Darrin watched as I got into the rhythm of pussy licking, I ran my tongue deep into her teen honey-pot, then sucked out the rich juices, listening to her soft cries of pleasure as she started that climb.

     I hadn't licked a 16 year old since I had been 17, and my girlfriend had let me lick her. Darrin knew I had a bisexual streak, and he'd been happy to let me go out on dates with a like minded girlfriend, for when I was lusting for the coupling of two hot and horny cunts.   He always knew that I'd come home, still horny as hell, and while he licked and then fucked me, I'd tell him all about my girlfriend and I, everything we'd done on our dates, all the cunt lickings, dildo fuckings and sixty-nines we'd enjoyed, his rampant, bone hard cock would give my horny center the splitting open, the explosion, and the thick, juicy spray that my fiery cunt needed for completeness.

     I wrapped my tongue around Samantha's bulging clit, tugging and sliding my tongue all over it, just like her stiff, hard love bud was a hard candy I wanted to suck as much as possible, and very soon, her body started to shake. I could see Darrin, his cock hard as steel, ready to go, my mouth working feverishly to lick Sam to her first climax, and, her clit twitching wildly, she exploded, letting out a shriek of pleasure as her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices, my mouth eagerly licking up the delicious juices.

     "Now, now, continue my lesson, I want Daddy to fuck me, stuff me with that thickness, and ride me until you can't take it anymore, I want Daddy's thick juicy spray deep inside me!" Samantha panted.

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     Darrin rose up, and notched the head against her, and with a smooth steady push, penetrated Sam, she let out a squeal of pleasure, as he drove it in, right to the balls.

     "Fuck, oh fuck yes, you're so big Daddy, I feel so wonderfully stuffed, now I know why Momma smiles all the time, ride me Daddy, I want every drop of Daddy's hot spunk deep inside me!"

     I got between the spread of their thighs, to get the close up view. My cunt was a burning, horny volcano, I could see Samantha's tight pussy stretched wide around the thickness of Darrin's cock. I watched the rhythm, Darrin's withdrawing halfway, then thrusting forward, burying his big thick pole balls deep into our darling daughter's eager teen fuck-hole. From experience, I can well imagine the feel of that huge pussy opener, stretching open the walls of Sam's horny pussy, fucking her to the core, over and over.

     Samantha gasped, "Yes, keep fucking me! I'm so close, I need to cum, and I'm so close! I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go Daddy, I want you to flood my pussy! I wanna feel you squirt, I want my Daddy's juicy load, I'm so, I'm so, Oh God, I'm almost there, don't stop, don't stop, don't, don’t, don't, yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming, oh my God YES!"

     As Samantha shrieked with pleasure, I wrapped a hand around Darrin's balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, he growled with pleasure, letting out that noise I know so well, his cock started pulsing wildly. I was almost crazy with lust, I hoped Sam would feel the explosion, the pumping of his hard, jetting flesh ramming into her, the gush of his spray of sperm pouring hotly into her eager tightness, as his cock pulsed and bucked, pumping his hot, thick cream deep inside Samantha's pink folds, their moans and cries of orgasm filling the room.

     When Darrin withdrew, I quickly sucked off the combined juices, I lay back, and beckoned Samantha to sit on my face. She quickly squatted over my face, and as she lowered herself, I could see a huge glut of Darrin's hot cream at her entrance, ready for me, and I wanted that, I wanted every drop. I quickly pulled her down, cleaving my mouth to her just fucked pussy, and gravity did the rest, I felt a riveting jolt of pleasure as Darrin's thick cream slid in, I had to swallow more than once, he had filled her tight channel right to the brim. Samantha's own juices were starting to run, and Samantha lifted herself clear for a minute, and turned to face my waist, and I felt the touch of her body stretching out along mine, her breasts pressing against my belly, the heat of her panting breath against my labia, all I needed was the first couple of licks against my throbbing clit, and I exploded, cumming hard, fuck, I felt like I was in another world as my pussy squirted, my volcano let go, squirting like crazy, my inner cunt muscles spasming and quivering almost painfully, it felt like a wrenching wave of pleasure that seemed to go on and on, dimly, I heard Sam cry out.

     "Yes, oh yes, lick me Momma, gonna cum, gonna cum all over your face, yes, yes, I'm cummimg, YES!"

     I felt her gushing center tight against my mouth, she lifted just slightly, and let fly, her pussy started to squirt, washing my face down with her juices, both of us cumming like crazy, until we collapsed in a heap.

     Darrin's cock was once again hard and eager, and I told him to lay back, and I eagerly impaled myself on his shaft, pumping down hard to drive every last inch in. I felt a bolt of pleasure as I relized that my daughter's juices were still smeared along the shaft.

     "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, gonna ride you baby, gonna fuck my brains out, fuck I'm so horny, oh my god, gonna cum again, yeah baby, oh fuck, cumming!"

     I howled as I felt the rush of a second orgasm, and I continued to ram my pulsing heat down on his shaft, pistoning up and down, Darrin was working up to his next load, and my eager cunt took full advantage of it, impaled on his cock, I rode his big, thick cock to orgasm after orgasm, cumming over and over again until I was almost dizzy.

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   Fuck, I felt like I really was cumming my brains out, ramming my cunt down, that huge shaft fucking me to the core, until Darrin roared, and I felt the explosion as his cock gushed hotly, pouring a thick load up my wildly quivering cunt, splattering against my cervix.

     Samantha lay down next to me, and whispered, "You know what I want, I want Momma's thick creamy treat!"

     I lifted off, and saw Samantha's smile of pure lust, as I squatted over her, her hands reached up, looped over my hips and pulled me down tight against her mouth, I cooed with pleasure as her tongue slid up, parting my folds, the rush of Darrin's hot sperm as Sam's hot mouth eagerly licked and sucked out every drop, and I saw Darrin place himself between the spread of Samantha's legs, and eagerly begin licking and tonguing Sam's creamy heat.

     Sam paused long enough to grunt, "Yes, oh yes Daddy, lick my cunt, mmmmm, feels so good. "

     Watching my husband lick Samantha's pulsing pussy, while Samantha was licking at my throbbing clit making my own juices pour, spurred me on, and as Samantha slipped two fingers up me, finding my G spot and polishing it, I quickly climaxed again, my pulsing cunt squirting wildly, looking down at Samantha's sexy face as I sprayed her down made my orgasm a real breath-taking power orgasm.

     As I lifted off her face, she howled wordlessly as Darrin's talented tongue brought her to a riveting orgasm, and I leaned down, her tongue came out, and our tongues dueled madly in heated, passion filled kisses.

      Relaxing in the afterglow, Sam smiled as she said, "Now, I will have to think about what I want to learn at my next lesson!"  

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