Breeding Little Momma: Chapter 3


Breeding Little Momma: Chapter 3

This is part 3 of the story how I and a lady friend of ours
got back at my wife for cheating behind my back:

After snake lady had finished using that huge black dildo I had
myself picked out and bought for this very purpose and giving
"little momma" one hell of a dose of it's hugeness and payback
for fucking around behind my back. That it now was time for the
ultimate payback and such for her doing that.

Because our next plan for "little momma" was something that damned
sure was going to seal the deal about this fucking around thing!!

And the very fact that Snake Lady had just warmed her up good and
proper by using that huge ass black dildo in that very "tight" pussy of
hers had been in fact done for a very damn devious and decieftfull reason!

So as Snake Lady had just told "little momma" that she indeed had another
plan in mind, of course my knowing this whole damn time what was next to
begin with because I had after all "rented" the next thing to happen!!

Sometimes it's far better to rub someones nose all up in what their doing
behind others backs and in this case it was damn sure the right thing to do!!

As Snake Lady had now in fact left the room I took the opportunity myself
to get on the bed and between my wife's thighs still spread wide open as she
was for sure totally fucked up from the drinks, and extra things she'd partaken
into either willingly or not. And got a first hand view of how her pussy was gaped
open and swollen from Snake Ladies using such a huge ass dildo on that tight
and beautiful pussy of hers. And marveled as I planted my mouth over her twat
and began to eat that spread open pussy for all she was worth!!

That happening making my beautiful wife now squirm and moans of pleasure
began to come from her. She was coming to a bit I guess from all the prior action
and managed to lean her head up and look down her body as I was eating her fine
tasty pussy like a madman.

As now I could hear her emitted moans of how it hurt, with her drunkedly
crying out "Ohhh itttt hhhurrrttt" followed by "Tttoooo bbbiggg it wasss to Bigg"!

Well hell yeah it was to "big" I had bought it for that damn very reason!!!

She was coming around more and more as her body began to writhe as
I ate that "freshly" tore apart pussy opening and marveled as she began to
cum and give me an ample drinking of that fine pussy juice of hers.

Then just as she was coming back to life though still drunkedly moaning
and trying to talk to me about how that huge dildo had hurt and made her
feel like she was being wrent assunder!!

When then and there here comes Snake Lady through the bedroom door
and along with her the very "next" adventure for that pussy of my cheating
behind my back "little momma"!!

Now with Snake Lady was none other than "another" hell of a friend of mine
of whom I'd played ball with in high school. And in fact was a very best friend
with even now. . And exactly how I'd gotten him involved in this pay back snapper
fucking d dandy style!! Because during several "recent" fishing trips of his and mine
I had openly discussed with him about fucking my wife!! Hell yeah he was floored
by such a thing at first, and said man I ain't gonna' touch yer' woman!!

But the more we talked and I told him that I myself wanted him to fuck her!
That he began to lighten up to the "thought" of it. And finally agreed to do the
"deed" about to happen this very nite and moment !!

My best friend was nothing more than "Black" all "Black" and one hell
of a huge ass Black Man!He stood well over 6 foot tall and was muscled
like some huge ass weight lifter. And deservedly so because he'd gone on
from high school and played ball at a major university with a full scholarship
and was indeed a top player defensively for them. He in fact had gotten
drafted in the NFLas a hell of a defensive lineman!

And now coming into the room in full view of my young tiny spanish wife
who was coming unglued as I ate that pussy good and proper "preparing"
it as best I could for her to be fucked and fucked damned good by my very
best "black" friend!! As Snake Lady came to the bed and said;
"Damn wildman you getting her all wet and ready are you"!

It was at that very moment my wife lifted her head and there before
the all of it; Was Snake Lady and now beside her; wasstanding "Louie"
my very best friend totally naked himself his huge ass black man body
dwarfing everyone in the room!!

My wife's deep dark brown eyes opened like saucers as her mouth
opened in what had to total disbelief of seeing such a huge ass mammoth
black man totally naked, and no doubt running through her mind the full
outright intentions of his being there, and for what reason, as well !!

Her eyes seemed to follow from head to foot on him and when it seemed
they had locked onto the very site of what made him seem so unhuman
like was the fact that "Louie" had one hell of a humongous black cock!
It hung half way to his knees and was damn sure at least as thick as
a wrist or near the size of a coke bottle around. And I now felt my little
wife shudder all over as I was still eating that pussy like crazy.

Just as she began to mutter and drunkedly clammer out "Whhhatt
iiissss hhhheeee dddoing herrreeee?"As her body shuddered in
what had to be total disbelief and knowing by her seeing what he
packed would tear her pussy apart!!

And Snake Lady not being one to waste a moment at anything
said; "Well Little Momma,since you have wanted other dick I
decided that it was time you got a dose of a real mans cock!"

Well those words sure took their toll on my young spanish wife
as she was so overcome with the enormity of the moment as if
her mind was in overload, and couldn't grasp the whole of the
moment, as she was trying her damndest now to say something
but the words were not coming.

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   All we could hear was her gasped
half hearted cry out of "Ohhhh mmmyyy Godddd" as she was
staring at the huge ass pussy destroying man meat "Louie"

Snake Lady never batted one eye as to not carry right on and
said; "Yeah, your gonna get that little pussy of yours "black bred"!

Those very words seemed to sink in like a torpedo hitting a battleship
as her legs began to flail and her whole body trying now to somehow
try and remove itself from my eating that pussy and get herself together
enough to "get away" from this situation!!But it couldn't happen because
the combination of the drinks, and other things Snake Lady had done had
her captive to the bed; Yet she tried in vain to get her body to respond and
get up but absolutely could not do so.

And Snake Lady certainly helped matters none at all when she reached
and grabbed "Louies" huge black cock holding it out now like some black
python snake as it filled her hand and then some as his cock even seemed
to dwarf her hand. As at last "Little Momma" finally got a clammer out in a
drunken word tone of;
"It'lll kkkillll meeee itt's ttttoooo ddddamnnn bbbigggg"!

That only seemed to serve Snake Lady to go even further now as she
knew she had my "little momma" in a state of total disillusioned fear as
she lay there trying to move,trying her best to get away, yet couldn't.
Making Snake Lady shake his huge black ass pussy wretching cock
about as she said; "Play with fire bitch and your gonna' get burned"!
You swore to me all this and that of how your "old man" would kill you
if he knew or found out you were fucking around behind his back;
And bitch you lied; You lied to your old man; You lied to me; And
by dammit your gonna' pay you little two timing "slut"!!

So now your going to get "black bred" and fucked by a cock you
little bitch; And taught a lesson about this.

My young spanish wife was now crying out "Ohhh nnnooo pppleeease"
"Ohhhh ppppleeease dddon'ttt lllet himmmm fffuck meeeeee!"

Hell Snake Lady headed her pleas like a dose of salt and still standing
there shaking that huge black cock about she just gave this "evil" as hell
snicker and said; "Is our little two timing bitch ready to be fucked wildman?"

I just raised my head from giving her a good tongue lashing with juices
now rubbed all over my cheeks and chin from "little momma" squirming
and trying to get herself away, and said; "Yes my mistress she is ready!"

It was as if I had entranced myself into all this and now like some damn
servent boy serving up and preparing the feast for the evil mistress like
some damn syfy movie, yet it was "real" all to damn fucking "real!"

Hell even "Louie" this huge black man himself, seemed to be in some damn trance
as "Snake Lady" herself had cast a spell upon us all. . And thinking on it now
my mind pictures the exact scene in "behind the green door" Where Marylin
Chambers is prepared by all the women to be herself Black Bred!

But in this very scene,this very moment, I the very "husband" of the sacrifice
was and had gotten "little momma" ready for this!! How far will a man stoop
for the "mere" fucking porpuse of getting back at his cheating wife and do
some unthinkable shit like this!!

Well this was certainly no damn staged out porno movie in the least!!
This was real time, truly happening at the moment reality!!

As Snake Lady now said;"Get up from between little mommas legs and
let her soon to be luvr get a look at that tight little mexican pussy of hers. "
Even my own mind now debouched in such a form and thrown into the
upmost of deprived shit to do to your wife, and yet I was turned on as hell
by it!!Hell I'd set it all up!! How fucking down in the dirt was I?

Wouldn't a man stand up and beat every single motherfucker out damn near
to death over even the thought of shit like this. . And I fucking set every single bit
of this up!! I wanted "Louie" and "Snake Lady" alike to do all this shit to my wife!

My mind already reeling in the thoughts of how my Young;Tiny;Beautiful spanish
wife was going to take that huge ass black cock at all. Hell yeah deep down inside me
I wanted to jump up and be the man of the moment and stop all this!! But my depraved
ways and mind over-rode my manly wantoness to stop this. As I merely got up from
between her legs and back away as now Snake Lady seemed to be getting "Louie"
moved into position in the middle of the bed all but pushing me aside as if I were
nothing more than a servant that once my task was completed to move away and
let the "master" of the moment have his place.

As now "little mommas" legs were trying to be in control and get her away from
this yet only served to let the "Breeding Master" see his to be bred victim;
writhe and squirm in total fear!! Snake Lady just non caring as hell looked at
me and said; "We'll have to grab and hold open those legs of hers while he
begins to "breed" her!!What!! instantly ran through my mind,as her words
sank in and I was wanting to jump up,beat the shit out of everyone, and halt
this damn parade!! Yet my damn sinister perverted mind from hell and back
was wanting to do that!! To hold my own cheerished wife's small petite brown
legs open as she was being "black bred"!! Not just some random ass off the
street "black buck" hell no this was my very best friend,whom I myself had to
talk into being this "breeding" master now standing in the middle of the bed
where my beautiful wife was squirming and writhing and pleading for it not
to happen. . And believe me Snake Lady knew it all in an instant as if it had
been rehearsed and done in like some damn porno movie style about it.

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As her evil,senister ways kept us all into the moment of it, taking damn full
control of it, and directing every move and action. Believe me when I say
her name fit her to a damn T!! Hell yeah she was evil, hell yeah she was some
damn decieftful witch!! Hell yeah she could cast a spell on your ass!!! No other
woman ever in my life has ever up to then, or damn sure now, ever held such
powers over me or could at the blink of an eye get me to do whatever her evil
bidding of the moment was!! The name "Snake Lady" was well earned!!

She headed little to my wife's half hearted drunken worded pleadings and sure
as hell less to her trying her best to move out of this situation. The whole moment
of time froze as if she had cast a spell in that manner to and could absolutely stop time
in the reality scene now coming fully to life. . As she let go of "Louie's" huge black cock
and got onto the large bed crawling up and grabbing my wife's trying to thrash legs and
told me get up here and help me get her positioned for her "breeding"! I just obedient
as hell did exactly as she ordered/said and got right up on that damn bed to on the other
side of my young pleading wife and grabbed her other leg holding itas I scooted up
and at last right there beside her with her leg in my hands grasping her at the near
knees, as I could feel her muscles fighting and doing all they could to fight both us
off her. And Snake Lady just absolutely looked right at "litle momma" and said
oh you fight now my little wanton slut but soon you'll be in a much different state
of mind.

The whole time all this was going on Big Louie was just standing there taking
it all in watching the every move of us as we were getting my wife ready to be
bred by him!The look in his huge black man eyes told that he himself did not
in any way or fashion want to hurt my little wife in any way at all. As if he himself
were wanting to say look hell no she don't want it so fuck it i'm leaving. . But yet
he stood there like some huge monsterous figure of an evil black man god about
to take and destroy a young beautiful tiny maiden.

Being my very own cheerished and loved petite wife he was about to breed.
With that being said per say Snake Lady just wrapped her arm around my
wife's leg and secured it against her pulling it up and wide apart as she then
looked at me and said; "Grab her like this" as I myself wrapped my arm around
the other one pulling it in fact up and back to me now leaving my beautiful
spanish wife's pussy in clear "unobstructed" view of her soon to be breeder.

As I could now see Louie's huge black nose starting now to breathe a more
deeper lustfull manner, as his black eyes took in the very site of my wife's
beautiful,small and ready pussy, as her eyes were now looking up at him
now fully before her for his purpose and his purpose only to breed and
fuck her to no end. Her eyes seemed to flutter and sparkle as if somehow
she was drugged with some elixir from a witch's book that would make her
want to fuck any man. .

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   A huge black cocked man!!And Snake Lady merely
had seen the same damn things I had and said; "It's working good on your
little momma wildman!" That's when it hit me like a damn brick,as that very
moment I absolutely recalled that Snake Lady had damn sure put something
in "little mommas" drink and had told me she'd see to it she would about
fuck anything soon!! Well she had accomplished that for damn sure.

At that very moment I felt my wife's leg still writhing and shuddering with
the fear she had to have felt, but now it had stopped the fighting and was
shaking like leaf from fear but now it seemed to be wanting me to obey it
and open it more!! As Snake Lady now watched it all and said;
"That's it Little Momma relax and give up and get ready to enjoy this!"

Even my wife's feet once trying to kick out of all this now just relaxed
and was just shaking from the nerves of fear she still felt. As I seemed to
glance back at Louie still standing there just staring opened eyes and
deeply entranced at the site of my wife before him like this. His breathing
heavier now with lust as now I saw his huge black cock begin to jerk and
stir with desire and it began to thicken and harden and began to come up
into the air from between his huge monsterous black legs and was at a mere
partial attention now.

While my beautiful young spanish wife lay before him and her own half out
of mind lust began to show as she looked at the huge black man before her
now about to breed her and tear her apart but somehow her body was betraying
her own mind as she began to get that look of wanting to be fucked!!
Her head now starting to shake about as if she was trying her damndest to shake
the cobwebs out of it but yet her body was showing she wanted this!! And was sure
as hell starting to want it more,as Snake Lady and I alike held her legs up and against
us to help her get it.

Louie seemed to break the ice of the moment himself as he spoke up and said;
"I aint's never had me a mexican woman to breed" "Damn your little woman is
some fine ass!" Which only made my wife shudder all over and gasp out as she
heard him speak of her. As her eyes seemed to open wider with an ever deeper
fear yet they sparkled like diamonds with absolute lust. As she turned her head to
Snake Lady and incoherently uttered "Ohhhh heeeeee cccan't,heee's hee's ttto
bbbiggg!" As Snake Lady merely leaned right over and using her free hand now
in some mothering like fashion and combed back the wildly splayed hair strands
from my beautiful wife's face and said;
"Oh I know he's really huge,for a little woman like you, and don't worry it will
take several breedings for you to be able to take him!"

And with that said, Snake Lady reached up and took Louie's huge black
hand and invited him onto the bed as he made it bow and bend down with
the power of his hugeness and weight. As he crawled up on his knees now
getting closer and closer between my wife's thighs his huge black cock was
dancing and swinging like a huge black pendulum, as he manuevered further
up between her legs now filling the entirety of them with his huge size.

As more and more it was very evident he was damn sure humongous
in comparison to my small tiny framed wife As ever more the site of his
huge black cock now fully well showing that he just absolutely to damn
huge for my wife. While Snake Lady now was back to mothering my
wife by stroking her hair and watching as my wife's eyes followed that
huge ass black cock getting closer, and closer, and closer to it's intended
target of my wife's tight pussy. Louie's huge size now towering over her
like a wolf over a rabbit prey. As his size made her legs spread out ever
more and more as he was now fully seated between them his monsterous
body looking as if he could crush her but yet he was gently pushing himself
into place to breed her as never before.

Once in place and his huge black uncircumsized cock how bounced at her
mound then up onto her shivering lower belly it's huge size now ever more
evident how much he was going to have hell even getting his monsterous
black cock in her. As he slid it up further and further on her belly beyond
her navel and then finally at last resting it just below her swelling and heaving
breast, as my wife gave a gasping cry out "he was tooo biggg"!

Then he pulled back sliding that damn black python like huge black cock
back down her belly and now let it slide into place across her hardened clit
and onto her outer swollen cunt lips dwarfing her small pussy with his male

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   And Snake Lady right there as if she were some mothering of
a coach still petting and soothing her head now said; "Relax, just relax and
he'll be gentle as he gives you the biggest man cock you ever had little momma. "

As now Snake Lady looked over at me and said; "Wildman you'll have to do
the honors of guiding him in your little womans pussy!"Now i'm sure as hell
no damn queer of any kind or fashion period. And I sure as hell have no damn
desire to feel or touch another mans cock. And I guess Snake Lady knew my
thoughts on shit like that and it was as if she were degrading me and my own
morals by that. But I guess the right moment and the right situation things that
we seem to dispell and totally hate become exactly what we do!And even worsely
added to that was that Snake Lady then said; "Reach up onto the shelf over the bed
and get the lube and lube him up she's gonna' need every bit of help she can!"

My mind reeled in wanting to say oh fuck no I ain't touching his damn dick and I
sure as hell ain't lubing it up!!But the moment had me captivated, entranced, and
knowing it was damn sure true that he had to be lubed up as can be for this to even
happen in the least. . So I reach and grab the damn lube and smear it on his huge
ass uncircumsized black cock and then lower it aimingly right at the tiny pussy of
my shivering with total fear wife.

Louie seemed to have the very same feeling as I did about a man fucking with
another mans cock, because he then said; "This ain't workin' let me do it!"
So I let go of his cock as it seemed to realize what I'd done wasn't working
for it as it seemed to loose half of it's mighty thickness and strength. As he
took over and grabbed it with his huge black hands and manuevered it right
back to my wife's tiny pouting open lips and began to rub the very skin covered
tip of it through her lips as my wife was letting out tiny moans of some animalistic
like pleasure. Her eyes glued to seeing that huge black shaft standing forth
from his monsterous black mans body and thick,fat wrinkly skinned tip now
rubbing through her cunt lips.

As slowly Louie began to make her petal like lips open out and flower open to
accept the huge cock now poised to wrent her pussy assunder, destroy it, tear
it wide open and apart. Just as he shoved a bit forward and now his cock was
wedging into her lips making them stretch and flower out over his black skinned
cock as her head flung back and she gave a crying out of; "Ohhhh itttt'sss tttooo
bbbigggg oh ttoooo bigggg!" As I felt her leg shake and shiver and tremble like
a quake through her body as the huge ass skin covered head of his cock made
her open even more.

Louie himself howled out; "Damn this is the tightest pussy I've ever tried to fuck!"

Snake Lady the whole time stroking my wife's head and telling her to relax, and
let him get it in.

Well Louie worked and worked and worked that huge cock of his and only
managed to get half the huge tip of that damn pussy ruining black cock of his
inside my wife's vagina. She was at that point screaming and thrashing her head
about as she cried out she was being split into.

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   And Snake Lady up to that moment
still telling her relax and see if it will go in. But it never went in!!! He was just to damn
huge to even get the damn head of his cock inside her small pussy.

Hell even Louie was saying damn this makes my damn cock hurt to much, and
so after time spent, over and over and over of his trying his damndest to get it inside
my wife's pussy it just wasn't going to happen!! Now don't think Snake Lady didn't use
that to her advantage as she absolutely told my wife; "If you ever fuck around behind
your man's back I'll bring Louie back over and let him take you!" Hell even Louie now
told my wife; "That's right if you ever fuck around on your man again and hide it I'll damn
sure come right back here and i'll split your pussy open so no man can pleasure it again!"

Well with that whole of the story told I'll say this; My wife damn sure never fucked around
behind my back again!Oh sure she fucked other men, hell yeah she did! But she damn
sure told me from that moment on what man was wanting to fuck her!! Sure we had many
other threesomes and things of that nature, yes we sure as hell did and I luved every moment
of being involved in it. . Now I tried to set up Louie for a return fuck but my wife said absolutely
no fucking way!!!!But then again those are other stories I could relate to you all about how
I, He,and Snake Lady sat up other encounters with other women, And those are other stories
I shall at some time write to you all about. .

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Δεν μπορείτε να αποφασίσετε από πού να αρχίσετε; Ποια τσούλα να διαλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας παρέχει τα χρήσιμα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν ατελείωτο κατάλογο με γοητευτικές γκόμενες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα καυτά σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Ζουμερές ξανθές, γοητευτικές μελαχρινές, καυτές κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να εντοπίσετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι επιδέξιες καλλονές θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους αξέχαστους οργασμούς τους και την ανεπανάλιπτη δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε ελέγξτε την.
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