Lake house


I opened the car door, and hopped out. The lake house didn't change at all. It was a big, and log cabin like. My family visited there each year, and we stayed there for 2 weeks. The first week, we invited some family friends over to stay with us, and the second week it was pure family - swimming together, having camp outs, etc.

I walked up the path and noticed a few people sitting outside on our porch. "Liz. Tony. We weren't sure how to get here, so we left early, and ended up here before you guys! We're sorry if we didn't give you enough time to pack away, but I'm sure the girls would love to help you!" The older woman said to my parents.

"Oh, no. That's perfectly fine! We're glad you're here. Becka and Taylor," my dad said to my sister and I, "this is Angie and Rick, and their two daughters Angel and Kaitlyn. "

"Hi," my sister Becka, who was 17 years old nodded. She wasn't particularly glad to be here with us all, she would rather to be home with her boyfriend.

One of the girls, Kaitlyn I think, caught my eye. She had brown hair, that went just over her boobs, and beautiful eyes.

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   She was the type of person who you wanted to get to know, and I really could see myself bonding with her. "Hey," I said, forgetting to look away from her.

She smiled, and nodded.


After getting supper, and roasting some marshmallows, my dad had mentioned that we should go for a swim before we headed to bed, because the next day it was supposed to rain. So, I grabbed my bathing suit, and headed down to the lake.

When I got there, I noticed my sister wasn't there, and it was only Angel and Kaitlyn, both in their bikinis, and making me feel ridiculously lame in my one piece suit. They had perfect bodies, but despite that they were both so gorgeous and skinny, I couldn't keep my eyes away from Kaitlyn. She had this flawlessness about her, that drew me to her.

I again realized I was staring at her, and again, she noticed. She raised her eyebrows, and asked "Gotta problem?"

I shook my head furiously from embarrassment, and she smirked, and got into the water.


That night, after we returned home to the lake house, I thought about sleeping next to Kaitlyn. I'm straight - or I thought I was - and yet I'm afraid to sleep next to her. Will I try anything? What if I do, and she tells me to knock it off. Do I even WANT to try anything? My brain was overflowing with questions, and I soon got overwhelmed.

I hauled on my pajama pants and a tank top, and crawled into bed, hoping I'd be asleep before Taylor came, but I wasn't.

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   As soon as I shut my eyes, she crawled in next to me. "What's the deal with this? Why can't there be more rooms, after all. . why invite someone if you don't have enough beds?"

"I'm not sure. . . " I mumbled.

"Sorry. I had a bad day, I don't mean to take it on you," she said, and If I hadn't known better, I would've thought she said it seductively. Then she turned in my direction, and put her hand on my hip.

I turned near her, my heard throbbing. "It's fine. I understand. "

"Do you?" she asked, looking straight into my eyes, and for a instance I was wondering if she was going to kiss me. But then I done the impossible, and kissed her straight on the lips.

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She kissed back,for a slight second, but then hauled away. "Taylor. . I'm sorry. I gave you the wrong impression. I'm not interested in you like that. "

I felt myself turning red, and moved her hand from my hip, turning back towards the wall. Great. I blew it. I have to spend a week with a girl I tried to kiss. No way I was sleeping next to her for another 5 days.

But as I was just getting close to drifting off, she started rubbing my back. "I'm sorry," she whispered, probably thinking I was asleep. "So sorry. "

I was going to play along - make her think I was asleep, but my body jumped when she lowered her hand into my lower back.

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   "Taylor. . ?" She automatically hauled her hand from my back.

I turned towards her, sleepily, and looked her in the eye again. Maybe she was scared, maybe she'd thought about it, and she wants me to kiss her. Maybe she just was unsure of how she felt - then she kissed me hard, on the lips. Wow.

She rolled over, closed to me, and parted her lips, as I did. She kissed me again, fiercely, and started rubbing her hands back and forth down my sides. Then I felt her tongue hit my teeth, and it move towards my mouth. She moved on top of me, and started grinding her hips on me, while we made out.

I was unsure of what to do - were we going to DO IT? I was a virgin. I didn't know what I was doing. . I was so frightened, and she stopped kissing me.


   "You okay?" she asked, sitting up on my stomach, flicking her long hair back.

I nodded, not sure if I could trust my voice, and she smiled. She sat back, and lifted my shirt up, rubbing my stomach. It felt great, I never had anyone touch me in that way. She started licking my belly button, as she moved her hands up to reach my boobs, where she started cupping them with her hands over my bra.

She sat up, smiled, and removed her top. She then started making out with me so she could remove my top in the process, and started licking and kissing my neck. I got a shiver, and she looked up smiling, and kissed her way down to my bra, where she reached back and undid it with one hand, and threw it across the room.

She started sucking on my nipple, making it immediately hard. "Mmm," I heard myself say, tilting my head back. She sucked harder and harder, licking it in circles, and my pussy tingled. "That feels so nice," I said to her.

She lifted her head up, smiled t me, and flicked her brown hair. She started kissing her way down to my stomach again, playing with my boobs as she did, and started kissing where my pajama pants elastic was. She took her hands from my boob, and slowly slid off my pajamas, and then my underwear.

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"This will feel better," she said, and then started fiercely licking my clitAs she did, it felt like my pussy was on fire. It felt so amazing, though. "Owwww," I moaned. She licked harder and faster, and I grinded my hips with her. I could feel something coming, and she stuck her fingers in my pussy, as she licked harder, and I felt as if I was going to explode.

"Owwwwwwww," I moaned, rubbing my tits as she stuck her fingers in harder. Then she started pushing her three fingers in and out, and it felt amazing. "Uhh, Uhh, Uhhhhhhh" I moaned continuously. Then she licked the hardest yet, moving her tongue up and down so fast and fierce, and shoving her fingers in and out further, I knew I was going to squirt.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" I screamed, and grabbed for my pussy, as I felt it burst, right in Kaitlyn's face. She looked up smiling, and licked her lips. "Mmmm. "

Then she moved up and grabbed my hair, kissing me so hard I couldn't keep up. I then moved down on her, which I knew she was waiting for, and removed her pants as I licked her tits. She moved her hands to push me down to her cunt, and she started shoving my face into her clit, which I then licked as she did.

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   "Ohhhh," I heard her moan softly. "Uhhhhhh," she said as I moved up and down faster. She moved her head back, and louder moaned "Uhhh, mmm. " I wanted to make her squirt, so I shoved my fingers in and out as I licked fiercely.

Then I bit her clit, and she screamed with pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and I fingered her harder and harder, licking her fiercer and with more force. "I'm gonna cum, OWWWWWWWWWWWW" and wetness filled my face. I looked at her, and she looked ecstatic, and I shoved my face back in her pussy and licked her until she hauled me up .

"I gotta surprise," she said, getting up to her bag. "I figured I wouldn't get much sex here, so I brought something. . " she hauled out a purple dildo, and sat down at the edge of the bed, turning the vibrator on. I knew this was gonna feel great, and I smiled at her.

First she let it vibrate on my clit, and it felt great. It felt like heaven, and I felt an orgasm coming already.

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   "Owwwww," I moaned softly, and she looked up and winked. Then she moved the dildo and started pushing it in and out of my pussy, as she licked my clit and it felt better than the fingers.

In and out. In and out. Harder and harder. "Owww Oww Oww OWwwwwwwwwww" I screamed as she went further in my pussy, "Fuck. I'm gonna cummmmmmm" and it squirted again, all over the bed.

Then, the door barged open and my mom walked in. .