Night out turns to the hottest sex in my life

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My boyfriend and I decided to go out to the casino one night. We drank a ridiculous amount of alcohol and spent a stupid amount of money on the tables. I was getting rather horny, the drunker I go the more I wanted my boyfriends black cock inside me. We were sitting at the bar and I started to rub the crotch of Jim’s (my boyfriend) jeans. His cock started to stir, I could tell I was making him hot. My pussy was aching to have him touch me and Jim knew it as he started to rub his hand up and down my thigh. Each time getting a little closer to my sweet honey pot. As his hand slid under my dress, Jim brushed his fingers along the top of my pussy, making me gasp. I had never wanted him so badly in my life. I lent over and whispered in Jim’s ear, “Mmm baby let’s go back to the hotel, my cunt is in need of your hot cock” Jim responded by rubbing my pussy through my wet panties. He skulled his beer and lead me toward the exit, or so I thought. Near the exit there are toilets, Jim pulled me into the ‘disabled toilet’ and as soon as he locked that door his hands were all over me. Massaging my D size breasts. I was so hot, Jim could’ve made me come there and then just by feeling me up but instead he unzipped his jeans to let out his 8 inch, thick black cock. My eyes lit up instantly and before Jim could even ask I was on my knees with it between my lips. I circled the head of his cock with my tongue, while rubbing his cock with my hand  then without warning I took all 8 inches hitting the back of my throat.

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   “Mmm that’s my girl” Jim moaned as I continued deep throating his piece of meat. I could tell Jim was getting close to cumming, his cock started to stiffen even more. With that I began to fondle his big black balls, I took his cock out of his mouth and began sucking on his balls and humming “Mmmm baby, you know what I like” Jim moaned. His cock was now starting to twitch, I took the head of it back in my mouth while I pumped the rest of his cock with my hand. “baby. . fuckkk. . ” Jim screamed, anyone walking past would’ve heard as Jim shot his hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop of his hot spunk. Jim picked me up and kissed me, tasting his own sweet juices “baby because you were such a good girl, I will reward you later” I couldn’t wait, I wanted Jim there and then. I needed him to touch me, I began to touch myself “Uh ah you horny slut, wait your turn” Jim demanded. This only made me hornier, I loved it when he spoke to me like that. On the walk back to the hotel, Jim would every now and then push me up against a wall and kiss me hard while his hands fondled my boobs, tickled my clit. I was dripping wet and he had barely touched me, I could smell my sweet sex.

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  Finally back in the hotel room, I started to undress “Leave it on baby, you’re going to strip for me” I loved stripping for Jim, the look in his eyes just turned me on even more. Jim got naked and sat on the edge of the bed, his black cock starting to harden. I just wanted to fuck it already but I did as requested. First I unzipped my dress at the side and slowly wriggled out of it, as it fell to the floor Jim’s cock twitched a little. I decided to tease Jim a bit, I straddled him grinding my pussy soaked panties against his now really hard cock. I turned around and Jim unclipped my bra, letting my tits free. He started to play with them, rolling my nipples between my fingers. I was so close to cumming but the Jim stopped “take your panties off slut, it’s time you got your reward” within seconds my panties were on the floor. “Get on all fours” Jim now standing behind me, I loved fucking doggy style it just felt like I got every bit of his 8 inches inside me. I was waiting for Jim to put his cock inside me, I turned my head to see what he was doing and “SMACK” on my ass. “Eyes to the front baby” he was in fine form tonight, before I knew it Jim was tying something around my eyes so I couldn’t see. “This is going to be amazing, trust me” Jim whispered into my ear. By this stage I was so eager to feel him inside me I was willing to do anything. I could feel his hands on my ass, then suddenly I felt his tongue licking my cunt then up to my asshole, I had never had my ass licked before. All I can say is its definitely a sensation I want more of.

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   Jim spent a lot of time on my ass before he slid a finger into my cunt. “ahhhhh” I moaned, I had cum instantly. But Jim didn’t stop, my body started to tense up again as he finger fucked me, I was almost at my second climax when Jim pulled his finger out and slid underneath me. His cock hitting me in the face, while he ate my pussy. I grabbed it instantly and began slurping and sucking on it, the faster he went, the faster I went. I started to convulse, this orgasm was taking me to a new level. As I came all over Jim’s face he quickly slid out from under me “don’t move” he ordered. I remained still on all fours, not being able to see. I then felt lube running from the top of my ass, down to my cunt hole. Jim positioned his raging cock at my pussy and with one thrust was deep inside me. It almost sent me over the edge to finally have his thick black member deep within my cunt. He pumped me hard, pulling my hair, spanking my ass he was getting really into it. “Baby you’re so wet” he moaned as he pulled out and plunged his cock into my ass. Fuck it hurt, but it was the hottest thing ever. My ass was full of his cock, it didn’t take long for him to explode in my tight ass, I felt his cum pump into me.

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  As Jim pulled out, he collapsed on the bed next to me and said “I’m never letting you go, my lil slut. ”I smiled as I rolled into his arms and we fell asleep. This was the beginning of a very new side to our sex life.