Sex Toy

Petra skillfully wove through traffic on their way to Hidden Trails Ranch, where both she and Angie stabled their horses. "Great day to ride, huh," commented Petra?!? Angie rolled her eyes and replied, "It's okay now Pete, you don't hafta keep trying to sell me, I'm going with ya!" "Okay, okay," Petra responded, trying her best to sound a little hurt, "I was just making conversation!!!" Before Angie could answer her friend's little barb, Petra was pulling up to the main gate of the stable, and inserting her pass key into the automatic gate opener. Once inside and parked, the two women strolled over to the tack room, checked in, and had a stable boy start getting their horses ready. While they were waiting, they went into the locker room and changed into their riding clothes.Ten minutes later they were standing next to their horses, and waited until Jack, the stable hand, would give them a lift onto the saddle. Everything seemed normal enough, with women riding in and out of the barn, stable hands saddling and unsaddling horses, five gallon buckets of oats lined up against the wall for feeding, as well as a plethora of other equine related activities going on at the same time, but if you looked closer, however, several things seemed a out of the ordinary. Number one, there were no males riding the horses, only women. Number two, all positions of authority were held by women, with only the menial and physically demanding jobs filled by men. And last but not least, it was the saddles, you had to look at the saddles to figure out what was going on here! On each saddle was phallic like protrusion where the riders crotch would normally sit, the length of which varied from saddle to saddle! Angie lifted her leg as Jack hoisted her up, but instead of plopping down hard, Angie stood up in the stirrups while Jack reached up between her legs, found the opening in the crotch of her pants, stuck his fingers inside, fingered Angie's pussy for a second or two, just to get it lubricated, and then, while holding her lips open with his fingers, guided her down onto the six inch leather spike that sprung from the saddle seat! As Angie settled down, Jack asked, "Is that all right Miss Angie!?!" "Mmmmm, yes," Angie gasped, as her pussy formed tightly around the thick protrusion!!! Next it was Petra's turn, the only difference being, was that her saddle had and eight incher rather than a six! Each woman decided how long and thick she wanted her satisfier, some opting for huge, while others only wanted to be teased, so they went for a much smaller version!!! The two women turned their horses around and headed off towards one of the many trails that crisscrossed the property, while Jack yelled after them, "Have a nice ride, ladies!!!"
The horses settled into an easy gait and both Angie and Petra rode in silence as the rocking motion of the saddle was transferred directly into the leather studs that were buried in their pussies!!! Both women began to breath shallowly as the steady back and forth movement drove them towards orgasm!!! In a way it was almost like Chinese water torture, tiny increments of motion, none of which alone would were even noticeable, but combined together, were as powerful as any pecker either woman had ever had!!! "Glad you came, Ang," Petra panted!?! "Uhh, yeah," Angie gasped, "I haven't cum in over a week!!!" "I'm close," Petra moaned, "are you?!?" "Oh, my," Angie gasped, "I'm so fucking close, I can hardly stand it, I'm going to make him gallop and drive it in harder!!!" "No, wait," begged Petra, "make it last, you know it's always better when you make it last!!!" "I-I can't," a now distressed Angie replied, "its rubbing on my clit so slowly I can't take it anymore," and with a crack of her riding crop on the flank of her horse, she tore off ahead of Petra!!! In less than six strides, Angie's vagina was be torn apart by an incredible orgasm, as she bounced up and down on the hard saddle cock!!! All it took to throw her over the edge, was harder and more direct contact against her erect clit, and the hard galloping horse provided that and a whole lot more!!! Petra, on the other hand, held her ground, however, and decided to let the torturously slow motion of the walking horse push her inexorably to her climax! The only noise to be heard was the quiet clip clop of the horses hooves on the hard trail, until all at once, Petra let out a low moan that grew into a loud groan!!! Her orgasm filled every inch of her body, causing her to double over in her saddle, and holding on for dear life!!!
The two women hooked up again, and rode over to a special clearing, that was concealed from any passing traffic outside of the stable grounds. As they approached it, they could see that there were maybe ten other ladies on horseback, formed in a circle and just sitting quietly. Angie and Petra sidled up to the group and took their places in the circle while all around them, there were woman in various stages of sexual excitement, some of them, in fact, were having orgasms in front of everyone there!!! The thick saddle cocks had a lot to do with it, that's for sure, but what was turning them on so, was a show being put on in the middle of the horse ring!!! There on several blankets, were three young teenage boys, eighteen to nineteen years old, with huge cocks, masturbating slowly for the middle aged women sitting on their horses!!! "Jesus," whispered Petra, "the dark haired one has a horse cock of his own, how big do you think he is!?!" "At least ten inches," Angie said softly, while at the same time grinding her pussy onto her hard saddle cock!!!" Petra couldn't help but look around at all the other women who were intently watching the young men jerking their hard peckers. It was an amazing scene, women ranging in age from thirty five to sixty, were calmly masturbating in full view of everyone else, and acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary!!! All of the women tried to time there orgasm with the ejaculation of one of the boys, so when one of them finally spurted his seed all over his belly, about a third of the ladies convulsed with orgasms of their own!!! As the other two lads shot there loads, the other ladies too had there climaxes, and everyone left the clearing and headed back to the barn!
As each lady alit from her steed, every saddle cock was drenched with the juices of its rider! Again, the women relied on Jack, the head stable hand, to gently daub their now sore pussies with a damp cloth, before sending them on their way back to the locker room!
"God, that was good," Petra sighed, as she stepped under the hot needles streaming from her shower head! "Oh yeah," Angie replied, while luxuriating under the pulsating water jets! All around them women of various shapes and sizes were all showering up, with many of them taking turns soaping each other's backs and of course their genitals! It usually didn't take long before one of the women would slip to the floor and begin tonguing the vagina of another rider, and in this case, a thin small breasted woman was eating out the hairy pussy of a slightly chubby huge breasted blonde!!! When all at once the chubby lady moaned a hard orgasm, everyone in the shower gave her an ovation!!! Sheepishly she looked around the room and exclaimed, "I guess I really needed it today!!!" Everyone got a real chuckle out of that, since she probably had three or four climaxes while riding her horse!!! While the were dressing, Angie commented, "Hey, Pete, will ya look at that!!!" What Angie was referring to was a lactating woman who was nursing a younger woman like she was a baby!!! Petra just shook her head and replied, "Ya never know what you'll see at the Hidden Trail Ranch!!!
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