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>"Oh god I'm cumming," Jill screamed, "don't stop now, faster, faster!!!" Josh increased the pace of his fucking, trying to drive his hard prick all the way through the hot little bitch lying beneath him. He had fucked quite a few girls in his time, but never had he met one with such a prodigious sexual appetite! He had known Jill for only about two weeks, and already she was fucking him to death! Now he knew why his friend Rick had said it was okay for him to take her out, because he was trying to get out of an almost impossible situation--a woman who had much more sexual energy than he did!!! At first it seemed wonderful, that a beautiful woman would let you have her whenever you wanted to, but the only problem was that when you were finished, she was just getting started! Josh was trying to think of someone he could palm her off to, but at the moment this little minx was doing her best to finish him off right then and there!After shooting his load, Josh rolled off her, feeling his poor cock ache from all the work it had been doing lately. "Josh," she begged, "could you just lick my pussy one more time, please!??!" "Look baby," he replied, "you gotta give me some rest, I'm not a machine ya know!" He couldn't believe it, even while they were just talking, her hand had gravitated to her pussy and began idly rubbing her erect clit. He had to admit that she was a wet dream in the flesh, with long blonde hair, green eyes, pretty face, nice tits, and the cutest little body you laid eyes on, but the only problem was that you couldn't find the "off" switch! "At least suck my tits," she pleaded, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him to her hard nipple. He sighed reluctantly and took the little nub between his lips and sucked on it roughly, inducing a loud moan from her lips, and seconds later her whole body shook when another climax tore through her vagina! For the moment she felt satiated, but she knew that in a couple of hours that the need to cum would be overwhelming, and that she would have to find a way to get relief. For now it was quite obvious that she wouldn't be getting that relief from Josh!
After Josh had left her apartment, Jill got up and started running a hot bath. She felt pretty grungy after two hours of hot sweaty sex, and a nice whirlpool bath always seemed to relax her. Before stepping into the tub, Jill looked at her image in the mirror on the back of the door. At twenty three years old, she was probably at her physical peak smooth taut muscles, a full firm chest, blue eyes, blonde hair, the kind of body any man would kill for! Looking at herself, Jill cupped her full breasts and watched her nipples stiffen. Her pussy was still puffy from the abuse Josh's big cock had given it, but already she could feel her vagina becoming damp once again. God she loved sex!!! The feeling of being filled by a big cock was the best feeling in the world! Jill could never understand how anyone wouldn't want to get fucked at least once a day, and preferably twice!!! She had even gone so far as to shave the blonde hair from her pussy lips, just to make it easier for her lovers to orally satisfy her. Sliding into the hot water, Jill felt her tired muscles beginning to relax as the jets from the Jacuzzi gently massaged her.
She must have dozed off, because the next thing she remembered was being shaken awake by her best friend Cyndi. "Wake up girl," Cyndi said, "we're going to be late for the party if you don't get a move on!" "Oh, hi Cyndi," replied a sleepy Jill, "what time is it anyway?" "Almost five," Cyndi answered, while opening up a towel and offering it to Jill. Cyndi watched her friend dry off, and marveled at the body of the young blonde. One glance at her pussy told Cyndi that Josh had been over to see her! "Josh was here I see," commented Cyndi, still staring at the smooth lipped cunt.

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   "Yeah, he was," replied Jill, "he left a little early if you ask me!!!" "Jesus Christ, girl," said an exasperated Cyndi, "don't you ever get enough!?!" Jill looked her friend in the eye and answered, "Follow me," and lead Cyndi into the bedroom, where she lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her genitals in an unbelievably lewd way, and without saying another word, shestuck her fingers into her pussy and quietly started to masturbate. Cyndi stood silently transfixed while Jill's fingers shot in and out of her drooling slit, while her other hand kneaded and cupped her pretty breasts, and the only thing you could hear was the sound of Jill's heavy breathing as she drove herself towards another orgasm, her fifth of the day! Cyndi couldn't stand it any longer, and pulled up her dress and stuck her hand inside of her white bikini panties where her middle finger quickly found the hard nub of her clit and went to work bringing herself to her own climax. Both women locked eyes, now in the throes of heated passion until Jill broke the silence when she said, "You love seeing me touch myself don't you baby," while she continued finger fucking her hot slit?!? Cyndi nodded dumbly, and felt her cunt muscles begin contracting, a sure sign that her pussy was going to lose control and have an orgasm, while by now unable to stand unaided due to the fact that her knees felt like shaking Jell-O, she slumped against the dresser to keep from falling over!!! What set both of them off, was when Jill opined in a sexy voice, "I feel like such a fucking slut, my clit just seems to run my life, it always seems to be in need!!!" Cyndi's cunt did a back flip, as her orgasm ripped through the head of her throbbing clitoris, while Jill's own climax made her tight butt bounce up and down on the soft bed until the sublime moment had passed.
Cyndi looked at Jill and in an exasperated voice said, "You gotta quit doing that to me, we don't have time for this nonsense!!!" Jill just smiled a coy little smile, reached under the bed and produced a huge double headed dildo while again brazenly masturbating her vagina, she reached out and begged Cyndi to join her on the bed. Cyndi knew that trying to resist would be more than hopeless, so she slowly walked over to the bed, taking off her clothing as she went, her buxom slightly plump body turning Jill on even more! Jill loved feeling the soft curves that Cyndi had to offer, just the exact opposite of the hard rough edges that Josh had given her earlier that afternoon. It wasn't that she liked Cyndi better, it was just that she was different, like comparing steak to chicken, while each was good in its own right, it just depended on your appetite and mood at the time. While Josh would fill her pussy with hard meat, Cyndi had huge soft pliable boobs that were perfect for sucking on. The first thing Jill did when Cyndi was down on the bed was take one of the perfect nipples in her mouth and savor its texture and taste. When you got right down to it, Cyndi was every bit the hedonist Jill was. Jill would be considered a "hardbody" in anyone's book, while Cyndi would be characterized as a plump "fuck doll", but once you got her pussy wet, she was hard to stop, and today was no exception. Having Jill nursing at her breasts made her big pussy dampen, the lips bulging out, the slit dewy with her own cunt juice. "Suck mama's nipples, baby," Cyndi begged, caressing her friend's head as she nipped on her distended nub. While Cyndi was no lesbian, Jill had shown her the erotic side of girl to girl sex, and a couple of times a week Cyndi would attempt to put out the fire raging in Jill's loins.
Slowly but surely the head of the thick rubber cock inched its way into Cyndi's steaming hot pussy. The low moan, coupled with her gripping and pulling on the bed sheets told Jill that Cyndi was rapidly becoming more and more aroused.

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   She spun around so that their pussies were about a foot apart, and with a good eight inches of cock stuck inside of Cyndi, Jill took the opposite end of the dildo and worked it into her own wet cunt. Now both girls were laying crotch to crotch with a thick black cock connecting them pussy to pussy like a life line. Jill grabbed the didlo by its middle and slowly began pulling it in and out of their dripping holes. When it slid out of Cyndi, it slipped farther into Jill, and visa-versa. The result was a push-pull fuck, each woman being filled up on alternating strokes. What got to Cyndi wasn't the length, but the incredible thickness of the substitute cock! Her pussy was always stretched to its maximum when Jill used it as a fuck toy, and she couldn't help but wonder how this beautiful young blonde had become so addicted to orgasms. No matter how many times or how often she got it, it just wasn't ever quite enough to satisfy her. Well, no matter about that now, because Cyndi was having her own orgasm flood her fully stuffed cunt, and she was intent on enjoying it to the fullest! By now Jill's hand was a blur as it pounded the dildo in and out of the two engorged pussies, and about the sound of cunt on rubber could be heard throughout the room, with both of their pussies trying desperately to get a grip on the huge invader. "I-I-I'm cumming," stammered Cyndi, twisting her hard nipples, relishing in the pounding her hot box receiving from the giant pecker! Jill on the other hand, after having cum several times earlier, quietly groaned when her orgasm washed through her, for the time calming the fire that raged inside of her!
Neither of the them moved for a long time, the ebony colored dildo still stuck obscenely into both of their gaping pussies until Jill glanced over at the clock and realized that they were going to be late for the party. All of a sudden she felt the familiar pang deep inside of her, the feeling a woman gets when she is in need, as her hand slowly slid down to the rubber dick and just slightly moved is in and out her pussy. Cyndi didn't make a sound, but her mouth opened slightly, and a glazed look came over her face. A few more strokes and the nipples on Cyndi's tits stiffened, a sure sign that her pussy was being inflamed! Cyndi's eyes locked with Jill's and she mouthed the word, "Again??" A few more hard thrusts was all the answer Jill gave her, and really, it was all the answer she needed!

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