Short Sex

Brittany was eighteen years old. Her 34DD tits were the talk of her high school. Even though she should’ve worn a bra at all times, she rarely did, and her nipples always poked through the thin fabric of her blouses.
Her afterschool job was to take care of an old widower. Most of the time he paid her just for being there, and for making his tea. But he couldn’t help staring at her beautiful body. Brittany never minded when he stared at her tits. She just felt flattered. Until one day she showed up after walking to his house in the pouring rain. Her nipples were hard and she was wearing a white tank top with no bra. Her shirt clung to her perky tits and erect nipples. When she entered his house, he said, “cold out there?” and fingered each nipple gently.
“Yes, sir,” she’d said, feeling weirdly turned on by his touch. He welcomed her inside, and she went about making his tea. When she served it to him, her breasts fell inches from his face, and he cupped each one, thanking her as he did so. She sat down across from him.

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“How big are they?” he asked her.
“How big are what?” she said, naively.
“Your tits. ”
“Oh…um…34DD. ”
“Come here,” he said. She walked towards him. He pulled her tank top straps down and revealed her left breast. Her nipple was long and hard, and her areola was big. He squeezed her breast, and put her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, and tugging gently at the hard nipple with his teeth. He licked it, and then squeezed again before unveiling her other breast. With both breasts out he squeezed, pinched, bit, and sucked her tits. She moaned, enjoying it, and not sure what else to do. “I want to see your pussy,” he said.
“No,” she began, but before she knew it, his old, wrinkled fingers were inside her. She was hot, and wet.

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  He pumped two fingers inside her tight hole, and nibbled at her nipples. She reached down to find that his dick was hard. He must’ve taken Viagra before she’d come over, she thought. She massaged his dick through his pants, and he moaned.
“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he said.
“But, sir…”
“What’s the matter?Haven’t you ever had a big dick inside you?”And he slid another finger inside her. “Yeah, your pussy’s so tight,” he said. And then he laid her down on the floor and spread her legs. He unzipped his pants revealing an enormous, hard dick. “Suck it,” he said.
She slid his 9” cock into her mouth and down her throat. She had very little gag reflex, but he was forcing it so far down that she almost gagged. He pulled it from her mouth and said, “I want to fuck you. Hard. ”
She spread her legs.

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  She liked it more than she should’ve, and she felt his old, hard cock slide into her. She’d never felt so full, and she moaned as he thrusted. “OH, MR. SMITHSTEIN. FUCK ME. FUCK MY PUSSY. ”
He fucked her so hard, she couldn’t help herself. She felt a burst of liquid squirt from her pussy. She’d never squirted before, but he was fucking her so hard.
He moaned, “I’m gonna cum,” and pulled his dick out of her. He started jerking off his old, hard cock, and came all over her tits. She licked it off.

He payed her $100. “Come back tomorrow; we’ll do it again,” he said, and he pinched each nipple before letting her go. Brittany suddenly loved her job.

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