An unexpected phenomenon

Short Sex

Heather opened the door and I entered. We progressed into the living room and I sat beside her on the large sofa. We talked for a while, about normal things, things friends talk about. Her boyfriend, my boyfriend what we were doing at the weekend. I had never had feelings for another girl, but here I was, on the sofa talking to my best friend, and between my legs it felt like burning. I had slept with my boyfriend a few times and it was great, but I suddenly felt the urge to be with this girl.

I leaped forward, grabbing her face forcefully and planting a strong kiss on her lips. I was at first very forceful and held her so she couldn't wriggle away, but she suddenly relaxed, the tension draining from her body and she kissed me back. Our tongues entwined in our mouths and we breathed deeply. Then we began to explore, I felt her hand crawl under my top, creeping up until it rested on my right breast. I was wearing a bra but removed my hands from Heather's face to take it off, i needed her.

After I had removed my bra and discarded it on the floor, she pulled off my top, still furiously kissing my mouth. She then pulled away as she removed her trousers and top, she wasn't wearing a bra. She obviously felt strongly as I did about doing this, I didn't feel nervous but the feeling in between my legs was growing stronger, Heather stopped kissing my lips and moved down to suck on my nipples, tugging at them with her teeth.

I now really needed her. I turned her over so she was sat on the sofa, i sat in between her spread legs and put a leg either side of her.

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   I pulled down my panties and guided her hand to my vagina. She began to stroke, slowly at first, exploring me and spreading my wetness over my body. This was a first for both of us and tension was rising. Heather then placed a finger on my clit and began to rub. We had both confessed to touching ourselves and this way was easiest. She knew exactly what to do and soon I was breathing deeply, squirming on her hand.

We collapsed onto the floor, she turned herself around, wanting me to pleasure her so I climbed on top in the 69 position. I began chewing her clit, massaging it with my mouth as she did the same for me. We were both screaming by now, squirming around, our juices flowing all over each other. I grabbed a dildo from under the sofa (she had previously told me that's where she kept it). I turned it on and it began to vibrate, i pressed it inside her tight lips, pulling it in and out. She suddenly tensed and stopped licking me. I felt her hips buck underneath me and she screamed, pulling me into her. Her hips bucked with every stroke of the dildo as she orgasmed. I felt rather proud of myself for inducing such pleasure.

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She eventually stopped moving and i turned around to lay next to her on the soft carpet. We kissed again for a while, our naked bodies pressed into each other. I had never expected this to happen and neither had she. But it was wonderful.