Hotel Disappointment

Short Sex

I went away for 2 days with work and was staying in a hotel with another man.  We went out to a bar and met a pair of women and after lots of drinks, they agreed to come back to the hotel.  Whilst he fucked one girl in the shower I got busy with the other, Kay. I licked her pussy, concentrating on her clit and had a finger in her ass and two in her cunt.  She came, grinding herself against my face.   As we kissed she taked dirty, telling me how she wanted a big, thick, hard cock in her pussy. When she got her hand on my dick she wrapped it around, engulfing it so that only then end stuck out.  She tried to wank me off but she must have realiesed I was too small to grip in her fist; she stopped and after a moment I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me with a smile on her face.  "oh dear" she said, shifting her grip on my dick to just a thumb and finger.

  I have been in this situation before with other women when they first realize how small I am.  Usually they just get on anyway but Kay clearly wasn't the type and before I knew what was happening she had taken a photo of my dick on her camera phone! She giggled and sucked me off for a while before the other 2 soon moved back through from the shower on to the other bed.  Kay insisted on getting her friend to have a poke around my cock, who didn't really seem interested and then they both sucked my friend off.  Luckily they left early in the morning and my buddy has never spoken about it.