More Than Friends

Short Sex

I placed my hand gently on my panties. One thing ran through my mind, "What am I doing?". I looked around my bedroom making sure I was alone. I slowly un-bottoned my pink blouse and threw it onto the floor. Doing something like this at 16 was bad i beleived. Yet, why was i doing it? My friend had given me a porn magazine in school yesterday. Reading it made me feel warm and i began to have the urge to do the same things. I had stole my friends 'toys' and i placed them next to me. Then, i heard my bedroom door open as my friend entered. "JESSICA!" i screamed grabbing my blouse and holding it over my breasts. "Hi Emma. " She chuckled as she closed the door behind her. "Your aunt let me in here. So you were going to do it now huh?" Jessica asked as she sat next to me. I didn't dare to speak. "How about i help you through it? Maybe me and you can have some fun together.

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  " She said as she took the blouse away from my breasts. She smiled as she looked at my breasts and began to touch them. i felt a sensation in me as she touched me more. It wasn't about the magazine anymore, it was about Jessica and me.

Jessica took off her top and placed it on the floor. She then guided my hand to her breasts as i lead the rest and felt them. Her nipples began to get hard and so did mine. She smiled as we felt eachother's breasts. She then began to pull down my skirt then pulled down hers. she then lowered her head and began to like my nipples. It felt so good as her wet tough touched by hard nipples. "You like this don't you Emma. Want me to go further?" She asked raising her head. I nodded. Then, our lips pressed together.

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   It felt good kissing her. Our tongue's then met as they grasped together. We then went apart and she pulled down my panties. She then began to rud my pussy as my sensation began to rise. She then slipped her finger in my pussy. It felt odd yet good at the same time. It was just me and jessica now. .