The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 6


This is what I get for not wearing panties. Through the rest of theevening, I had Neil's cum steadily dripping out of me on to thecrotch of my hot pants. Leather is no fun when it gets wet. I had togo into the bathroom a few times just to wipe his sperm off of bothme and the shorts. It's hotter than shit for a girl who used to be aguy to know that sperm is swimming inside of her looking for an eggto fertilize. I have no idea if people who were born women feel thatway, though.

By the time Neil and I were done staining the guest room sheets,Debbie and Dylan were back downstairs. When me, Dylan and Cory tooktheir girlfriends home, on the way back to pick up Justin and Jason,I asked Dylan if he had porked Debbie. He confessed that he finallyhad and, if the way he told the tale is anything to judge by, theyboth had a good old time. He also said that my advice from earlierin the week had really helped him a lot, which was cool.  

Debbie had apparently been quite worked up by what I had done toher. She and Dylan made out for a few minutes before he suggestedthat they go upstairs for some privacy, never mind that it wasn'teven his house. They ended up in Brian's bedroom, where theycontinued to swap spit and then Dylan stuck his hand up her top andforced it under her bra. She undid it for him and he decided to pullboth the top and the bra off of her, revealing her A cup tits. Hesucked and licked her nipples, apparently the first time she hadever let a guy do that, and was quite taken with how pleasant thatfelt. He opened her jeans while he was doing that and rubbed herclit to a phenomenal orgasm, which earned him the right in her eyesto peel the jeans and panties off of her and eat her lightlythatched pussy.

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   As I advised, he was rather tenacious about it andhalf a dozen orgasms later, she whispered lustily, "fuck me Dylan!"Now when a guy eats a girl, she will often feel an ache inside ofher that makes her cunt feel empty and wants it to be filled with apenis and that is probably what Debbie was experiencing.

He got on top of her and slowly pushed his piston rod deeper anddeeper into her virgin hole. He made contact with her hymen and shedrew a lot of air through her teeth to cope with the pain. Heeventually got it balls deep inside of her, held it there for a bitand then started to pump it in and out. As I instructed, he clearedhis head and relaxed his body so that he was just a fuck machinebecause he already had a full load in his balls and didn't want toshoot off to early. After ten minutes or so, she began to moan andenjoy being fucked and then demanded that he do it harder, which hedid, and she came by screaming into his mouth. A minute later, hepasted her hot box with streams of his sperm filled semen. As itturned out, part of the reason they were up in the room so long wasapparently trying to clean the blood and semen out of Brian'ssheets.

The next day, Dylan and Debbie showed up at my doorstep. I told themthat my parents were in L. A. visiting friends from college toexplain why I was the only one there. Debbie confessed to Dylan thatbeing tied up the night before had turned her on and Dylan wanted tolearn how to do it. I took them upstairs into my bedroom. I told herto get naked since it was just Dylan and me there.

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   She reluctantlyassented and it was pretty evident that she was a bit of a latebloomer still in the earlier stages of puberty. I showed Dylan howto tie her hands behind her back and then let him practice it a fewtimes until he got it right. God, she had such a cute little ass. Mypussy was super wet from looking at it. I then grabbed a studdedleather collar and snapped it on to her neck. I set a couple of fivepound dumb bells I  used to keep my arms toned at her feet andanchored the o-ring on the collar to them so that she was now bentover with her ass and pussy exposed to anyone who wanted to look atthem or use them. Dylan pulled his cock out and, after checking tosee if she was wet, he forced his prong in between her tender pinkfolds, grasped her hips and fucked her, enthusiastically ramming hisengorged fuck stick into her 15 year old steaming, fleshy ditch. Sheinitially felt some pain because of the soreness from the nightbefore and her pussy still just getting acclimated to penetration,but it wasn't long before she was moaning, sighing and grunting asshe absorbed his jackhammering of her sex furnace, tenderizing itwith his flesh hammer until she was panting like an overheatedlocomotive. God, the sound of a woman in the throes of passion isjust amazingly beautiful and erotic and my panties were soaked nowwhile I watched him fuck his 5'1" mate, compelling her to cum amidguttural gasps and declarations to her chosen deity. while the roomresounded with his own raspy, feral grunts and the sound of hispubic bone rebounding off of her ass with each thrust. A little overfive minutes later, he machine gunned glops of semen into her humidhall.

So that she wouldn't stain my tatami mat floor with Dylan's cum, Iwiped her pussy for her, which had to be humiliating, since it waslike cleaning a baby up after he had fouled his diaper. I untied herand asked her how it felt. She acted like she was in a bit ofstupor, which told me that she had entered sub space. I didn't tellDylan that because I wasn't sure I could trust him with her fromthere on in if I informed him of that.

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   All I told him was that beingtied up often had a very relaxing effect on people and that once youuntie someone you need to treat them as you would after making loveto them, with tenderness and consideration. So I let them lay in mybed and cuddle for a while before I kicked them out.

I took my clothes off, spread my legs open, fondled my boobs andlightly nuzzled my clit with my index finger while I recalled what Ihad just seen. I so wanted to lick Debbie's cute little pussy andalmost wished I had a cock again so that I could fuck it. I imaginedhow tight it must have felt around Dylan's dick as my index andmiddle fingers danced on my clit hood, nudging me ever closer toclimax, those digits drenched in my juices, my breasts subtlywavering and my breathing transforming into a series of bleatinggasps and sudden expulsions of air, the blood in my clitconcentrated at the tip, making it feel as hot as a match head,before it shuddered, the soul melting waves of pleasure ripplingthrough my torso and into my brain, making me feel like a floatingmass of jello.

Monday, I got a call from John, who was at his office at the time. Apparently. Mr. Shimadayama had called him and was asking for afavor. He had a 16 year old son, Daisuke, who, as the story I heardwent, had been bullied a lot at the Japanese run private school hewas sent to here in the states. This resulted in Daisuke turninginward and becoming an otaku who retreated into a world of worshipof visual kei (X Japan, Luna Sea, Versailles, etc) rock bands andmanga (Japanese comic books). So Mr. Shimadayama wanted me to"entertain" Daisuke-kun to try to help bolster his confidence. "Christ," I thought. "I'm becoming a real angel of mercy!"

Now given that there was no longer any violent crime, the bullyingwas likely psychological.

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   The guy living inside me liked the problemsolving possibilities of this. I came up with an idea and phonedJohn back and had him set up a meeting between me and Mr. Shimadayama for the ensuing Friday. I laid out my plan: Mr. Shimadayama would arrange it so that I could enroll at Daisuke'sschool and then I would hit on the kid and, hopefully, that wouldmake him cooler at school as well as giving him some experience withgirls. It was going to be weird since I hadn't set foot on anyeducational institution's campus in over 20 years and I was going tohave to act as if I wasn't the college graduate I actually was.

I woodshedded a ton of visual kei songs as well as just anothermetal and hard rock songs I liked, both Japanese and not, to preparefor this role, as it were.

The Monday in late August when Daisuke's private school began itsfall term, an underling of Mr. Shimadayama escorted me to the officeand utilizing a combination of falsified documents and just outrightbribery, I was given a backdoor admission  I had my ESP Eclipse in agig bag over my shoulder, a Les Paul shaped guitar with hot andresponsive EMG active pickups that positively roars. They gave methe school uniform, which was a white blouse, a red jacket with theschool crest on it, a red plaid short skirt, white socks and wecould choose what we wanted to wear for shoes. Almost all the girlschose tennis shoes and that is what I selected, too.

The way they had the classes set up was that the students stayed ina homeroom while the teachers moved between them to teach theirspecialties. The only exception was for music, which had its owndedicated room. I went to the classroom, which was the one Daisukewas assigned to as well, and found a seat. Of course, the teacherintroduced the new student and I heard "kawaii! (she's so cute!)" being whispered by some of the students while I spun the bullshitstory of the century as to how I ended up at that school.

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   I smiledon the outside and was laughing my ass off on the inside. I was alsosneaking peaks at some of the other girls, almost all of theminsanely cute themselves.

In between lectures, some of the students came up to introducethemselves and a couple asked me to show them my guitar and tried touse music as a springboard by which to get to know me. I kind ofkept things on the downlow for a few days so that everybody couldget used to me and I wouldn't stand out TOO much. Well, except forthe stunt I pulled in music class. As soon as I got there, I pluggedinto a Fender Deluxe Reverb combo that was sitting on the floor,cranked it, and launched into a Yngwie Malmsteen song, "RisingForce. " "Kakko ee jan!" somebody remarked, which meant that hethought I looked cool playing it. A soon as the teacher walked in,of course, I had to roll my volume off. I can't remember what it wasthey were learning, but I was pretty bored by it and quietly noodledaround acoustically through most of it. That resulted in myreputation now becoming, "the girl who could play fast. " TheJapanese love technical accomplishment in music and so this was agood handle to have hung on me.

The next week, I started whispering to my neighbors in my classasking who the bespectacled kid in the adjoining row but a few seatsup was. "That's Daisuke Shimadayama. He's a total nerd," one of thestudents spat. "Really?" I wondered.

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   "I think he's kinda cute," Iasserted. "You gotta be kidding!" As I anticipated it would, it thengot around that I liked Daisuke, which, because I was the cutestgirl in class since I looked like that idol singer I mentioned inthe first chapter and all the boys wanted to get into my panties,was already causing his classmates to reconsider him. "Do you thinkhe would be interested in talking to me?" I asked another classmatelike I had doubts. "Any boy would want to talk to you, Miwa-chan,"she claimed. That Thursday, acting like I had to really screw mycourage up, I tentatively approached Daisuke-kun and stuck my handout. His response was pretty curt, perhaps thinking he was beingpunked yet again. "Ne, Daisuke-kun, issho ni tabemasen ka? (wouldyou eat lunch together with me?). " "Eh? Hontou ni?" (Huh? Really?). "Hontou yo!" (really!). " "H-h-hai (Y-y-yes. )," he accepted.

At lunch, I kicked another classmate out of her seat to sit next tohim and started talking to him about visual kei bands I liked andasked him which ones he was into and other crap. I could see thestares in the other students like, "what does she see in HIM?" Heactually was cute. I didn't understand why he was being picked on. Probably a case of a kid with a little bit of an unconventionaloutlook, which doesn't go down that well in the "conformism is avirtue" Japanese culture.

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   When school let out at 4 p. m. (fuck, their school day is long), I surprised him by grabbing his arm andinviting him over to my house for a jam and just to hang out. Iloaded him into my car, which astonished him, too, as the studentsweren't allowed to drive according to school rules. I told him thatnobody said anything to me about it and off we went to my home.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him sneaking peeks at mybreasts, face and legs. "Don't worry, my mom died a few years agoand my dad is away on business, so we have the place all toourselves," I stated. We went upstairs to my music room and heexhaled a "sugee (this is fucking amazing)!" In keeping withetiquette, I insisted it wasn't all that. He picked up one of myguitars, a Gibson Les Paul, and I directed him to plug it into a anENGL half stack that was next to the Marshall half stack I washooked into. We made a few runs at different X Japan, Versailles andLoudness songs. He was still an evolving player, but it wasnevertheless fun. He was a real nice kid, too, once he got out ofthe oppressive social environment of his school. His hands wereshaking while I conversed with him at school, but he was opening upnow as we put the guitars down and sat on the sofa.

"Ne, Daisuke-kun, kanojo iru? (Hey, Daisuke, do you have agirlfriend?). " "Iya! (no!).

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  " "Yokatta ne (I'm glad)," I smiledsweetly and quietly. "Daisuke-kun kawaii yo ne (You're so cuteDaisuke). " I grabbed his arm and put my head on his shoulder. Ipulled it away slightly and closed my eyes and puckered my lips atouch, my mouth getting closer and closer to his. He backed awayinitially. "Watashi iya (do you think I'm not attractive)?" "Iya,sou iu koto nai (no, it's definitely not that)," he blurted. I movedmy hand behind his head and guided his lips to mine and gave him along, slow kiss. When I pulled off, he looked nonplussed. "Ii (is itokay)?" "Ii yo," he tremulously answered. I stroked his cheek andlaid another smack on him with a little tongue. "Ochitsuite (relax)"I pleaded as I continued to kiss him. "Ne, dakishimete (hug me)" Iimplored. He did that and I have to confess I liked it as Iinitiated another kiss. He eventually got into the rhythm of thingsand we spent the next hour rolling around on the sofa kissing. Itook his lefthand and placed it on my left boob over my blouse andheld it on there so that he would get the message that I wanted himto feel me up.

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   "Kimochi ii (that feels so good)!"

I unbuttoned his white shirt and rubbed his chest with the palm ofmy righthand. He did the same to me, except with his left, and wastrying to pop a boob out of my bra. I told him I would show him howto undo a bra, so I tossed my shirt off and demonstrated how to pullthe hooks apart. He fumbled a bit but then separated them. I had himdo it one more time just to make sure he knew what he was doing. When I slid my bra off, he let out a "ohh!" when he caught a glimpseof my breasts. He put his hand on one and my nipples became stiffunder it. "Ah, kimochi ii!" I said a little louder, encouraging himto keep it up. His mouth then covered my left nipple and sucked onit. "Yasashiku yasashiku Daisuke-kun (do that gently Daisuke),"  Itaught. "Oh fuck yes," I said in english. 'Yamenaide (don't stop)!"I continued. I took that lefthand and guided it up my left thigh tomy panty concealed pussy. He gingerly rubbed it while he continuedto suck my nipples He got braver and his hand crawled  under mypanties and I felt his palm and fingers now stimulating my clit.

I pushed his hand away and got up and removed my skirt, panties andshoes and then pulled his shoes, socks and pants off, leaving bothof us naked.

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   His cock, of course, was at full extension, though itwas only about five inches. Big enough to still get the job done,though. "Ne, Daisuke-kun, nanika oshiteiku yo (Hey Daisuke, I'm gongto teach you a few things)," I explained to him. He agreed to it andI laid down next to him again. I pointed to my clit and told himwhat it was and brought his hand to it and taught him how to rub agirl off, which was a very enjoyable thing for me, *lol. I alsoexplained how to prepare for sex and what women are thinking duringit. I reached over with my righthand and began stroking his cock. "Kataku natchatta neeee (it's really gotten stiff, hasn't it)?" Iobserved. He wasn't long, but his cock was as thick as his dad's andit was just as hard. It was still going to feel good when I finallylet him put it inside me. He shivered every time my hand passed overthe head of his cock, his precum lubricating it and in less than tenminutes of this he blasted a huge wad of cum all over himself, mybelly and some on the sofa cushion. "Ah, tappuri dashita ne (man,you came a lot)!" I teased slightly, licking his cum off of myfingers. "Oishii (mmm, tasty)!" I pronounced.

After I wiped the mess up with some tissues, we laid on the sofawith my head on his shoulder and his arm around my shoulder. It wasgetting late for hm, though, and he went home a little while later,though not before we made arrangements to pick him up the followingmorning.


   I was looking forward to it.

Not wanting to be seen by the teachers in my car, I parked i t ina neighborhood next to the school and we walked hand in hand intothe campus. You would think I was giving a hummer to Osama Bin Ladenin front of the new World Trade Center for all the looks of sheerpuzzlement from the other students when they saw us acting like acouple. One guy yelled, "Hey, what are you doing with thatpipsqueak?" Using the word, "omee," which is such a rough way of saying"you" that it is often associated with the speech patterns of Yakuzamembers, I shouted back, "bullies like you are only covering for yourhaving one centimeter (roughly half an inch) long dicks!" He then walkedup to us and I got into his face, asking him who he thought he waschallenging me while I was furtively measuring the distance between myfoot and his crotch. I got  it lined up and suddenly kicked him right inthe goolies, dropping him before punting him in the face, breaking hisnose.

I was good, though, because no guy was going to publicly complain aboutbeing dropped by a 100 pound girl. Therefore, there was no need to fearretribution from the school's administration for the violence I had justperpetrated.

I made a show of kissing him in the hallway before we went into class. During gym, a few of the girls also wanted to know why I was interestedin Daisuke-kun. "Look, here is one way to think about it: while girlsobsess about going out with the so-called cool guys, those are also thesame kind of boys who will screw around on you at the drop of a hat. Daisuke-kun will never have an affair behind my back, and he appreciatesbeing with me more than the cool guys will being with theirgirlfriends" I propounded. They had to agree with that because it was soobviously true.

When classes ended for the day, I walked with Daisuke back to my car andwe headed back to my house. This time, we went right to my bedroom. Ijumped into bed and said, "Ne, Daisuke-kun, kite (Daisuke, come herebaby)" and we had a heavy makeout session.

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   I rolled him over on to hisback and pulled his clothes off (this was after he had gotten me nakedfrom the waist up) and went right for his cock. I licked around the headand fondled his balls before lowering my mouth over his hard on andclamping my lips on it. I rubbed the underside of the shaft with mytongue a little and then bobbed my head up and down. "Sugee kimochi ee(Fuck, that feels good!)"  he roughly rasped and expressed that hecouldn't believe how good I was doing it for him. In fairly short order,he, erupted and I swallowed his cum down, but only after showing it onmy tongue to him.

I shed my panties and skirt and laid on the couch. I said it was time helearned to eat pussy for me. He was very tentative at first, of course,but we worked it through and eventually he was making me see stars withthe intense orgasms he was giving me before his jaw tired. "Ojouzu desune (you're so good at it)!" I celebrated. He was hard again by thattime and I said, "Irete chodai (please put it in me)!" He scooted on topof me and I grasped his organ and put it at my opening and he pushed itin. I wrapped my legs around his back and told him to relax and keephis head clear and he would last a while. His hips started to slowlyshove his cock in and out of me. God, his cock was harder than anyAmerican guy I'd been with and the friction was divine. "Ahh, kimochiii!" I moaned, my vaginal muscles clenching and unclenching his meatstick, my arms wrapped around his shoulders and holding him tight as hissolider invaded me over and over and over. "Daisuke-kun, kimochni ii!Ii!" I exclaimed and I was just about at the five minute mark and Icould feel the tension and heat accumulating inside me before it allbroke and ran rampantly through me while I called his name.

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   I grabbedhis ass and pulled hard on it with each instroke because I wanted him asdeep inside me as I could. At ten minutes, I was thrashing about while Ifelt the multiple orgasms rent my senses and they went on for a bitbefore he dispensed with his accumulated load by hurtling it against myvaginal walls and my cervix.  

"Ah, sugoku kimochi yokatta (that felt amazing!)!" Daisuke-kun smiled. "Yokatta!" I replied. "Otoko ni natta ne Daisuke-kun (you just became aman, didn't you Daisuke?). Daisuke-kun ii ne (Daisuke is so wonderful),"I complimented in a gentle manner.   "Miwa-chan ni deatte yokatta (I'mso glad I met you my little Miwa)," he offered, elated. We talked for awhile and then he went home a much happier guy than he was a week ago. That made me feel good.

The next day, which was a Friday, one of the girls in gym class asked ifI had sex with Daisuke yet. I, of course, said I had. She wanted toknow how it was. I asserted that it was wonderful and that he was reallygood at oral sex. A big "EH?" went up among the other young women,which I thought was pretty hilarious. "Are you guys going to do it againthis weekend?" the girl asked.

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   I basically gave her the Japanese femaleequivalent of "you bet your ass!"

We were a couple for another couple of months. Mr. Shimadayama told methat I didn't have to carry things on for so long, but I really did likeDaisuke and wanted to make sure that I was able to teach him as much aspossible, including how to be a better guitarist, and keeppsychologically buoying him. At the end of November, Mr. Shimadayamadecided it would be better to send him back to Japan and hopefullyDaisuke could make a new start with his life. As soon as Daisuke wasgone, I dropped out of the Japanese school.

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