Fucked Student in karachi

True Story

Hi denial here from pakistan. . let me share my first Sex experience with everybody I was 25 years old and student of CA at that time. I used to teach commerce students at my home from 4pm to 6. 30 pm. I had 3 students at that time, 2 girls and a boy. The story is all about one girl who was in the tenth standad. That was when this
happened to me. I was taking tuition for math. Our tuitions are from 4. 30 to 6 30. Well, she was tall and full breasted for my age at that time. I was in love with
her since the first day I saw her. During the first two months nothing
happened. You can contact me at silent_magma at hotmail. com
Then one day this other girl was not there.

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   The other boy came very late. So I was there all alone with her. I closed the door and sat opposite to her. I was looking at her boobs. She was wearing a blouse and a short skirt. She leaned forward innocently letting me see her black bra and my cleavage and I slowly parted her legs. She wanted me to touch her but was afraid to make the first move. Then nothing special happen but I touched her thighs as I placed the book on her soft thighs and beneath book is my hands which are kept on her her soft thighs. The Feel is very gud and I purposely rub hands over there few times which she noticed but didn’tstop me at all.
That night I masturbated a lot thinking about my student. The next day she went to my house straight from school. she told her parents that tuitions would start early as there were so much portions to cover. . So after school she went
there at around 3. 45.

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   she knew that I was all aone there. I opened the door
and pretended as if nothing had happened the previous day.
Then she smile and ask me Sir why don’t u are not sitting close to me and do the same which u did yesterday. I then greedily opened her shirt and the rest of the uniform and she lay there naked. I pressed her soft boobs sucked them parted her thighs and kissed her puusy.
Then I removed pants and I was naked as well. . and said come on baby suck me hard. . it was 4. 30 and the other students stared coming so I went back to class.
But told the class that there was no tution as i was feeling sick. She told the
others innocently that she had to wait till driver comes. So the other two
students left. We went back to the bedroom and we started again this
time I put on a blue movie and showed how to do blow job and then she took
his dick in my mouth and sucked it.

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  . after that we tried again to fuck my
cunt…I parted my thighs far and sucked and sucked her pussy making it wet and
slowly pushed inside, Friends , we were unabale to fuck as she is a tight virgin, but there onwards we daily kiss, suck and do a lot with each other in detail, which I will tell u ppl in my next story. Any girl interested in me, pls contact at silent_magma at hotmail. com , waiting to hear from u soon. Bye